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NuVision Engineering is an applications engineering and technology services company providing custom solutions to unique problems in nuclear industries. We design and implement technically advanced engineering solutions and services for utilities, OEMs, and government contractors worldwide. NVE's nuclear engineering expertise supports the entire nuclear cycle from new plant build to decommissioning.

We also design, build, and deploy systems that safely move and manage nuclear waste. NuVision Engineering provides patented solutions for Stress Corrosion Cracking and other issues unique to the nuclear power industry. Our maintenance-free systems help finish legacy clean-up projects safely and cost effectively. Our nuclear engineering capacity spans a range of markets, including power generation, manufacturing, and waste technology.

We make radiation resistant MSM and Power Manipulator systems used in nuclear research and decommissioning. At NuVision Engineering, safety isn't just a priority; it's a core value.

read more › NuVision Engineering is a technology services and engineering company specializing in nuclear applications. We provide engineering expertise and proprietary services to commercial power plants and public utilities. We also design and deploy rad-hardened robotics for use in radioactive environments and advanced process systems to manage radioactive waste. Our customers include the U.S. and international governments, utility companies, and medical research facilities. NuVision is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and has an additional facility in Mooresville, NC to support the design and implementation of large scale demonstration and validation programs.

read more › NuVision Engineering develops, demonstrates, and deploys technology-based solutions that help extend the life and safe operation of power plants. We also validate new plant designs and analyze existing systems to predict and proactively manage potential problems. Our customers include plant owners, plant designers, and their original equipment manufacturers. With a portfolio of proprietary technologies and decades of industry experience, our staff solves complex problems efficiently and reliably.

read more › NuVision Engineering can provide an experienced team of engineering professionals who will act as an extension to your staff. We will assist you in finding creative solutions for your design needs. Our engineering capacity spans a range of markets, including power generation, manufacturing, and waste technology. Often during the design and evaluation of a component, analytical techniques are needed to determine failure mechanisms and simulate design and operating conditions. Our staff uses the latest software technology to perform both linear and nonlinear analysis.

read more › Our Sponge Abrasive Decontamination process is a unique, dust-free way to efficiently reduce contamination levels and dose rates in piping and components of Nuclear Power Plants. The system was designed and built specifically for the purpose of performing pipe end decontamination during Steam Generator Replacements where minimizing worker dose and project schedule are key success metrics. Our technology has since been modified to meet a variety of decontamination needs. The PED (pipe-end decon) process consists of five key components: media blast head, media feed unit, sponge abrasive media, a digital control system, and the seal dams and media recovery system (HEPA vacuum and cyclone separator).

read more › Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) as a result of excessive tensile stress is a recognized problem which can compromise nuclear plant safety and availability. MSIP (Mechanical Stress Improvement Process) is a patented, permanent solution for mitigating SCC in Nuclear Plant piping weldments. MSIP is accepted by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a stress improvement process for mitigation of stress corrosion cracking in both boiling water reactor (BWR) and pressurized water reactor (PWR) plants.

read more › Our waste management capabilities include the design, demonstration, installation, commissioning, and operation of waste management systems for the mixing, sampling, and pumping of radioactive waste, with a focus on maintenance-free systems that reduce costs while ensuring the safety of workers and eliminating project downtime. We also provide remote manipulator systems used for nuclear material handling, decontamination, and decommissioning. NuVision Engineering has assisted with the cleanup of legacy waste in North America and the United Kingdom for more than 30 years.

read more › NuVision Engineering is the world leader in the use of Power Fluidics systems for nuclear applications. These waste management systems use air to mobilize radioactive sludges, slurries, and liquids with no moving parts coming in contact with contaminated mediums. There are hundreds of NuVision Power Fluidic waste management systems now in operation worldwide, and no incidences of failure, erosion, mechanical or corrosion damage have been reported. NuVision Engineering's expertise and experience in the use of Power Fluidics for nuclear waste management is unparalleled.

read more › NuVision Engineering is the world leader in the use of Power Fluidics systems for nuclear waste management, including tank waste retrieval systems. These systems use air to pump radioactive sludges, slurries, and liquids and require no moving parts to come in contact with contaminated mediums. Our tank waste retrieval systems utilize Reverse Flow Diverters (RFD), a custom machined tee-piece with two opposing nozzles (inlet and outlet nozzles) and an entertainment port. The inlet nozzle is connected to the charge vessel and the outlet nozzle is connected to the delivery line.

read more › We conduct large scale testing, demonstration, and validation at our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina. NuVision Engineering hosts comprehensive research and development in support of waste remediation system design, validation, demonstration, and acceptance testing of equipment prior to delivery. The 22,000 sq. We have conducted over 100 large-scale demonstration projects in the US and UK, including waste retrieval and processing, decontamination, and decommissioning. These projects have been focused on both our own innovative technologies as well as those of third parties.

read more › NuVision Engineering has been designing, building, testing, demonstrating, and deploying waste management systems in the US for more than two decades. Given the inherent benefits of the technology, much of our work has taken advantage of Power Fluidic systems. We have also supplied engineered systems using remote crawlers, HydroLance retrieval systems, and other advanced technologies to complete waste remediation projects. NVE has a comprehensive engineering capability to develop, prove, and then implement the optimum solution for a waste management project.

read more › For more than 20 years, NuVision Engineering has been designing, fabricating, and deploying heavy-duty hydraulic manipulators to handle hazardous materials. In 2017, we partnered with Walischmiller Engineering GmbH and expanded our offerings to include a full line of hydraulic and electric manipulators, handling systems, and robots. Today, a broad product base, continuous optimization, and customized engineering ensure we can provide the best solution for your remote handling needs. NuVision Engineering is a subsidiary of Carr's Group plc, an international leader with market leading brands and robust market positions in Agriculture and Engineering in 50 countries around the world.

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