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A Acoustics As an acoustical engineering and consulting services, we are an omniscient noise control specialist on the ball to meet the needs of our clients residing in populous areas such as in city governments, county governments, and state governments, even in environmental landscapes, mines, schools, hospitals, churches, and the confines of the home.

We are the leading acoustical engineering firm catering to the implementation of noise control solutions for professionals, architects, developers, commercial, homeowners, business, and industries.Our clients also include schools, institutional communities, churches, theaters, and governments of Cities, Counties, States and the Federal. What we are bound to serve-outfitted with our measurement equipments providing comprehensive architectural acoustics evaluation.

We advise in our reports means to silence different types of noises ranging from the simple home, traffic, environmental, and blast. We are troubleshooting technical sound problems such as mechanical, industrial, commercial building, and transportation noise.

read more › You will find below a non-exhaustive list of the areas of expertise covered by the services offered by A ACOUSTICS:. Noise evaluation of potential building sites. The results of this evaluation indicate the degree of noise isolation which should be provided by the building envelope on a particular site. Sound isolation in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; specification of construction materials and methods to meet the targeted acoustical performance. Room geometry and acoustical treatment for music rehearsal halls, studios (film, television, sound recording), auditoriums, dance studios, conference rooms, cinemas, concert halls and theatres.

read more › Special sound isolation measures for exterior walls, windows, doors and roofs often are required for buildings that are exposed to heavy traffic, or are located near trains, airports, or noisy industrial and commercial sites. A Acoustics determines sound isolation requirements by calculating the difference between outside and inside building noise levels. We then make recommendations and specify modifications to reduce the effects of noise. In addition, we evaluate site-generated exterior noise resulting from such factors as rooftop air conditioning systems, cooling towers, and traffic, and recommend solutions that mitigate impacts to the surrounding community.

read more › When a typical Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is well designed, the noises that ultimately reach living and working quarters are made up of a) low-frequency fan noise, b) mid-frequency airflow or turbulence-generated noise caused by a variety of sources within the dueled system, and c) high-frequency damper and diffuse noises. A Acoustics isolates all sources of ducted and radiated sound, calculates the acoustical power of the fan, and determines required duct attenuation.

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