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ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS DELIVERY Our approach is a refreshing shift from traditional engineering and sustainability consulting. We are not afraid to look for an unexpected angle or unique solution and work closely with our clients to build upon practical, field-tested and construction-ready solutions.

read more › Rushing's approach is a refreshing shift from traditional engineering and sustainability consulting firms. Founded as a new model for consulting engineering, we generate holistic designs that support and enhance the vision of our clients. We view buildings and their systems interdependently-not as separate elements-and provide a full spectrum of integrated engineering and sustainability services to support and execute this approach. In the same way that the industry responds to changing technology, codes and demand, we take a flexible and adaptive approach to design and project delivery.

read more › Our offices are our testing ground, a space where we take design to the next level and utilize the products we recommend every day to our clients. In renovating the 1920's space, we created an engaging, healthy work environment which doubles as a showcase for innovative design strategies. Rushing has been headquarted in the historic 1725 Westlake building since our founding in 2006. We moved to our current suite on the top floor of the building in 2009 at which point we achieved LEED Platinum certification.

read more › We've created an environment where people are excited and challenged by their work, find a rewarding work/life balance and care about their co-workers and the community we live in. We're also big on collaboration and co-operation, and avoid unnecessary structure and habitual thinking. We work hard, have fun, and respect each other. We think it's the recipe for standing out in the crowd-and so do our clients and employees. That's why we rank among the best workplaces in Washington state. Rushing is committed to equity and transparency.

read more › We always like to hear from people who are interested in becoming part of our team. Rushing ranks among the 95 best workplaces and the 14 most equitable workplaces in Washington State by the Puget Sound Business Journal, making our company culture a great fit for enthusiastic candidates. Find information about job qualifications along with how to submit an application in the job opportunities below. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to Rushing is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

read more › Rushing has delivered on this model, bringing multiple disciplines under one roof to collaborate with clients and project teams on some of our region's most iconic buildings of the past, present and future. This journey, championed by our founders Rae Anne Rushing and Scott Rushing has been an adventure, each new project an invigorating puzzle. Thank you for your partnership these first 15 years in business. We celebrate this milestone and look forward to the years ahead. Since our inception in 2006, Rushing has been a women-owned business.

read more › When teams collaborate-the best ideas tend to surface. Our collaborative design process encourages project teams to move away from conventional design and construction practices and embrace all-inclusive, multidisciplinary involvement early in the process. We believe in integrated design and work closely with project stakeholders-owners, architects, contractors-from conception to completion. It's an innovative approach that defines us. At Rushing, we bring together the best minds in the field to create effective, forward-focused designs that encompass innovation, cost and environmental impact.

read more › The mechanical engineering team at Rushing designs heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems that optimize indoor conditions according to building owner requirements. We minimize operating costs while maximizing occupant comfort. In recommending HVAC systems we utilize block loads, zone loads, energy modeling, natural ventilation modeling, specialty manufacturer selection software and custom spreadsheets. Our principals have volunteered numerous hours as technical advisers for state and city code development for the building, fire, energy, mechanical, and plumbing codes.

read more › Our electrical engineering team provides services for a broad spectrum of projects including commercial office, transportation, retail, laboratories, historical renovation, higher education and multifamily residential, from low-income housing to luxury condominiums. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of sustainable design protocols such as LEED, Built Green, Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard, Enterprise Green Communities, SCL Built Smart, and the 2030 Living Building Challenge. We believe that the core of excellent design lies in developing strong relationships with our clients, and we understand the different but related needs of owners, architects and contractors.

read more › Plumbing requires close coordination with the architects and owners to arrive at the most appropriate fixture selection. Our plumbing engineers examine a number of factors in plumbing design, including water savings goals, functionality, cost, maintenance, aesthetic and material. Rushing applies current knowledge of piping material, sloping and codes to design systems and coordinate closely to deliver successful projects. We advise owners, developers, architects, engineers, public agencies, businesses, general contractors and operations teams, to define goals, assess projects within their context and design cost effective solutions.

read more › The Sustainability Studio provides protocol management (LEED, Living Building Challenge, etc.), guidance, strategy development and technical expertise for designing buildings with optimal performance and reduced environmental impact. Our services are customized for each client to identify sustainability paths which will align with project goals, increase profits, improve human health, and generate market demand. Just like all studios at Rushing, none of our services function in isolation. Our sustainability team draws upon the engineering expertise within the company to provide technical input and cost/benefit analyses to inform decision making with real science.

read more › Rushing's Energy Studio is an established thought leader in projects at the cutting edge of high-performance building design as well as the development of local energy codes. Integrative design is not a check box at Rushing; it's a fundamental part of the Energy Studio's culture to work hand in hand with design teams, providing a practical approach to projects. Rushing offers a full suite of services under one roof, tailored to each project. See a map of our projects to check out our impact on the built environment.

read more › The lighting studio at Rushing provides high-performance and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Joining technical expertise with creativity, our lighting designers are knowledgeable about the latest in lighting manufacturing, lamp technology, products and control solutions for today's most challenging design projects. Our integrated lighting services highlight and strengthen the creative vision of a project. That's why our clients return project after project. Northwest Regional Multifamily Award at the 2021 Metropolis Planet Positive Awards for Sitka.

read more › Mindshare is a forum for ideas-a chance to share the latest breakthroughs in our business from sustainability strategies to code revisions. It's also a chance for Rushing to share our community connections and global concerns as we work to create a more sustainable culture. Please join us in the dialog-we believe the most interesting conversations thrive on collaboration. Rendering courtesy of Kengo Kuma & Associates Pacific Eagle Holdings is preparing to go before a city review board in early November to begin development on the mixed-use tower.

read more › Park your kayak in one of the racks and head west on Valley Street towards Westlake Ave N. We have an electric vehicle charging station available. Please call the main line prior to your arrival so we can ensure the space is open for use. We also have a few visitor spaces available in a small lot located on the south side of the building. Additional parking is available across the street from the building on the east side of Westlake Avenue.

read more › Rushing and Weber Thompson study high-rise multifamily buildings and future compliance with energy code. Rushing's own Alexandra Ramsden and Nathan Miller along with Myer Harrell from Weber Thompson were recently interview by Meghan Hall from The Registry regarding their research on "Pursuing High-Rise Multifamily Energy Efficiency in Seattle." This study sheds light on. Congratulations to the Stratus Tower for winning an IES Illumination Award of Merit for its meritorious contribution to lighting design!

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