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Solsten XP SolstenXP is a project life cycle petroleum engineering and natural resource service company headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. We provide project management, engineering and contracting services for natural resource industries in Alaska and beyond. Our staff routinely plan and execute large projects in challenging environments and we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions to reduce costs, improve safety, save time and enhance project value.

The name SolstenXP is a combination of the word Solsten which is the Nordic translation of "Sunstone" and the suffix letters XP. Early Viking explorers to North America and other north Atlantic mariners used solstens while navigating through thick fog and cloud cover before the advent of the compass (see the recent discovery documenting sunstone use).

At SolstenXP, we too are explorers with a real connection to the sea through our extensive history working offshore. The SolstenXP logo was created immediately after selecting the Company name.

read more › Exploration project management is a core service provided by SolstenXP. We have worked with numerous clients to develop and execute exploration projects with a particular emphasis on remote Arctic and offshore operations. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals has the experience and capability to manage and execute all phases of exploration operations. Depending on specific client needs, we can provide the following suite of services as a comprehensive program, or individual services as required to supplement an operator's team.

read more › Permitting natural resource extraction projects in Alaska is one of SolstenXP's core services. We have permitted exploration drilling and other E&P activities for many companies including Hess Corporation (non-resident operator), ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., Anadarko, TotalFinaElf as well as smaller independent oil and gas companies. We also have extensive in-house experience permitting mineral exploration and mining operations. Our approach is results oriented as we realize that permit acquisition is part of a larger project.

read more › The SolstenXP team has the experience, expertise and capability to manage the most challenging infrastructure and facilities construction projects. SolstenXP has been the project manager for a variety of client companies throughout Alaska for construction projects including ice and gravel road and pads, pipelines, production facilities and decommissioning. Depending on specific client needs, SolstenXP offers a full range of services to achieve the successful completion of infrastructure and facilities construction projects.

read more › When operating in remote and challenging environments, effective management of the project logistics and supply chain can minimize overall cost and contribute greatly to project success. SolstenXP routinely manages procurement, contracting for materials and services, expediting, real-time tracking, transportation, consolidation and staging of materials utilizing our internal resources and sub-contracted partners. Often these projects are located over 100 miles from established infrastructure with severe cost and operational consequences if the project schedule is delayed by a lack of equipment or materials.

read more › SolstenXP provides specialized decommissioning services including well plugging and abandonment, site restoration, platform removal and pipeline abandonment. These services are offered on both turnkey and T&M basis to industry and state and federal agencies. Our approach to this work is particularly results-focused and offers the industry a cost and operationally effective way to discharge the liability of aging suspended wells and infrastructure. To date, SolstenXP has plugged and abandoned over 150 onshore and offshore wells and decommissioned three (3) platforms for industry, all to the satisfaction of the owners and applicable State and Federal agencies.

read more › SolstenXP can evaluate rig systems for exploration or development operations that meet the specific needs of a project and fit into the lowest cost logistical solution to minimize overall well costs. If your operations require an innovative rig solution, SolstenXP can identify cost-effective rig options that are aligned with the operator's objectives. SolstenXP is experienced in the management and operations of the SDC (formerly Canmar SSDC). This vessel is the only remaining Arctic submersible available for drilling exploration wells in the Beaufort Sea.

read more › At SolstenXP, we value our employees above all else. Thus, our commitment to world class Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance is driven by the expectation that all employees are able to return home from work without injury and that our work practices protect the environment. Our experience has shown that an effective HSE system is best driven from the bottom up by empowered employees with full management support and commitment at the top. Continual improvement of our HSE Management System is a major priority at SolstenXP.

read more › Excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance is a core value for SolstenXP and it is the responsibility of every member of the SolstenXP team. We are committed to operate in a safe manner and to protect our employees and the environment while providing cost effective quality services to our clients. We aspire to be a recognized leader in industry operations and HSE performance in the eyes of our employees, contractors, clients, regulatory agencies and the public. Develop, maintain and implement a comprehensive HSE Management Program including: a workplace HSE Program, management systems, guidelines, policies, project specific programs, procedures, training and appropriate support information.

read more › We are an equal opportunity employer that values accountable, honest, and dedicated individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual preference or any other protected class under federal or state law. SolstenXP employs full time contract personnel and project-specific hires to fulfill our clients staffing requirements for a multitude of disciplines. Our staff work for operating companies in the Gulf Coast, West Texas, Rockies, Mid-Continent and Alaska operating theaters.

read more › SolstenXP is a project life cycle service company for the petroleum and natural resource industries in Alaska and beyond. We lead in our field through superior service quality, rapid response, investment in our employees, innovative solutions, community involvement, and operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Our success is measured in the success and satisfaction of our clients, employee development and solid financial performance. With superior service quality, innovative solutions and world class HSE performance, SolstenXP's mission is to support our customers in the development of their natural resource assets.

read more › Jesse Mohrbacher has been President of SolstenXP since 2002. Since then, he has assembled a management team that has substantially grown the company's scope of services offered to industry and associated clients. He began his oilfield career in Anchorage, Alaska working for a large engineering consulting firm prior to being a founding principal of SolstenXP in 1993. His primary focus is new project and organizational development to meet the needs of the company's clients. Mr. Mohrbacher holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

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