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Since our founding in 1984, JQ has been dedicated to providing reliable, innovative and collaborative solutions to our clients and projects. Our team is founded on creative and interpersonal ideals, embracing a can-do attitude that brings our clients' visions to life. Our firm has grown from providing structural engineering services to our local communities to offering civil engineering, geospatial and facilities performance services throughout the United States.

Our approach of intentional communication, collaboration and commitment puts clients at ease. As a group of creative, engaged and people-focused professionals, JQ strives to exceed expectations.

read more › At JQ, we recognize our staff is the foundation of our success. The JQ leadership team spans across offices, disciplines and departments. No matter their background or geographic location, our team members are united by one common goal: to provide our clients superior engineering and consulting services.

read more › At JQ, we are more than just co-workers; we're a family. As reflected in our mission statement, we share the common goal of "Achieving excellence in the pursuit of a better community." Our team members enjoy an open, fun and collaborative culture that is central to JQ. From company-paid "Days of Service, " to company-sponsored community activities and events, JQ places a high priority on supporting social causes and our employees. Whether we're working against the clock to meet a deadline, giving back or kicking back, making time to lead meaningful lives is at the core of everything we do.

read more › Achieving excellence in the pursuit of a better community can only happen with a team of driven, collaborative and innovative individuals. For the challenges that a career at JQ presents, the personal rewards and the relationships you have the opportunity to develop are second-to-none. With more than three decades of delivering a great place to work and grow in the engineering field, we offer a stimulating work environment with mutual respect from supervisors and peers, diverse project types to develop technical expertise, and opportunities for continual growth both personally and professionally.

read more › Our team provides sustainable, cost-effective designs in compliance with regulatory requirements every step of the way; from project concepts and scope, to design and construction oversight. We serve architects, developers and government agencies with a dedicated staff of civil engineers and support technicians-all united by the common goal of delivering results on time and within budget. JQ's civil engineering design experience encompasses public and private site development, rehabilitation of water and sewage piping systems, traffic impacts and roadway reconstruction.

read more › We offer our complete spectrum of design services when it comes to aviation. Whether you are concerned with infiltrated water damage and prevention, the rigorous expertise and care required for blast prevention and progressive collapse, or the complexities associated with new or expanded facilities, JQ has the answers. Each client and situation is unique and JQ offers the collaborative experience and full array of design services to complement your work and your clients' vision. Our past work includes investigation and restoration, optimized free spanning member design for large open spaces, accommodations for conveyor systems, security and imaging equipment, as well as assessments for anti-terrorism with knowledge from our experience with essential facilities for the US government.

read more › JQ has experience in designing the warm touches and comfortable amenities that give human appeal to commercial projects. Our collaboration with real estate developers and corporate owners often means striking the right balance between comfort and functionality in order to create workspaces and retail outlets that have personality and verve on a budget. We excel at creating solutions to develop a property and protect and maintain its valuable assets, while also accomplishing the designer's vision for a great space in which to work, live and play.

read more › JQ has extensive experience developing cultural centers that help express the soul of each city. These iconic projects require a special commitment from their designers to fulfill the vision of not only their immediate clients, but also the community at large. Through our personal and professional involvement in communities' cultural institutions, JQ continually strives to be an engineering firm that makes a difference.

read more › JQ's facilities assessment team can provide a comprehensive array of diagnostic and engineering services to assist with the evaluation, preservation, renovation, repair, adaptive re-use and/or strengthening of existing facilities. In the early stages of the planning process, our skilled and experienced team guides clients through the assessment process to identify critical building deficiencies, provides realistic and pragmatic facility recommendations, and helps facilitate implementation of selected courses of action.

read more › JQ's experience with government projects runs the gamut from courthouses and administrative centers to libraries, public safety and correctional facilities. Our team is skilled at working with all levels of government to allocate resources wisely and create facilities that are safe, secure and represent the communities in which they are built. We balance the competing demands of program requirements, aesthetic goals, challenging schedules and tight budgets to provide superior value for taxpayer-funded projects.

read more › JQ has broad experience with healthcare facilities ranging in size and complexity from smaller medical offices to large hospital campuses. We provide cost effective structural solutions that consistently achieve goals in patient comfort, vibration control, equipment support and shielding. Our team is adept at working closely with architects to achieve a uniquely inviting space that is comfortable for patients and other users.

read more › JQ takes an extraordinary interest in designing buildings for higher education. Our team is thoughtful about the factors contributing to the longevity of structures serving students into the next century. Our practice provides unique insight into campuses and the goals of their planning departments, and our work is distinguished in this field. JQ has a penchant for delivering cost-effective structural design integrated into the institutional landscape and a philosophy that higher education buildings should be created to accommodate the usage shifts that inevitably occur over time.

read more › JQ is adept at designing architecturally demanding hospitality facilities in large open spaces. Our team has experience engineering complex spaces that span multiple levels and showcase highly visible architectural details. We strive to generate the best possible structural solutions to make each hospitality project a success in form and function.

read more › JQ's multi-disciplinary team supplies focused management and technical expertise to any project. From source water to customer delivery, and from reclaimed water to treated reuse, JQ partners with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to delivering economical and sustaniable projects. Understanding the challenges that field conditions present, system demands, and client needs often evolve, our objective remains focused on meeting development challenges head on. The JQ team is committed to meaningful participation from conceptual design through construction and facility start-up.

read more › JQ has experience designing both public and private schools for dozens of districts. Our team aligns around creating the most facility for the money by working with the district, architect and other consultants to provide the most economical facility while meeting the program requirements. We have a passion for helping to reduce cost through better design and construction documents, while providing a low maintenance building structure and site infrastructure for the client's long-term advantage.

read more › JQ works hard to achieve each client's vision for great places to live and play. We strive to create unique and functional living environments that support aspirations for maximum quality of life. Our expertise comes from a team that is responsive to budgetary constraints, functional needs and sustainability goals.

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