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A product development and engineering design firm with expertise in rapid prototyping/3D printing, low volume, and mass-production. We are a product design and development company, bringing customers' ideas to reality. Polyhistor uses a multitude of manufacturing methods to bring customer products to market at a fast pace and at reduced costs. For Prototyping we emphasize 3D printing, where we can 3D print large parts in Production Grade plastics, such as ABS, PC and ULTEM.

We can also 3D print high resolution plastics for very intricate prototypes. All 3D printing is done on Professional Grade 3D printers. We also make prototypes using CNC Machining and other manufacturing methods.

read more › Since the company's inception in 1999, Polyhistor has successfully brought rough ideas to finished products. We do every step of the product development chain from paper napkin sketch to Industrial Design - 3D CAD to prototype, engineer and manufacturing. Our designs are always made with manufacturing and cost of production in mind. Our customer base includes medical, defense, lighting, signage, automotive, and consumer products. Polyhistor is a certified SolidWorks manufacturing partner, with full 3D design and manufacturing capabilities.

read more › Napkin sketches are always welcome! Polyhistor uses your ideas and company's identity to develop products that successfully meets the needs you and your end-user. We will turn your product and branding ideas into tangible products. At Polyhistor we not only consider form, fit, and function, but also cost, color, shape, feel, and texture. Our main design tool is SolidWorks, which is the leading software for 3D CAD and mechanical design. We always use the latest software versions and employ industry best-practices, proven methodologies, and cutting-edge technology to keep our projects future-proof and scalable.

read more › At Polyhistor, we offer 3D printing with the same durable thermoplastics as traditional injection molded plastic parts. The parts are tough enough to be used as models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools or end-use parts. Additionally, our capabilities include high-resolution 3D prints that are used for small components, such as medical devices, and also parts that need to have optical transparency. ABS-M30 Production Grade Thermoplastic is up to 25 to 70 percent stronger than standard ABS and is an ideal material for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and end-use-parts.

read more › In today's competitive market it is important to have low cost and high quality products that increase your profit margins and bottom line. Cost reduction plays an important role in the success of our clients' and weighs heavily in every step of our process, from initial design through production. Cost reduction is relevant to all new products, and by improving the process, can become an effective part of reducing costs for products already being produced. A large portion of the cost to produce a product is directly related to how it is designed, assembled, and packaged.

read more › Located in Jacksonville, Florida the Polyhistor machine shop consists of the latest model CNC machining center from HAAS, and is equipped with high speed toolchanger and wireless intuitive probing for fast setups. For turning we have a Haas lathe with live tooling to complete multiple operations in one setup. We also have other CNC equipment and manual milling and turning machines. We use CAMWorks for our CNC programming, which is fully integrated with our SolidWorks CAD software. Polyhistor does high-quality, high-tolerance CNC and manual machining for many different OEM clients across a multitude of industries.

read more › At Polyhistor, we cover a wide spectrum of production experience. When it comes to planning your manufacturing method, our diverse background will ensure that the best, most cost effective, solution is chosen. Contact us today with your manufacturing and production needs. We are always ready to discuss your cost goals and delivery schedules. Our goal is to deliver "turn-key" solutions to our customers. We guide your project though the entire creation lifecycle. Our customers recognize the advantage of contracting with only one supplier who can handle a multitude of manufacturing processes, project management, and material ordering for their product.

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