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Our engineering, medical and scientific experts provide technical analyses and/or damage assessments for a wide range of vehicular, electrical, mechanical, material, industrial and construction failures, accidents, and expert witness testimony. Applications Engineering Group, Inc., was established in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida, as a forensic science/engineering firm.

We are an association of engineers, scientists, physicians, and biomechanists who are recognized experts in their field. Since then, we have analyzed and reported our scientific conclusions on several thousand cases. Our experts have presented their analyses and conclusions at hundreds of depositions and court trials. Our clients include national insurance companies, industry, independent adjusters, state and federal agencies, attorneys, and private individuals.

We hold to ideals of excellence, professionalism, and sound engineering as well as scientific integrity. We take the time constraints of our clients very seriously.

Our team of professionals bring decades of experience in damage assessment and injury causation. They are highly qualified, many holding advanced degrees, doctorates, and state certifications. To further their professional development, they engage in ongoing research and testing, and participate regularly in technical workshops and seminars.

Specializations: Specializing in injury mechanics and causation relating to impacts. Expertise in orthopedic and industrial biomechanics. Specific expertise in analyzing injuries related to high and low speed motor vehicle impacts, occupational injuries, lifting, pushing, and pulling injury, slip-trip-fall injury, and injuries related to sports and

Specialization: Simulation of vehicle dynamics and impacts using SMAC based simulation software; simulation of fire and smoke propagation using FDS/Smokeview; photogrammetry and motion tracking from photographs and video; multi-channel data collection and processing of sensor data and visualization of simulation and other data through three dimensional

It is often difficult to determine the cause of an accident. In many cases there are conflicting witness reports as to what happened or who was at fault. These disputes require a scientific analysis of the physical evidence to understand the underlying causes of the accident. AEGI has extensive experience in all types of accidents and failures, including

In analyzing a failure or accident, additional examination of the evidence and/or testing may be required. AEGI has a well equipped inspection area, as well as the capability to design and conduct testing, and re-creations of events. Our materials laboratory is equipped to handle the most detailed examinations. Microscopy - AEGI has a stereomicroscope

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