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CKC Engineering, LLC develops high-end automated manufacturing equipment, specializing in the design and build of custom systems. We provide solutions for highly complex manufacturing processes or for relatively simple tasks requiring improved throughput. We execute custom design and build, build to print and proof of concept projects for customers throughout Silicon Valley in the automotive, energy, medical device, pharmaceutical, food processing, solar and other industries.

CKC Engineering provides innovative automated equipment solutions efficiently and effectively. Founded in San Francisco in 2005 and now located in Oakland, California, we work with a variety of clients in several industries around the Bay Area and West Coast. We are team of mechanical engineers, controls engineers, and highly trained assembly technicians all with backgrounds in machine building.

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Along with the other founders, Chris Duggan is currently responsible for managing all aspects of CKC's operations. He also leads the mechanical engineering group and oversees mechanical assembly. Mr. Duggan is an expert in the design of custom equipment, including high precision manufacturing equipment, automated test equipment and robotic systems.

Fully automated systems provide the highest level of automation to improve productivity, quality, and bottom line. Semi-automated systems utilize a machine operator to tend one or more machine stations during operation. Semi-automated equipment is a lower cost alternative to fully automated systems, while still providing increased throughput and quality

6-Axis robots have a large work envelope and can handle a wide range of payloads. This flexibility allows them to be utilized for virtually any manufacturing application, including assembly, material handling, welding, painting, machine tending, inspection, and packaging. Improve throughput, quality, and efficiency with a custom 6-axis robotic workcell

Do you have a unique process that requires design and build of custom manufacturing equipment?. Design and Build projects begin with evaluating your application and developing a high level automation concept. The project then proceeds to detailed mechanical and electrical design, followed by procurement, assembly, and debug. Throughout the project,

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