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Mitternight Boiler Works We are experts in professional engineering, design and drafting services to ensure that your vessels are designed and manufactured to current ASME code standards. Mitternight was originally engaged in the repair of boilers and related products. The focus of the Company began to evolve in the mid-1960s. Today, Mitternight is a manufacturer of ASME-code vessels, including heat exchangers, chemical reactors, distillation columns and other pressure vessels, utilizing materials ranging from carbon steel to titanium.

We offer professional engineering services to ensure that your vessels are up to current ASME code standards. The Mitternight scheduling department develops and maintains an Integrated Master Schedule to ensure timely project execution. At the heart of our vessel fabrication is QC. We work to the strict standards of ASME code ensuring Quality is at the core of every vessel we build.

Over the years, Mitternight Boiler Works, Inc. has evolved into a modern world class production facility manufacturing ASME Code vessels.

read more › Mitternight provides products and services which fully meet the design and fabrication requirements of ASME Code Section VIII Div. I, TEMA and NBIC "R." We also hold the Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License for the People's Republic of China, Pressure Vessels. Mitternight's Quality Control department ensures that all products we fabricate and ship are built with the highest possible quality. Project management, quality control and supervision are elements that are vital in the fabrication process.

read more › We employ top professional estimators with years of experience. Our purchasing department is always shopping for the best in quality, timeliness and price-in that order-to provide clean, concise and accurate bids. Every day we take on new challenges at Mitternight. Our customers trust us to build a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations with a wide degree of difficulty and complexity.

read more › Creating pressure vessels is an exacting science. It is a precise blend of engineering, materials, craftsmanship and quality control. Pressure vessels are at the core of the Mitternight expertise. We got our start over 80 years ago repairing boilers, and have grown to become a leading international specialist in manufacturing secure, reliable ASME Code vessels of every size, material and finish. We see a variety of materials in the opportunities offered to us. We work in all of the high nickel alloys including C2000, C22, C276, AL6XN, Alloy 20, 600, 625, 800, 825 and all of the duplex stainless steels as well as conventional stainless steel.

read more › While we do not exclusively build heat exchangers, it commands more and more of our workload. Shell and tube heat exchangers are among our product specialties. We drill tube sheets with computer-controlled horizontal drilling machinery for maximum precision. Typically tube sheets receive ultrasonic examination prior to drilling to spot any lamination and avoid costly delays. An integral part of the manufacture of heat exchangers is the tube rolling operation. Our automatic torque control tube rolling equipment guarantees that tubes will be rolled in uniform, efficient manner.

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