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Edwards Engineering provides full-service civil engineering and environmental consulting services for government, retail, commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our speciality lies in our ability to identify and implement meaningful cost-saving opportunities. Founded in 1995, our firm has developed a reputation that has led to land developers, attorneys, and design/build contractors requesting our services.

In many cases, we act as a speciality partner for other consulting firms. Edwards Engineering designed the parking lot, storm-water system, utilities and driveway access for this multi-use project. Edwards Engineering designed and permitted this 500-lot, three-unit residential development, obtaining a rezoning of the parcel and master planning. Edwards designed, permitted and project managed redevelopment of this urban retail center while the site remained open.

Edwards Engineering was the Prime Consultant for the redevelopment of this large park, including management, new design and cost savings.

read more › The Edwards Engineering personnel are experienced, educated, certified and trained to perform design and project management services for a wide array of industries and sectors, with a marked emphasis in efficient development. Our staff excels in managing multiple sites to assist clients in meeting deadlines for large-scale expansions. Under his leadership, Edwards Engineering has provided reliable design and project management for a wide array of industries and sectors. As the founder of Edwards Engineering, Gray believes in providing a diverse environment where knowledge and experience is shared for the development of all engineers.

read more › With decades of experience and expertise, Edwards Engineering is always thinking ahead in order to achieve the best results. We stand behind our work by providing excellence when it comes to dealing with complicated projects. Our team is detail-oriented while keeping sight of the big picture. Our experience helps us to know how different components of your project need to fit together, and our attention to detail ensures we get it done right.

read more › When it comes to land development, Edwards Engineering operates in a way that creates efficiency and accuracy, without sacrificing creativity. We ensure due diligence by providing operative land planning and access permitting sites. We use our wide range of knowledge and expertise to execute quality work, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.

read more › Edwards Engineering is composed of experts with diverse capabilities that are dedicated to achieving our clients' goals by remaining diligent and detail-oriented. Our team provides master planning that focuses on quality and cohesion to ensure a project is completed not only to the highest standards, but also on time and at a fair cost.

read more › Proper stormwater management is crucial, especially in Florida where heavy rain and hurricanes are frequent. Edwards Engineering is committed to developing efficient and eco-friendly solutions to managing stormwater. Our team emphasizes the importance of proper stormwater control to prevent flooding and reduce water pollution.

read more › Edwards Engineering is experienced in a number of industries, ensuring each site flows with the location. Our team can maximize the space of your medical or dental office, creating the best spatial experience for treatment and waiting. We will also provide ample parking with a layout that will flow with ease.

read more › From regional parks to specific purpose parks, and active to passive facilities, Edwards Engineering is dedicated to designing a recreational facility that will maximize a community and maintain safety. Our team takes pride in creating a site that the community can be proud of, while ensuring natural features remain.

read more › Retail spaces can easily become congested areas, that's why Edwards Engineering is committed to maximizing site space to gain maximum benefit within each project. Our team has the experience to design a space with proper parking and traffic flow, while maintaining an attractive layout. With efficient project management, Edwards Engineering completes projects timely with minimum cost.

read more › Edwards Engineering takes pride in our growing team. With Edwards, you get the chance to work with a wide range of experienced civil engineers, while gaining experience on a variety of projects in multiple sectors. We are dedicated to ensuring our team has the support to grow in the specialty they love.

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