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The Shearer Group, Inc. is the global leader for the design of inland towboats, barges, drydocks and passenger vessels. We have a rich history of providing naval architecture, marine engineering and marine surveying services to the marine industry, with a focus on the inland sector. The core purpose of our company is to create. This purpose, combined with a passion for workboats, drive our naval architects to innovate and operate on the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

The Shearer Group, Inc. is a full-service naval architecture, marine engineering and marine surveying firm specializing in commercial vessel design and consulting.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. was formed in 2010 when Greg Beers, P.E. and Cory Wood of Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. bought the assets of Shearer & Assoc., Inc. from Ed Shearer, P.E., President of Shearer & Assoc., Inc. A new corporate entity, The Shearer Group, Inc., was created to provide naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying and professional engineering services to clients in the inland and offshore marine industries. The "Shearer" name is synonymous with the inland marine industry, from Mr. Shearer's contributions to the field of naval architecture, to the multigenerational family owned barge line before him.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. provides naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying and technical support services to clients worldwide. Commercial vessel designs include towboats, inland barges (liquid cargo, dry cargo, crane), passenger vessels and miscellaneous vessels such as dry docks and casinos. Quality is an important part of engineering, and at The Shearer Group, Inc. our naval architects and marine engineers follow strict document checking procedures. All drawings and calculations that leave The Shearer Group, Inc. are checked by a senior or principal naval architect and marine engineer prior to release.

read more › The Shearer Group are Excellent Re Design engineers to help with a restoration and re-furbishment of an existing piece of equipment where you need to take into consideration future regulations. They don't mind crawling around in the bilge. The Shearer Group handles all of our Marine Engineering work on a cost effective and timely basis. They are great people to work with. We have utilized the services of The Shearer Group, Inc. on many projects. The technical expertise and onsite project management of new vessel, barge and dry dock construction has always met all of our expectations.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. (TSGI) is seeking a SENIOR NAVAL ARCHITECT. TSGI is a full service design and engineering company located in Houston, Texas. TSGI has a long and successful history designing and supporting the construction of commercial vessels serving inland waterways. These vessels include towboats, inland barges, dry docks and floating cranes. Specifically, TSGI provides naval architecture, marine engineering and construction oversight services to owners, operators, shipyards and government agencies.

read more › Naval architecture is the heart of our business. The science of naval architecture centers on hull design. This includes the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic characteristics of the hull, as well as a hull's structural and functional arrangements. Naval Architecture calculations include strength and stability analyses, as well as resistance and performance prediction studies. Many other design and engineering efforts required for vessel construction including Engineering Analysis and Marine Surveying are also performed by The Shearer Group, Inc.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. provides Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) methods to estimate ship hull performance in calm waters. We utilize Orca Marine's CFD software program to conduct resistance studies on vessel hulls of all forms. This is especially useful when looking to optimize the vessel's hull form to improve fuel economy. The difference in a few percentage points of resistance can lead to significant savings for vessel operators over the vessel's life. We have used our CFD capabilities to conduct comparative studies of barges, tugs, towboats, and ATB units.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. has the ability to examine complex structures, for which conventional methods of analysis would be extremely difficult or time-consuming, using advanced computational methods such as finite element analysis (FEA). Using the latest FEA software and techniques, we are able to analyze existing projects as well as our own original designs. An analysis is possible for the entire vessel or for only certain areas of interest, such as a foundation that is expected to experience high loads.

read more › Marine engineering focuses on a vessel's machinery and auxiliary systems. This can include main engines and auxiliary prime movers, generators, electrical systems, cargo heating systems, vapor control systems, cargo transfer systems (including pumps), ballast systems, fire main systems, potable and fresh water systems, sewage systems, etc. Marine engineers primarily design and specify the equipment that can be found in the main engine room and auxiliary machinery spaces of a vessel. The Shearer Group, Inc.'s marine engineering practice focuses on the design of new vessels, but our engineers also work on repowerings, vapor control systems, and mechanical and electrical upgrades.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. offers marine surveying and construction oversight services to vessel owners, charterers, and operators. This provides The Shearer group, Inc. with a comprehensive picture of a client's operation, and allows us to deliver on their specific needs and desires. These services can be in support of new construction projects, modifications, regularly scheduled dry dockings or more comprehensive maintenance periods. Satisfied Shearer Group, Inc. clients understand the value of having one cohesive team that includes naval architects, marine engineers and marine surveyors, to accomplish all of these phases of vessel creation and optimization.

read more › The Shearer Group, Inc. provides technical support and consulting services to vessel owners, charterers, and operators. This can provide us with a comprehensive picture of a client's operation and allows us to deliver on their specific needs and desires. We have found that adding value throughout the entire vessel acquisition, operation, maintenance and decommissioning processes is the most effective way to build long term relationships with our clients. We specialize in "total contract management".

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