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Design exploration in any field. Need to bring new technology to life? Pensar gives form to breakthrough technology products like this remote wireless charging system by Ossia. Medical for the modern world. Meeting the needs of patients and practitioners with an award-winning adjustable ultrasound cart. Award-winning design for the most rugged environments.

Now cordless! The high skill level and diversity of backgrounds at Pensar make us the optimal product development partner. Drop it, Kick it, Shake it. You still won't break it. Pensar excels at engineering products that survive in the most abusive environments. Pensar combines design and engineering to transform client's ideas into full-fledged products.

We excel at developing products that are simple and sophisticated while also being technologically complex. Pensar understands the complex trade-offs when bringing new medical devices and equipment to market. Our focus on digital-physical design brings the user experience to the forefront while our engineers make sure it sails over every regulatory hurdle.

read more › I love the diverse skillsets that my coworkers bring to the table. In addition to skills, my coworkers also bring dogs, food, and Segway races - all of which I love. Pensar's passion and focus is to be the best at product development. The Pensar team is aligned with this mission and it's really exciting to work beside so many experts. Pensar's ability to tackle the most complex client problems, and do it in a fast and efficient way is both fun to be a part of and key to our clients' success. I love the diversity of projects we see, the complexity of the questions we're asked to solve, and seeing a design all the way through from a concept to production.

read more › We partner with our clients to help them overcome their greatest development challenges. Whether we're guiding a start-up company thru the product development process or handling the complete product development effort for a Fortune 500 company; we have the experience to help our clients reach their specific goals. Pensar has the necessary horsepower to complete projects on schedule, the skill-set to handle as much of the development process as needed, and the innovation to find solutions to the toughest problems.

read more › Technologies, manufacturing processes, trends, and markets are constantly evolving. We guide our clients through the development process to help them navigate this continually changing environment. By studying users and how they interact with the world around them, we bring insight to each project that enables us to design compelling product experiences. We use our expertise to its full extent whether it's the strongest, lightest carbon fiber rafting paddle, or the most advanced, screen-based, food-safety testing device and software or developing machine learning algorithms.

read more › What's important to Pensar is what's important to our clients. Close collaboration defines both the project and the process. We can help you carry a design from the initial discovery phase through production or assist with a focused segment of the development effort. Sometimes our clients are just looking to jump-start idea generation, while other times they need us to be heads-down engineering in preparation for manufacturing. By having designers and engineers sit side by side, we are able to move through the process faster and with greater confidence that the design intent is maintained and that the engineering details are being considered from the start.

read more › We deliver on our promises and we take responsibility for every part of the project we are tasked. Our communication style is open and detailed, which gives our clients confidence in the status of every project. Issues inevitably come up when developing new products. How Pensar handles these issues separates us from our competitors. We keep our clients' goals in mind and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Because repeat clients are the truest testament to our success, our clients' bottom line is also ours.

read more › Pensar excels at highly complex product development. Our expertise is in a wide range of categories, including: consumer products, medical devices and equipment, industrial products used by professionals, aerospace, and research & development projects (which we can't show you). We skillfully design both physical and digital experiences and engineer them for flawless performance. If you're interested in talking more about how we can help your team meet it's goals, contact us here. Our focus is always on our clients' objectives and our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from exceeding our clients' expectations.

read more › Need to develop AR/VR headsets or controllers, performance-enhancing eyewear, 3D printed footwear or cooler, quieter video game consoles? Pensar uses a multidisciplinary approach to produce state-of-the-art products that are equipped for the real world. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We work diligently to understand your brand, business, and project goals and then translate our findings into refined concepts and products built for your customers. Browse the following completed projects to learn more about our portfolio of consumer electronics.

read more › Looking for a partner who understands the regulatory processes required for medical device development? Pensar goes above and beyond to ensure continued compliance with FDA regulations. We deliver the necessary team, skills and innovative thinking to meet timelines, rise to each project's standards and exceed expectations. From developing software and firmware for medical electronics to the physical design of each medical device, Pensar Development's team of designers and engineers work collectively to meet each project's objectives.

read more › Since 2001, we've assisted both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups solve their toughest development challenges and bring their professional/commercial projects to market. From food facilities to construction sites, the products we've helped develop meet business and consumer goals alike. Whether you're in charge of an entire product development effort or need help during a stage of production, our full-service product development team has the knowledge, experience, and horsepower to complete your project on time and on budget.

read more › Do you enjoy seeing a product through from its inception to its successful release? Are you a natural problem solver? How about a team player? Pensar Development offers product design and electrical, mechanical and software engineering services for clients in the consumer, medical and industrial sectors. If you're ready to start an exciting career working with Fortune 500 companies, as well as up-and-coming businesses, send your resume and/or portfolio by email to or apply to an opening below.

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