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Predictive Engineering provides finite element analysis consulting services, software, training and support to a broad range of engineering companies. We are experienced simulation engineers that have successfully analyzed and validated hundreds of structures and systems. With more than two decades of experience, we know how to optimize your design and ensure that it will meet your service requirements whether in Aerospace, Marine, Mining, Energy, Automotive, Medical or Consumer Products.

When tackling a tough simulation problem, whether fluid (CFD) or structural (FEA) mechanics, there is very little that beats experience. It is our competitive edge and our differentiator to our clients. Our hard-won experience means that your simulation will be accurate and cost-effective. We'll let our case studies speak for themselves (

Our business is helping our clients build better products from submarines, to ships, to planes and to satellites. Our depth of experience means you will get the right answer with design confidence.

read more › Predictive Engineering provides FEA and CFD consulting services, software, training and support to a broad range of companies. We are experienced simulation engineers that have successfully analyzed and validated hundreds and hundreds of finite element analysis (FEA) projects. With decades of experience in FEA and CFD, we know how to optimize your design to deliver every last bit of performance and to ensure that it will meet your service requirements whether in Aerospace, Marine, Energy, Automotive, Medical or in Consumer Products.

read more › Predictive Engineering brings to bear more than 20 years of finite element analysis FEA consulting experience in solving the most difficult mechanical engineering analysis challenges. Our FEA consulting engineers have direct and validated experience in detailed stress analysis, linear dynamics (normal modes, sin sweep, PSD or seismic analysis), ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 pressure vessel analysis from heat exchangers to NQA-1 nuclear and likewise, from construction to transportation, nonlinear contact analysis for complicated assemblies and plastic thread design, high-power transmissions and gear assemblies, off-shore oil patch winches, top drives, and many other fields.

read more › At Predictive Engineering, we developed our expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting with years of CFD project work in medical, aerospace, marine, HVAC, civil and automotive. Our work has been extensively benchmarked by experiments and in-service testing. Our portfolio of case studies provides hard evidence of our many successful CFD consulting projects: space-based communications equipment, bio-fuel combustion, aerodynamic drag, hydroelectric spillways, dispersed particle flow, data centers, power electronics and HVAC air handling systems, to name just a few.

read more › Predictive Engineering specializes in "design-by-analysis" pressure vessel work following ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 (BPVC) and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Certification codes. We also offer the ability to perform standard ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Rules for the Construction of Pressure Vessels. Our FEA BPVC consultants have successfully completed a broad range of analysis work on hundreds of pressure vessels. These FEA pressure vessel consulting projects cover a wide variety of analyses, from differential thermal-stress analysis of heat exchangers utilizing mixed materials, to stress and fatigue analysis of large-diameter vessels, to analyses of vessels with complex internal structures subjected to sloshing, seismic and added-mass effects or lifting and transportation analyses and transient thermal-fatigue of thick-walled tanks.

read more › LS-DYNA from ANSYS-LST is the world's most advanced general-purpose nonlinear finite element program. It is capable of simulating complex real-world problems, and is widely accepted as the premier analysis software package for today's most challenging engineering applications. At Predictive Engineering, we are longtime experts in LS-DYNA software and can help you buy LS-DYNA and then guide you through the acquisition, licensing, installation, support and in-depth LS-DYNA training. We like to say that we don't sell LS-DYNA but we advocate LS-DYNA to clients where it will make them money.

read more › Our good friends at ANSYS-LST, makers of LS-DYNA, put this list together to present to their customers. We decided we liked it so much, we'd share it as well. Over 85% of Automotive companies worldwide are using LS-DYNA (and increasing with the recent switch of BMW to ANSYS LS-DYNA in 2020). LSTC and its distributors, at no additional fees, offer these methods/developments to be licensed to LS-DYNA global users/customers. 3. Dummy models used in crash simulations, that are developed by dummy manufacturers, are generally developed for LS-DYNA.

read more › George Laird's LS-DYNA Analysis for Structural Mechanics course is the most comprehensive and authoritative source for engineers looking for guidance on how to efficiently and confidently harness the tremendous power of LS-DYNA to solve some of the most complex problems facing engineering today. I can make this statement with confidence, having taken his course three separate times over the years. George evolves the course constantly. He updates his notes to reflect his evolving understanding of LS-DYNA, new approaches and features incorporated by the developers, and comments from previous course students, such as myself.

read more › For those who cannot travel for our hands-on LS-DYNA training, and are currently within the USA or Canada, we have the option of our online training course. This video and workshop-led series provides an overview of the core analysis features used by LS-DYNA to simulate highly nonlinear static and dynamic behavior in engineered structures and systems. Our goal is to provide a self-taught yet realistic foundation toward the practical usage of LS-DYNA, similar to how our team has used it on hundreds of simulation projects.

read more › Here you will find an assortment of FEA white papers and presentations produced by the Predictive Engineering staff on topics such as Fracture Mechanics & FEA, Small Connection Elements, Linear & Nonlinear Buckling Analysis, RBE and Modeling Composites. Response spectrum analysis is widely used for the design and assessment of structures that are subject to earthquakes or shock events. The reason we want to use a response spectrum is that it allows us to analyze transient events (time based events) without having to review hundreds or thousands of results sets.

read more › We have tried to make the questions relevant toward the evaluation of the engineer who has a background in finite element analysis. Saying that, knowing the answers to this quiz doesn't imply that one is capable of building accurate simulations, merely that one is heading in the right direction and has a good sense of humor. If you had one steel and one aluminum cylinder of equal cross-sectional areas (1 sq-in) and both cylinders are loaded with a force of 100 lbf, which cylinder will have the higher stress?

read more › Predictive Engineering works directly with a diverse client base spread across the United States and Canada. Our clients comprise critical industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Marine, Medical, Military & Defense, Rail and everyday Consumer Products. TITAN Metal Fabricators has had the pleasure of working with Predictive Engineering for more than 5 years. Predictive's team team has successfully completed multiple projects with an assortment of Design and Analysis problems, such as odd-geometry vessels and heat exchangers, large temperature gradient effects, and fatigue loading.

read more › At Predictive Engineering, we are proud of the work we do. We are excited that so many big industry names have turned to us for their finite element analysis work. Here you will find a small sample of the projects we've completed over the past two decades. Passing the FAA 16g sled test is no trivial matter for highly optimized aluminum and composite airplane seats. Additionally, getting the anthropomorphic test device (ATD) to behave correctly is also a difficult task in any sled test simulation.

read more › It seems that the decade of 2020 is going to be focused on clean air, whether it is on the street or inside of a building. Even with an academic and experimental background in fatigue analysis, it is daunting to provide a hard, no-nonsense life-cycle prediction. Over the years, we have done a number of satellite analysis projects for commercial and those other government agencies.

read more › Predictive Engineering is a finite element analysis consultancy based in Portland, Oregon. We work with clients across North America, providing consulting services and engineering software, training and support. We strive to exceed client expectations for accuracy, timeliness and knowledge transfer. As such, we are seeking qualified, driven FEA engineers that want to succeed and contribute to a growing company. Predictive Engineering is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage all races and creeds to apply for this position.

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