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Lanier & Associates Lanier & Associates is a multi-disciplined engineering firm that specializes in industrial marine projects with civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers on staff. In addition to our complete array of engineering services, we also perform topographic and hydrographic surveying, construction management, permit acquisition, facility inspections, and vapor control system design and certification.

For over 40 years, our principal clients have been major oil and chemical companies, liquid, bulk, and LNG terminal companies, in addition to construction companies and port authorities. We are experts in all facets of marine terminal design for liquids, grain, other dry bulk products and general cargo.

Although we have successfully served clients throughout the U.S. and in numerous other countries, most of our projects have been in the Southeastern U.S., primarily along the Gulf Coast and the industrial waterway corridor feeding this area.In addition to developing new projects, we have successfully performed the evaluation, upgrading and expansion of older marine facilities.

read more › Lanier & Associates was formed in 1974 and, at that time, was a one person firm. That person was Sorrell Lanier, the founder of our company. Sorrell was a professional engineer and registered land surveyor who began his career designing and then constructing large marine structures for Texaco. From the beginning, Sorrell consistently highlighted our firm's need to "always provide the highest level of service to every client". That goal applies to both technical expertise and outstanding client services.

read more › Lanier specializes in providing complete and comprehensive engineering services related to marine terminal planning and marine facility project execution. Over the more than forty years that Lanier has been in business, we have developed an excellent reputation for customer service and client satisfaction. We have worked with port and industry clients on the planning of hundreds of marine projects for all types of cargoes and vessels. Our extensive marine facility experience enables Lanier to provide our clients with the resources to investigate various site layouts, facility configurations and equipment options; and then to understand the construction advantages, operational benefits and relative costs for various options.

read more › Lanier & Associates' Mechanical Design Group strives to provide our clients with quick and efficient methods for handling liquid and bulk products. In-depth mechanical analysis and design is paramount in all projects. Lanier & Associates has well over 100 years of combined engineering and hands on experience in the process and mechanical design discipline. The integration of this experience with other engineering disciplines provides accuracy in design. Experience on a wide variety of complex projects ensures an optimal solution for the client.

read more › Our Electrical/ Instrumentation engineering and design group oversees all E&I project scopes. This ranges from planning, cost estimating, interface with local utilities and our client through design and pre-commissioning assistance. Lanier provides design solutions to improve the success and efficiency of our clients' business. Our primary focus lies within the industrial sector and our experience spans decades over a variety of bulk handling and liquid projects. Interior lighting design for dock houses, transit sheds, substation buildings and control buildings.

read more › Lanier & Associates places a heavy emphasis on construction support because the key to a successful project is efficiently implementing the practical design in the field. Our desire for a successful project completion remains most evident during the construction phase. The Lanier Project/Construction Team and Onsite Manager provide a continuous link from conceptual design to an operating solution. Utilization of Lanier's Onsite Construction Managers assures a savings in both project costs and time.

read more › Vapor Emission Control projects, like many environmental applications, can present challenging demands that must be addressed to the satisfaction of the regulatory agencies. Emissions from loading terminals, refineries and chemical plants must be reduced to keep the facility in operation. Lanier & Associates has been at the forefront of emission reduction techniques on vapor control projects for more than 30 years. Lanier is a multi-disciplined engineering firm that understands all aspects of vapor control projects.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided Engineering and Construction for this ship/barge Dock No. 32 including the hose tower. This project also included the monopile ship breasting dolphins as well as barge dolphins. Lanier & Associates has provided engineering services at this island terminal for more than 25 years. This photo is a view of a 1/2 mile long finger pier with berths for up to 150,000 DWT vessels. The pier handles fuel oil and blended grades of ship's bunkers. The vessel shown is approaching the South berth.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided the permitting, engineering design, project management and construction management for this new ship / barge dock on the Mississippi River. This was part of a one billion dollar expansion at this fertilizer facility. Lanier also provided engineering design for a 2500 ft. Lanier & Associates provided the engineering design and construction management for this new barge dock for loading crude oil from train to barge. Lanier is also providing mechanical, electrical and civil / structural engineering services on an as needed basis for many different projects at this facility.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided engineering and construction management for new barge cover handling structure and system. Lanier & Associates has provided various engineering services for this grain elevator over the last 25 plus years. Lanier and Associates has provided engineering services for all lower Mississippi River grain terminals for over 25 years. The most recent project at this location is providing permitting and preliminary engineering for a new rail to barge crude oil terminal. Lanier and Associates has provided engineering services for this grain elevator for over 25 years.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided preliminary design, detailed design, and project management for construction of a federally funded Rail Improvement and Site Development Project. Specific project efforts include: Development of documentation for grant requirements, storm water pollution prevention plan, site survey, coordination and review with state and local government agencies as well as three class one rail roads, and design of approximately 40,000 LF of industry track. Lanier & Associates provided engineering and construction management for the south end of the new rail receiving station; along with the refurbished tracks.

read more › Lanier and Associates provided engineering services for a new crude oil rail to barge transfer facility. The facility consisted of a retrofitted 200,000 barrel crude storage tank, new transfer pumps, metering and proving systems, and barge loading equipment. The facility was put into service in 2014. Provided the mechanical, civil and electrical engineering for this new eight 200,000 barrel tank terminal. This includes pumps, meter skids, piping manifolds, electrical power distribution, foundations and tank berm design.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided the engineering for this midstream transfer facility utilizing anchor piles and mooring buoys. Lanier & Associates provided the engineering for this anchor buoy in the Mississippi River mooring is a point for the bow line of crude oil tankers secured to river bottom with anchors designed for mooring loads. Anchor buoy being prepared for installation in the Mississippi River as a mooring point for the bow line of crude oil tankers. It is secured to the river bottoom with anchors designed for mooring loads.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided complete project management, preliminary design, permit preparation, surveying, detailed design, and construction management for green field development of a general cargo facility. Development includes a 650LF concrete wharf, backland paving, access roads, and hydraulic dredging. Lanier provided construction management and engineering design for Jefferson Refinery's new barge dock for loading crude oil from train to barge. Lanier & Associates provided services for this new transit shed project from start to finish for the port.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided the engineering and construction management for concrete mat revetment system for this marine terminal. Lanier performed the engineering design and construction management for this new lay barge and spool base facility. This project included 3300 L.F. of steel sheet pile bulkhead, mooring dolphins, breasting dolphins, 170,000 S.F. articulated concrete revetment mattress, 1,000,000 cubic yards of dredging and all civil site work. Lanier provided the engineering design and construction management for the expansion to existing facility; which included a new ship dock and two new barge docks.

read more › Lanier performed the engineering design and construction management for their 450' steel sheetpile wall. This project was designed in order to load concrete coated steel pipe on barges. Lanier performed the engineering as part of a design-build effort for the replacement of a 600' timber sheet pile bulkhead at this marine terminal. This project involved a bank stability analysis and resulting 400' bulkhead renovation program. Lanier & Associates provided all engineering services in connection with the development of new Ship/Barge Dock number 4. This also included engineering services for an innovative design of the 500 feet bulkhead on the ship channel.

read more › Lanier & Associates provided engineering and construction management for this barge cleaning facility on the Mississippi River. This project included design of a floating barge dock with monopiles, with approach way, elevated pump house, and a marine vapor control system. Aerial view of ship dock and U.S. Coast Guard certified Marine Vapor Control System where Lanier & Associates provided the engineering design and cost managment. The dock was designed for SPR and can offload crude oil at 50,000 BBL/hr and load through the VC equipment at 20,000 BBL/hr.

read more › Mr. Chatagnier performs the administrative duties required to meet both the short term and long term needs of the company. These duties include: staffing, quality control, client development and planning. He also assists the Chief Engineer in reviewing and insuring the technical adequacy and timely delivery of all of the work performed by the company. This involves often times coordinating and participating in the performance of highly technical analysis. Mr. Chatagnier has served as Project Manager/Design Engineer for numerous marine projects in the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean including the design of docks, wharves, bulkheads, barge fleeting and mid-stream ship moorings.

read more › Our Beaumont office offers a full staff of civil, structural, mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation engineers ready to serve the Texas Gulf South region. We also offer field services such as topographic/hydrographic surveying, construction management and vapor control. With area chemical plants and refineries frequently proceeding with major construction projects, the demand for a full service, multi-disciplined engineering firm has never been greater. Our office is located in the center of downtown just minutes from the Port and clients along the Sabine/Neches Waterway.

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