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AMC Engineers is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in institutional, commercial and residential building system design. At AMC Engineers, people are our ultimate focus. We strive to design safe, comfortable and maintainable high performance building systems for a wide range of facilities, each with specific (and often unique) design challenges.

Our goal is to provide economical, trouble-free building systems, which compliment a building's architectural design. With an acute attention to detail, we strive to create indoor environments with a healthy and refreshing indoor "feel" through efficient circulation of fresh, clean air, consistent and uniform temperature/humidity control, appropriate and inviting lighting choices and subliminal background noise levels.

Our staff of experienced engineers are available to meet any building systems design challenge. Through formal in-house continuing education, engineering specialty certification programs and a long history of diversified project experience, we remain current within a field of ever changing building design and control technology.

read more › Our services begin with pencils down, listening to our clients, to clearly understand their motivation and project goals. Next, we work with our design team to select and apply the most appropriate systems to meet client performance goals and to promote a smooth integration within the projects architectural and structural elements. AMC Engineers is committed to the design of well-engineered and sustainable mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems, supporting the full range of institutional, commercial and residential projects.

read more › Condition surveys assess the physical property conditions and identifies deficiencies and maintenance issues. This information facilitates an informed decision making process for the Owner. We understand that the level of detail that is required varies by project and we tailor the process to meet your specific requirements.

read more › AMC Engineers is experienced in determining where, when, why and how energy is used in a facility, and to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. We will work closely with building owners, staff, maintenance personnel and other key participants to ensure accuracy of data collection and deliver concise recommendations for energy reductions.

read more › AMC Engineers offers a full range of mechanical engineering design and technical support services; assisting our clients from project inception through final construction to meet their diverse goals. Our services continue throughout a facilities lifetime, to include technical operations and maintenance assistance, systems troubleshooting, reprogramming, remodel and retrofit consulting and technical support.

read more › Peer reviews when done properly can mitigate potential for construction claims and result in lower total project costs. AMC Engineers has performed peer review services on numerous projects from large institutional projects and medical facilities to small design build projects. Our experienced team is able to quickly identify improper design, coordination issues and constructability issues.

read more › The design of engineered systems is a field of constant learning. Engineers use the laws of physical science to design a building's systems and predict performance. In reality, many variables change between design and final construction, some known, some unknown. Over time, existing systems may fail, sometimes causing significant property damage, personal injury or even death. Forensics engineering retraces the facts leading up to a failure, identifies the root cause and may provide solutions to prevent reoccurrence and/or improve performance.

read more › AMC always welcomes resumes from qualified engineering professionals and CAD technicians (AutoCAD and REVIT) interested in joining our team. Please email your current resume along with a letter of interest which further describes your abilities, aspirations and availability to

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