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Facet provides technical recruiting, staff augmentation, and contract development services for engineering leaders of high-performance software and hardware teams. With Facet, you can passively and privately search for your next job full-time or contract job. Facet only sends you jobs that match the preferences you've defined, like salary range, tech stack, company size, and location.

We'll also help you through the interview and negotiation process. Facet is 100% free for job seekers. Facet was founded by an ex-Netflix developer to do recruiting different. We provide full-service technical recruiting solutions for engineering leaders that have high standards. The best talent is never on the market long, which is why Facet specializes in finding passive candidates.

Our unique targeting and vetting process ensures you get high-quality candidates you'll want to hire. The Facet Contractor Network is a curated network of senior software engineers, data scientists, SDETs, designers and product managers, that have demonstrated experience building and shipping high-quality software at scale.

read more › An all-star technical recruiting team and the worlds largest database of passive candidates, available to you on-demand, at a reasonable price. A 2020 Stack Overflow survey found that only 14% of developers are actively looking for a new job, while 55% of developers are open to new opportunities, but not looking. That means 80% of your potential job candidates will never see your job posting. Plus, the best developers that do apply will have multiple competing job offers. Facet has the world's largest database of passive candidates.

read more › Facet Nearshore makes it easy to hire vetted senior developers located in Central and South America. Hiring nearshore offers significant cost savings without the frustrations of large time zone differences. The Facet Nearshore Network is a marketplace for hiring senior remote developers located in Central and South America. You get senior developers - with excellent communication skills - that work when you do. Contractors apply to join the Facet Nearshore Network. Only experienced contractors that have real experience shipping high-quality software are accepted.

read more › The Facet Contractor Network is an exclusive network of senior developers, data scientists, designers, product managers and SDETs, located in the US and Canada, that have spent several years at top software companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, or Amazon, but have made the switch to contracting. As a member, we provide you with community, support, and most importantly - work. Facet takes care of finding work, managing the account, and collecting payments - all the stuff that makes contracting suck.

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