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GEI is a WBE/SBE and HUB Certificated Company with over 40 years experience with water/wastewater plants, electric utility facilities, and large industrial facilities. Grubb Engineering, Inc. (GEI) has provided professional engineering and technical (testing) services to a number of clients locally in Texas, nationally and internationally. The Engineering department provides power system, control, and instrumentation design and is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

The technical services division provides the highest quality power system testing and maintenance and is an Accredited and Full Member of the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA).

read more › GEI is recognized as a leading authority in the design, commissioning and maintenance of low, medium and high voltage electrical power systems as well as instrumentation, control and SCADA system design. GEI has, since its inception, extensive experience with water and wastewater facilities, electric utility facilities and large industrial electrical infrastructure design projects. Grubb Engineering has provided engineering services to a number of electric utility companies. Services have included substation design, transmission line design, distribution line design, acceptance and maintenance testing, and system protection application.

read more › Having displayed her abilities as President and CEO of another services company, the decision was made to let her take Grubb Engineering, Inc. to the next level. She has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the operations of the company. In addition to her ownership responsibilities she is also the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources. Her expert financial management has allowed the Principal Engineer and others to concentrate on the technical aspects of the firm's services, which after all, is the primary end product.

read more › Our technical services division provides the highest quality power systems testing and maintenance. We are an Accredited, Full-Member of the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). GEI offers a wide range of transformer testing including Power Factor, Ultrasonic, PD (Partial Discharge) and oil and gas analysis. Typical transformer testing includes Overall Power Factor and Capacitance, Exciting Current, Leakage Reactance, Transformer Turns Ratio, and DC Winding Resistance. Ultrasonic and PD testing is performed while the transformer is energized, and can detect possible issues before they fail.

read more › Design can be provided for power systems with voltages ranging from 120V (low voltage) to 4160V (medium voltage) and higher voltages. We have experience in commercial, industrial and utility design for existing and new facilities. Design can be provided for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Instrumentation and Control Systems. These systems can provide control and monitoring for pumps, valves, treatment equipment and other process equipment. Instrumentation systems include flowmeters, pressure transmitters, level control equipment, chemical analyzers and much more.

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