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Terraphase is an environmental consulting company that offers cost-effective solutions to complex environmental and engineering challenges. We apply technical expertise and keen awareness of the regulatory framework to achieve our client's project goals and objectives. The combined talent and experience of Terraphase's engineers, geologists, and scientists form the foundation for a comprehensive environmental management approach.

read more › At Terraphase, we strive to instill health and safety (H&S) as the foundation to every project and make it an integral part of our daily work. Just as our clients demand an exemplary H&S record, we expect ourselves to meet the highest standards. Our commitment to job safety extends beyond our own employees, to our subcontractors, our clients, and the community. The Terraphase H&S Team includes a mix of certified safety professionals and project managers, resulting in a very practical H&S program that follows, and often exceeds, OSHA and industry standards, while still allowing our projects to be run efficiently and cost-effectively.

read more › Terraphase encourages and promotes sustainable operations and business practices. This year we launched our sustainability initiative. The key to understanding our Sustainability Commitment was to initiate an office survey reflective of our employees understanding and daily practices in areas common to one another: resource allocation, energy efficiency and transportation choices. Documenting a baseline is the first step in helping us plan for future improvement through reuse, recycle and renewing of natural resources; reduction in energy reliance; and daily commute practice.

read more › Terraphase has formed a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business joint venture with Sustainable Group, Inc. The Sustainable Group - Terraphase Joint Venture, LLC (SGT JV) provides a wide variety of services including environmental characterization and remediation, engineering design, and construction services. Our experienced team provides a depth of service capable of meeting our clients' environmental and construction needs. SGT JV works together as a cohesive team to execute large and small infrastructure, construction, and remediation projects.

read more › Terraphase's start-up approach offers employees a unique opportunity to work in a collaborative, respectful, entrepreneurial-environment where professional development is key and mentorship is a pivotal function in every day operations. We are always looking for new talent. Terraphase is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to an inclusive & diverse work environment where individual strengths and diverse viewpoints are respected and complement each other to achieve common goals.

read more › Terraphase assists real estate managers and developers with all phases of property development and management, from due diligence, regulatory interaction and permitting, through design and construction management. Our projects have ranged from shopping mall development to redevelopment of major former Navy facilities.

read more › Our team has the depth of experience to handle all of our industrial clients' environmental compliance needs. We understand health-and-safety requirements associated with active industrial facilities and routinely work with facility operators to ensure a safe working environment. Terraphase has successfully implemented technically and logistically complex field projects at busy industrial facilities. These complex projects were implemented in conjunction with our clients' operations. We appreciate and respect our clients' daily activities and work closely with them to minimize disruptions to operations, while completing work in an efficient and safe manner.

read more › Our staff have safely conducted work at power plants, substations, gas compressor stations, gas valve yards, and other facilities where a keen understanding of health and safety protocols is required. Terraphase has provided local permitting and planning, alternatives analyses, cost estimating, and design services for dewatering on construction projects. Our staff work with local agencies to accommodate their constraints while providing multiple alternatives to client project managers for execution.

read more › Terraphase provides assistance with all phases of school site development, from due diligence through construction, including brownfield sites undergoing active soil and groundwater remediation. Terraphase has worked with over 25 California K-14 Districts and charter schools in support of local and state bond programs for new development and modernization projects. We are well-versed in performing work in accordance with California Department of Education (CDE) 2015-16 School Facilities Planning Division (SFPD) requirements including preparation of documents meeting the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) requirements for school property evaluation and cleanup and the Department of the State Architect (DSA) and California Geological Survey (CGS) requirements for geotechnical and geological studies.

read more › Terraphase provides a variety of services to financial and insurance clients, applying our engineering, compliance and environmental expertise on projects ranging from environmental liability valuation for underwriters and merger and acquisitions, to soil and groundwater remediation for insurance claims. Our practitioners have supported a variety of insurance projects, including those involving Pollution Liability, Environmental and General Liability Exposures, Cost Cap Clean-ups, Pollution Legal Liability, Construction, and other insurance products and programs that require environmental and engineering expertise.

read more › Terraphase provides a variety of services to attorneys and law firms to assist their clients with engineering and environmental expertise in projects ranging from environmental management and compliance to enforcement defense, transactional due diligence, and litigation and expert witness support. Our engineering and scientific experts bring experiential knowledge from decades of experience in the field and experience with numerous litigation support projects to inform the strategy, sequence and work product development for law firms nationwide.

read more › Terraphase specializes in the design and application of innovative remedial site investigation approaches, taking into account site-specific conditions, property end-use options, and the goals and objectives of the client. We work with regulators to develop cost-effective investigation approaches to develop plans that fulfill regulatory demands and our clients' needs. Terraphase geologists and engineers have implemented site investigations for properties affected by metals, volatile organic compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, furans, fire retardants, and radionuclides.

read more › Terraphase engineers and geologists have designed and successfully implemented remediation strategies at many sites in California and nationwide. We have assisted our clients in negotiating creative and innovative remediation programs. We work to develop site-specific goals and take into account the life cycle implications of proposed remedial alternatives to reach a successful project conclusion for our clients. Our capacity to approach complex remediation challenges is based on strong technical knowledge of both traditional and innovative remedial technologies and knowledge of federal and California regulations.

read more › Terraphase provides its clients with real estate portfolio and individual site management services, including Phase I and Phase II site assessment services. Terraphase completes non-invasive Phase I Environmental Assessments following standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practices for Phase I Environmental Assessments and EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries rule. Terraphase works on behalf of all parties in real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers and lenders.

read more › Terraphase provides air quality management services to major industries and manufacturing facilities. Led by seasoned professionals, Terraphase specializes in permitting and compliance services. Our air quality management services incorporate all technical aspects of air quality analysis, measurements, permitting, engineering control, and regulatory compliance. Our approach is to support clients in obtaining permits which allow them flexibility to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

read more › Terraphase geotechnical engineers can provide the full gamut of geotechnical engineering services. Terraphase geotechnical engineers have designed foundations for very large structures with unusually large floor loads. We have performed slope stability analyses for natural slopes, man-made slopes, embankment dams and slopes in municipal solid waste landfills. We have designed pre-loads with wick drains to mitigate foundation settlement. Terraphase experts have designed pile foundations for buildings and marine structures.

read more › Terraphase specializes in planning, permitting and designing multidisciplinary projects in aquatic environments. Our experts have implemented these multi-objective projects and restored tidal and freshwater wetland systems. We specialize in developing consensus among stakeholders and regulators to develop creative mitigation projects that have allowed our clients' projects to proceed without interruption. Terraphase engineers and geologists have developed innovative approaches to mitigation for wetland fill projects that have saved our clients millions of dollars in mitigation costs.

read more › Terraphase provides comprehensive stormwater management planning, design and implementation, Clean Water Act/NPDES compliance/permitting support, erosion and sediment control planning/design, as well as watershed management and analysis services. Terraphase routinely works with public and private sector clients to prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), stormwater management plans (SWMPs), watershed management plans and drainage/stormwater treatment infrastructure designs. Our hydrologists and civil/water resource engineers have collaborated to address our clients' stormwater issues during both construction and operations of their developments and facilities.

read more › Children are at the highest risk for experiencing the long-term and adverse effects of lead in drinking water - yet there is no federal law requiring testing for lead in drinking water for schools that receive water from public water systems. As state and federal regulations continue to be in a state of flux, a handful of states have established requirements for testing in preemption to the federal government's role and mandates. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does, however, encourage schools, childcare facilities, states, and water purveyors to implement voluntary lead in drinking water testing programs, and has developed the 3Ts Toolkit: Testing, Training & Telling.

read more › Terraphase engineers have evaluated, designed, and implemented industrial wastewater and groundwater treatment systems at many sites in California and internationally. We have assisted our clients in developing creative and innovative treatment methods and upgraded existing treatment systems. We work to develop cost effective treatment methods that are waste and/or site-specific. Our engineers have the ability to carefully evaluate our clients' problems and provide a long-term solution. In support of treatment systems, Terraphase prepares engineering plans and specifications, obtains necessary permits, provides construction management services, and treatment system operation and maintenance.

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