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Codorus Creek runs through the City of York approximately 7.5 miles upstream of its confluence with the Susquehanna River. The 279-square-mile watershed has been continuously occupied since colonial days. Historic development of the downtown area included severe encroachment on the floodplain, with building right up to the creek banks. As part of current efforts to revitalize the City, attention has turned to restoring access to the creek shoreline and enhancing its amenity value.

As part of the beautification initiative, BH has provided survey, environmental analysis, master planning, public outreach, and schematic design services to identify improvements and program opportunities, focusing on reconnecting urban plazas and neighborhoods with the creek. Services also included exploring alternatives for improvements and program opportunities, as well as determining where plaza(s) and connections can be made from neighborhoods.

Rapid growth on the east side of Memphis has caused significant traffic congestion and safety issues at the I-40/I-240 Interchange in Shelby County, TN.

read more › Buchart Horn, Inc. is a full-service, international engineering and architectural firm with 15 offices throughout the Eastern United States and Western Europe. Buchart Horn professionals are recognized for their values and the projects they deliver. These values are critical to the continued success of Buchart Horn and have become the core values of the company. Values that have led to 90%+ repeat client rate. Learn more about our Leadership Team; Vision, Mission and Core Values; and the history of Buchart Horn.

read more › A group of veterans - Russell E. Horn (an engineer), Clair S. Buchart (an architect), and Lester L. Buchart (business and marketing) - combined their training and experience to develop a company capable of rendering professional planning and consulting services. Buchart Horn was one of the first professional consulting companies to combine engineering and architecture under one roof. That innovation was fueled by a simple premise: it was better for clients if engineers and architects would cooperate rather than compete on projects.

read more › Founded in 1945, Buchart Horn has been a leader in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex engineering and architectural challenges while safely delivering water resources/environmental, architectural and transportation projects. Buchart Horn clients range from local, county, state, and federal governments to large and small private sector organizations. With locations across the United States and an office in Germany, Buchart Horn is uniquely positioned to compete -large enough to undertake complex transportation projects such as highway and bridge design but small and agile enough to specialize in vital environmental watershed projects such as the Chesapeake Bay Program.

read more › Buchart Horn strengthens communities through intelligent, innovative, and cost-effective architectural, environmental, and transportation designs. We complete these projects on time and within budget maintaining strong relationships with our clients and fellow consultants. We invest in our talented employees and understand the importance of work/life balance. We strive for honesty, integrity, and professional excellence in our efforts to fulfill this mission. Be the engineering, architectural, and project management organization of choice by achieving extraordinary results for our clients and building a high-performance culture for our people.

read more › Sustainability should be thought about in broad terms, not only in terms of reducing energy consumption but also encompassing social responsibility and the creation of welcoming environments for people. Building and connecting can become an act of rejuvenating communities if design and planning consider that humans and nature are all part of the same system. In 1991, when Buchart Horn began to look for a new corporate headquarters, our mission to strengthen our community began at home. York, PA is known as a historically industrial town, but the departure of industry from town in the late 20th Century left large but architecturally interesting buildings abandoned.

read more › Buchart Horn is committed to maintaining a safe and healthful work environment for all employees. The personal safety and health of each employee is of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally-induced injuries and illnesses is of such importance that it is given precedence over everyday operations to the greatest degree possible. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a safety and health program conforming to the best practices for organizations of our type. To accomplish our objective, every reasonable effort is made in the interest of accident prevention, fire prevention, and health preservation.

read more › Buchart Horn is committed to building an organization that reflects the diversity of the communities we proudly serve. Our commitment to inclusion across gender, race, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and education strengthens not only our organizational culture, but also the value we bring to our clients. We believe embracing different perspectives, backgrounds, and talents is vital to designing infrastructure for a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and equitable.

read more › BH promotes a culture of social responsibility by making genuine connections in the community and finding ways to contribute. BH employees volunteer 5,000+ hours in the communities where they live, work, and play every year. Community service can shed light on the individual employee's capabilities, values, attitudes, and reveal leadership potential and strengths such as initiative, commitment, empathy, time management, and organizational skills. We align staff volunteering throughout the community with our corporate passions and skills.

read more › Drawing from our 70+ years of experience, BH offers a full range of engineering services and is committed to providing the highest quality engineering planning and design. We provide site/civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, transportation, water, and wastewater engineering services for educational institutions; public works; health care; public safety; municipalities; and county, state, and water management agencies. Design for Replacement of Cogeneration System at Wastewater Treatment Plant, York City Sewer Authority, PA.

read more › BH has a strong history of providing engineering services to the water industry. We take pride in helping our clients develop solutions to their needs, with a common goal of efficiency providing high quality drinking water to their customers. BH provides a variety of wastewater services for clients throughout the United States. Our hands-on approach and knowledge enables our firm to clearly understand your needs and present viable options to meet those needs. BH was the recipient of the first National Phoenix Award for excellence in brownfield redevelopment.

read more › We take pride in helping our clients develop solutions to their needs, with a common goal of efficiency providing high quality drinking water to their customers. Existing support structures were modified to support the water treatment process by lifting all essential equipment out of the floodplain. Reused existing structures wherever practical and cost-effective and eliminated the need for additional land for the upgrade. Designed a standby backup generator system, approximately 600kW, with a double-walled fuel tank and weather resistant housing located on a new platform just outside of and at the elevation of the new electric room.

read more › Our hands-on approach and knowledge enables our firm to clearly understand your needs and present viable options to meet those needs. Biosolids Upgrade and Improvement at Susquehanna Water Pollution Control Facility, Lancaster Area Sewer Authority, PA. Using the existing and new centrifuge dewatering equipment, the digested biosolids are dewatered to 22% solids and 88% water concentrations. The heated drying process also destroys any remaining pathogens, or disease causing organisms, helping to produce Class A biosolids, leaving the final product eligible to be used as a fertilizer.

read more › Our experienced civil engineering group provides site design and designs utility, stormwater, and site access and circulation systems with reference to transportation and environmental regulations and future growth. Reduces urban runoff and the frequency and volume of combined sewer overflows resulting from wet weather events.

read more › Transportation engineering is the application of technology and scientific principles to the planning, functional design, operation, and management of facilities or any mode of transportation. At BH, our engineers strive to meet the challenges of transportation design in order to provide for the safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods. We have designed hundreds of miles of roadway, ranging from two-lane municipal roads to new and reconstructed interstate highways.

read more › Highway design has been the bedrock of our firm since its inception. We have designed hundreds of miles of roadway, ranging from two-lane municipal roads to new and reconstructed interstate highways. BH has local design teams, well versed in the latest state and federal design guidelines and regulations, and equipped with the latest design technology. Our knowledge and experience enable us to consistently meet and exceed client schedules and expectations. Diamond Award Certificate from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania.

read more › BH provides a full range of bridge analysis, study, design, and inspection services for federal, state, municipal, and private clients. Our track record ranges from small, single-span bridges and culverts to major river crossings. We take pride in developing solutions that meet the needs of the communities they serve, while being practical and economical. In addition to structure design, we offer a full range of related services, including roadway design, environmental permitting, surveying, traffic engineering, and construction phase services.

read more › BH's traffic engineers provide a wide range of traffic-related analysis and design services, in support of our roadway and bridge projects and as a stand-alone service. Our engineers use the latest technology for traffic simulation modeling and system design. Upgrade and extension of Florida Avenue from Elysian Fields Avenue (LA 3021) to Paris Road (LA 47).

read more › Planning and Environmental are usually the first steps in the life of a transportation project. We have a long history in completing both feasibility/planning studies, as well as the NEPA process for projects. We are well versed in the latest State regulations and federal NEPA guidelines and regulations. Our knowledge and experience enable us to consistently meet and exceed client schedules and expectations. Our projects have varied from environmental studies for new highway alignment to feasibility studies for new interchanges.

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