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We distinguish ourselves by emphasizing sustainable solutions in solving conventional environmental engineering problems. At the larger scale, we work with clients and partners to plan, design, and implement green infrastructure in a range of applications, from city-wide water resource planning to affordable housing projects. At the building scale, we work with architects and developers to meet local and national regulatory standards in the management, harvesting, and recycling of stormwater and wastewater.

In support of innovative design measures we build our own multi-variable optimization models that weigh real-world costs against regulatory and environmental benefits. Since our founding in 2002, we have built a diverse set of clients which includes public agencies, non-profit organizations, major colleges and universities, homeowners, consulting firms, architects, landscape architects, and community groups in developed and developing countries.

We deliver highly personalized service with frequent client dialog and extensive collaborations within interdisciplinary teams.

read more › EDD has been at the foreground of urban sustainability planning, analysis, and design for over a decade. The firm's extensive experience planning, designing, and analyzing infrastructure systems and natural resources at site, community, and regional scales has generated an impressive portfolio of projects for public, private, and nonprofit clients throughout the globe. A culvert conveys water between two points, but what are the consequences of that piece of infrastructure on the critters and people who live on either end of it?

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