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Cost Containment Engineering, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas based Engineering & Consulting firm which specializes in reducing our client's water and energy consumption and costs via a variety of efficiency improvement and conservation techniques, including Predominant Use Studies and utility audits (water, electricity, and/or natural gas) supervised by a licensed professional engineer.

Call 210-722-7278 today for a free consultation regarding our services. Cost Containment Engineering, Inc. (CCE) manages water and energy efficiency programs for a variety of industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental customers. We are a small group of experienced engineers (Principals pictured above, from l to r: David Frashier, Robert Hambright, and David Goodrich).

When appropriate for larger projects and programs, CCE utilizes our network of specialized sub-contractors and consultants to accomplish our clients' objectives. CCE is licensed and registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to provide these engineering services.

read more › Texas Manufacturing Facilities, Food & Beverage Processors, Agricultural, Horticultural & Feedlot Operations, Oil & Gas Operations, Golf Courses, Film & Media Production, Digital TV & Radio Towers, Apartment Properties, Assisted Living & other eligible Texas facilities. Cost Containment Engineering has over 20 years experience performing electricity and natural gas predominant use studies, and providing licensed/registered engineer certification of sales & use tax exemption certificates. We work with both large and small facilities, are cost competitive, professional, ethical, document the work in a manner that can be defended in case of a tax audit, and carry general, professional, worker's comp & automobile liability insurance.

read more › Show your visitors, tenants, prospective tenants and owners that you operate an energy efficient facility. Boost occupancy: Most tenants would prefer to be officed in a "green" building. Our licensed professional engineer can measure the efficiency of your building with the Energy Star tools and certify qualifying buildings for the Energy Star label. Place the Energy Star decal on your front door or display an attractive plaque in your lobby. ENERGY STAR was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help consumers (including business, educational facilities and governmental entitities) easily identify products, homes, and buildings that save energy and money, and help protect the environment.

read more › Cost Containment Engineering, Inc. (CCE) can assist in preparation of water conservation plans and cost reduction programs for apartment properties, commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, water utility companies, municipalities, or other entities desiring to implement water conservation programs. CCE has direct, hands-on experience in the formulation and implementation of water conservation programs for a variety of customers, call us today at 210-722-7278 for a free consultation regarding these services.

read more › Cost Containment Engineering, Inc. recently received a Water Recycle and Reuse Award from the Texas Section of the American Water Works Association for our custom design of a "zero discharge" water treatment and recycle system for the John Deere sales and service facility pictured to the left. Call us at 210-722-7278 to discuss how we might assist you with water recycle and reuse. When servicing their customer's tractors and lawn equipment, the equipment is pressure washed with hot, soapy water at this tractor wash station.

read more › Cost Containment Engineering, Inc. (CCE) can assist San Antonio area developers and business owners in designing and building new commercial facilities at a significantly lower cost. We will also assure that your facility is designed to be energy efficient, reducing longterm operating costs. CCE will act as the Project Manager for a fee of ~ 10% of construction costs vs. a General Contractor who's fees are normally in the range of 20%, saving 10% or more on the total project cost. In this arrangement, CCE fulfills essentially all of the functions of the general contractor, however the various subcontractors involved in the project will actually contract directly with and be paid by the building owner rather than CCE.

read more › San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Commercial Toilet Retrofit Program: From 1998 through 2007, CCE marketed, managed and facilitated the SAWS subsidized retrofit of low flow toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators for reduction of water consumption at all SAWS industrial, commercial and institutional customers' facilities. Approximately 60,000 toilets and 75,000 showerheads were retrofitted, with water savings estimated to be greater than 500 million gallons per year. This 290 unit apartment property is saving about $50,000 per year on their utility costs (water & natural gas) after implementing a CCE managed conservation program.

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