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Windlass Engineers and Services Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 and API - 6A, 16A, 16C, 16D and 20E Licensed company of Windlass Group of Companies. Since then it is striving to excel in manufacturing of oil field equipment and providing related services. Windlass Engineers and Services Private Limited is targeting its customers across the world as well as home market of India.

Located on the Haridwar Road, Dehradun, India Windlass Engineers and Services Private Limited (WES) uses the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes manned by qualified and experienced team. We manufacture: BOP Control Units, Test Units, Water Blaster, Flanges, Crosses, Tees, Ring Joint Gaskets, Adapter and Spacer Spools, Studs and Nuts, Valves, Double Studded Adapter Flange, Drilling Spools, Clamps, Hubs, Hammer Unions, Swivel Joints, Pup Joints, Plug Valves, Manifolds and B/W Fittings.

These products are manufactured in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) Specifications - 6A, 16A, 16C, 16D and 20E.

read more › Windlass Engineers & Services is an established manufacturer and distributor of quality oilfield equipment. Our quality and customer focus are evident in everything we design, manufacture, test and deliver. It is this emphasis on quality, innovative technology and complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions that drive our business and provide our customers with significant competitive advantages in the global marketplace. At the heart of the company is a team of skilled, dedicated and highly qualified workforce with decades of experience in oilfield equipment manufacturing.

read more › Repair, Refurbishment and Upgrade of BOP Control Units as per API 16D, API RP16E, API RP53, Shell, Aramco, Norsok, PDO and others. Repair, Testing & Certification of Choke Kill Manifold, Stand Pipe Manifold, Mud Manifold. Our experienced team of service engineers and technicians have the ability to undertake these jobs at customer sites as well.

read more › Windlass BOP Control Systems meet or exceed the most stringent quality standards including American Petroleum Institute specifications API 16D, RP16E & RP53 to assure safe and reliable operation under critical conditions. We provide BOP Control Systems for both onshore and offshore applications worldwide. Our BOP Control Systems are custom designed and manufactured to meet customers' requirements and certifications. Our Design department is well equipped with the best tools and software for designing these units and each unit undergoes extensive tests and checks before dispatch to ensure trouble free operation to minimize rig shutdown time and ensure greater safety for the drilling crew.

read more › Windlass offers a comprehensive range of standard and sour gas Hammer Unions. Each union is thoroughly inspected to ensure long, dependable service in the most extreme conditions. Available in stock at our distribution center in Houston. Meet or exceed National Association of Corrosion Engineers standard NACE MR-01-75 and API RP-14E. All unions provide pressure-tight & positive sealing for low-pressure services (500 to 2,000 PSI). The spherical surface male sub and angular surface female sub form a metal-to-metal seal, the ball and tangent provides a perfect seal.

read more › Windlass manufactures High Pressure Test Units from 5,000 to 30,000 PSI working pressure. These units can be used on site for hydrostatic testing of any product including BOP stacks, kill & choke lines and wellheads. All High Pressure Test Units are equipped with a nameplate specifying the model number. This number contains the mounting arrangement, maximum pressure rating, type of pressure readout and series identification. These Test Units consist of a single pump mounted on a frame and wheel assembly.

read more › Electric or diesel powered units designed to provide maximum power output from a compact, rugged and reliable design. Expendable parts are chosen from the best recognized brands for easy availability regardless of location. Equipped with electric motor, starter, hydraulic reservoir, heat exchanger, pump and other components mounted for easy transport and adjustment. Standard diesel or electric power options for recognized dependability and long, trouble-free service.

read more › Located a safe distance from the rig floor to ease space restrictions and increase safety, Remote Control Panels give the driller complete control of the BOP stack and provide intuitive operation of the BOP Control System with its hydraulic control manifold. This panel is located at the driller station and is capable of operating every BOP stack function, controlling regulated pressure to the annular preventer for stripping operation and is capable of immediately switching from regulated pressure to the full accumulator pressure to the RAM preventer.

read more › Windlass Ring Joint Gaskets or RTJ's are made to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures while being used in highly corrosive environments. They meet or exceed API-6A specifications and are available in soft iron, low carbon steel, SS 304, SS 316 and other exotic alloys for specialty applications. The complete range is stocked and available for immediate delivery in our distribution centres in Houston - Texas and Dubai. All gaskets are individually boxed and marked with item number and heat number for easy identification and traceability.

read more › Windlass high pressure low torque Plug Valves are available in 2" X 2" and 2" X 1". They come in multiple bores and are available up to 15,000 PSI for standard service and 10,000 PSI for H2S or sour gas service. Our plug valves are pressure balanced type and have replaceable metal liners between the body and plug. Repair kits are also available to increase their life and make them perform safely for longer. These manually operated valves are fitted with high stem torques and manual gearboxes. These Plug Valves are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the oilfield.

read more › Put your product development on the fast track by leveraging Windlass' experience and infrastructure. Tap into our in-house capabilities and take your idea from concept, to design, to prototype, to final product at a speed you never thought possible. Already have a product and need to improve quality and reduce cost? Windlass will put our expertise in manufacturing, fabrication and supply chain management to work for you. We can use our capability in forging, casting and machining to achieve cost reductions while improving quality and delivery.

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