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Batture is dedicated to the idea that a highly inspired team can deliver outstanding results while also creating powerful social and environmental change. That's why every one of our engineering or surveying projects is energized by this unique purpose. Because our clients deserve our best efforts and so does our amazing city.

read more › If you envision the Mississippi River, the "batture" is the strip of land between the levee and the water. This land will grow in size depending on the water level. In our company, we are working with this ever-shifting balance of water and land every day. Not only that, but we are constantly changing and evolving to meet the growing needs of the New Orleans area. We represent the future of the industry, offering a level of enthusiasm and fun that other firms can't match. This is a welcome relief to the many clients who are looking for something new and different on their projects.

read more › Bob Mora has over 15 years of experience in land surveying and civil engineering, providing civil design services for both private developers and municipalities. He has successfully managed and completed projects for the Sewerage and Water Board, the Department of Public Works, the Regional Planning Commission, the Orleans Levee Board, and St. Bernard, Ascension, and Plaquemines Parishes. As a sub-consultant for the Army Corp of Engineers, Bob managed the construction of over $100 million of flood protection, earning a Certificate of Appreciation for Exceptional Achievement from the Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System Mission.

read more › Making people's lives better with well-designed infrastructure, including potable water, sanitary sewers, drainage, roadways, and sidewalks. Designing the structural components and meeting modern safety standards for new buildings, historic renovations, and infrastructure. Developing systems for water management that benefit people and the environment, which is crucial for communities where stormwater is prevalent. Modeling data in 3-D and organizing it to meet the designer's exact needs, and determining the exact location of property boundary lines.

read more › Batture was founded on a shared desire to give back to the city. The owners of Batture - Bob Mora and Jenny Snape - first met while working with the New Orleans chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Today, community work is an integral part of our philosophy, where paid projects and pro bono projects are held with equal importance and priority. It's just what we do. It's just who we are. In fact, Batture is the only civil engineering company to be accepted into the business program at Propeller, the New Orleans non-profit that works with companies with a social mission.

read more › This community-inspired project will reduce flooding through stormwater management and improve community well-being through the design and construction of parks and social areas. The Carrollton Courthouse project is located on approximately 76,000 square feet of land on Carrollton Avenue between Hampson and Maple Streets. Batture provided structural and civil engineering services for the renovation of five historic masonry buildings on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans to accommodate the expansion of M.S.

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