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Atlantic Engineering Service It's about listening and communicating efficiently, prioritizing your goals, devising customized solutions, and ultimately delivering an excellent product. We are passionate about design, and we serve our clients by crafting structures in which people live, learn, work, play, heal, worship, and more. At AES, our engineers enjoy what they do and so they do it well.

With an aggregate of 650 years of experience, over 30,000 projects, upwards of $17 billion total for construction costs, 17+ active industries, 13+ years of experience using Revit, and over 18 services we can provide for your structural solutions, we have what it takes to provide excellent design - no matter the project size.

read more › AES is built on the strength of our people. Strong expertise in structural engineering and drafting is supplemented by marketing and business professionals who further support your team from a project's pursuit to its closeout. With engineers capable of performing work throughout the United States, we are capable of providing attentive, individualized service for any project at any time. We look forward to working with you to bring your architectural visions to life.

read more › At AES, we are always working to deliver excellence to our clients and communities. We're not alone in that goal, and we couldn't do it without these organizations. From professional development to local service, we owe a debt of gratitude to these partners and the people who work hard to bring their own unique visions to life.

read more › Our Jacksonville team is looking to add yet another team member to support their clients! If you are looking for the next step in your career as a Project Engineer in the field of structural engineering, this might be that next big opportunity you have been looking for. Dave Schleger, a Senior Project Manager at AES, writes about the structural solutions provided for Bakery Square's Campus, focusing on the two main facilities of Bakery Office Two and Bakery Office Three. One of our recent projects was featured in the @PghBizTimes, the @WVUMedicine Children's Hospital.

read more › Available positions are shown below. This Project Engineer opening is for someone who is looking for their next big step in their career as a developing leader in the field of structural engineering. At AES, you'll be working closely with your team to create structural designs that impact our built environment. You'll also be a part of the backbone of our business - one of our key professionals who works directly with our clients to help bring their architectural visions to life. Join our team of driven and passionate professionals who are helping to build a better world!

read more › Assisted living communities provide long term care services that provides a combination of housing, personal care, and healthcare services designed to respond to individuals who need assistance with normal daily activities. Located across the United States, our projects include many assisted living communities, facilities for dementia patients, several hospice facilities, and communities for patients with special needs.

read more › Commercial facilities make up a significant portion of the workload at AES. Projects have ranged from storefronts to large corporate headquarters. Because of the high number of completed commercial facilities, we are uniquely equipped to create structures with conventional materials such as steel, concrete, brick, glass, and wood, as well as specialized materials, depending on the needs of the structure at hand. We have designed structures reaching up to 35 stories tall with construction costs exceeding $100 million.

read more › The professionals at AES are ready to develop creative, unique, and dependable solutions for both local and federal government facilities. Many of the structures are multi-functional and include administrative spaces, vehicle ports, training rooms, holding cells, locker rooms for official personnel, as well as personalized amenities, depending on the project's vision. Often, structures have unique requirements such as blast-resistant design and mitigation of progressive collapse. We have served on hundreds of related projects ranging from new design-build assignments to small facility studies.

read more › Due to our firm's ability to provide remarkable service within an impressive time frame, our structural engineering services have been utilized for both television programs and motion picture productions. Our experts have delivered unique solutions for stage sets, building conversions, and disaster mitigation that have saved time and cut expenses for major players in the entertainment industry. Completed projects have involved creating custom elements for additional load support, troubleshooting structural failures for existing sets and facilities, designing and installing effects structures (such as blast vents), and other structural solutions that require timely, creative results.

read more › AES has a long history of providing structural engineering services for complex medical facilities. Having worked for numerous healthcare entities, projects have ranged from specialized medical equipment installations involving nuclear medicine, radiology, surgery, and patient care, to entire hospital designs and expansions. Our firm is familiar with the efficiencies of Integrated Project Delivery systems, design-build approaches, fast-tracked delivery methods, and providing solutions for facilities that help maintain operations while ensuring a successful project delivery.

read more › AES has provided structural services for projects at many colleges and universities throughout the east coast. Projects have been completed at both public and private vocational schools, community colleges, institutes of technology, art and design schools, and liberal arts colleges. Services at these entities have ranged from minor surveys to large new designs for facilities hundreds of square feet in size.

read more › Industrial and energy projects at AES have been for a wide variety of purposes, including material fabrication, automobile production, infrastructure and energy production, city and municipality utilities, and pharmaceutical production. For each facility, our engineers are attentive to the needs and visions of our clientele, designing projects with an economical mindset, creatively looking to achieve structural efficiency while maintaining financial responsibility.

read more › AES has designed both simple and complex K-12 educational facilities, amounting to a total of over 360 projects. We have performed survey, renovation, design, and construction administration work for new and existing buildings, and for both public and private clients. Individual projects have had construction values of up to $55 million.

read more › AES has extensive structural engineering experience with structures designed to accommodate multiple housing units within one building, such as apartments, condominiums, and similar residences. We have been on design teams for projects with occupancy ranging from the tens to the hundreds and construction costs exceeding $100 million. Solutions provided have entailed comprehensive structural services for new construction, adaptive reuse, and renovation projects.

read more › AES has provided structural engineering services for numerous museum and library entities. All of these have included the assessment of existing structures for available capacity and the development of local reinforcement as necessary for the modified building use. Each project has also involved specialized review for showcase and display loading.

read more › Our transportation work includes projects varying widely in size throughout the United States. We have designed and repaired garages, subway stations, distribution facilities, and airport structures containing a variety of systems. The most common systems encountered by our firm include conventionally reinforced, post-tensioned, prestressed, and precast concrete. Structures designed or repaired by AES have reached eight stories tall and have vehicle capacities ranging from a few dozen to nearly three thousand.

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