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Founded in 1983, Infra Tech Engineering, LLC (ITE), formally known as Infra Tech Associates, is one of a handful of firms providing comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Highway Design and Construction Management services to the public sector. Headquartered in New York City, The firm currently employs over fifty (50) full-time employees in New York.

The principal and staff of ITE have continually provided professional engineering and consulting services to government and industry for the past several decades. Our major clients include State and local Departments of Transportation, Public Works Departments, and Community Development Agencies.

The firm consists of Civil, Highway, Structural and Traffic Engineers, and Construction Inspectors combining their skills in the study, planning, design, and construction management of transportation facilities such as highways, airports, bridges, railroads, as well as site development, sanitary sewers, storm drainage, street lighting and signal design including ITS/ATMS applications.

read more › The ITE Civil/Transportation Engineering Division is staffed by a nucleus of highly experienced engineers and designers of proven ability. Our key staff includes experienced project managers each having over twenty years of engineering and management experience. Other professional staff are fully trained and experienced in the latest computer-aided design and application techniques. Additionally, we maintain associate relationships with numerous specialty firms whose expertise span environmental assessments, soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering and landscape architecture, etc.

read more › Since the early 1980's, Infra Tech Engineering, LLC (ITE) has served governments, communities and private industry by providing analytical, planning, engineering, construction and contract management services in the field of Traffic and Transportation Engineering. Today, Infra Tech Engineering has offices in New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Infra Tech Engineering currently employs over seventy engineers and other professionals. During the past 5 years, Infra Tech Engineering has provided planning, design, and construction management services for over sixty projects, ranging in construction cost from $1 million to over $150 million.

read more › Known today as Infra Tech Engineering, LLC (ITE) we've grown dramatically, adding new services, new offices and an incredibly talented group of professionals that have expanded our capabilities into an entirely new and dynamic business segment. Mr. Ali has over forty years of domestic and overseas experience in the planning, analysis, design and construction management of infrastructure/transportation projects. As principal and chief executive of Infra Tech Engineering. Mr. Ali formulates the basic policy and guides the growth and direction of the firm.

read more › Transportation planning may be categorized under two broad categories, namely, Transportation System Management (TSM) and Transportation Demand Management (TDM).Our expertise in Transportation Planning covers the entire spectrum of analytical and computer simulation tools used in transportation planning. CORSIMFHWA's micro-simulation tool integrated with NETSIM and FRESIM; simulates real-world traffic by moving individual vehicles across a combined surface street and freeway network. TRAVFU: an output routine that animates the CORSIM runs, thereby providing the statistical output data and graphical interpretation.

read more › Traffic Engineering constitutes the core specialty discipline of Infra Tech Associate's professional practice. The firm offers services both in traditional and high tech areas of traffic engineering. Infra Tech Engineering professionals have worked extensively with the FHWA's computerized Urban Traffic Control System and are well versed with the software such as Passer-II, HCS, TRANPLAN, CORFLO, TRANSYT 7F, AutoCAD, Intergraph Micro station, ArcInfo, etc.

read more › During the past ten years, our structural engineering group has prepared Final Design and PS&E packages for over 30 bridges. Our bridge engineering work includes structural design, construction inspection and management. Typically, the scope of our bridge design work includes Bridge Inspections, Load and Fatigue Ratings, Seismic Analysis and Retrofit, BRPR's Bridge/Deck Inspection Evaluation Reports, Vulnerability Assessments, Preliminary Design and Final Design Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates.

read more › For over 30 years Infra Tech Engineering, LLC has been providing Construction Inspection, Resident Engineering and Con-struction Management Services to its clients. Services include: Construction staging and planning, CMP Scheduling in bridge inspection and rehabilitation and risk analyses associated with all types of construction contracts. We monitor and manage potential for claims and also provide services during any litigations. We employ latest tools and computer technologies to plan, execute and control construction.

read more › Infra Tech Engineering offers project control services, which may form a part of the program/project management services or as a standalone arrangement, as warranted by the needs of a client. Our scheduling engineers use the most comprehensive project tracking software that include Primavera Project Planner (P3*) and SureTrak Project Manager 3.0. For comparatively smaller projects, we use MS Project. For other project management activities, our specialists use commercially available software (Excel, Access), with custom macros and applications to suit the project.

read more › Program management differs from Project Management in the sense that it involves management of a variety of multiple projects, in one management layer. Infra Tech Engineering provides services in the areas of both program and project management. In recent years, Program Management has become an essential part of the scope of large projects, in particular, those financed by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB's). In fact, for the success of large undertakings, efficient program management is a necessary requisite.

read more › Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is comprised of databases of analysed geographic and non-geographic data organized inits own "layer". A GIS is designed to accept geographic or other data from a variety of sources, including maps, satellite photographs, printed text, static or Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys, which is then used in many ways, such as for analysis and planning, engineering, impact assessments, modeling, etc. We can obtain and incorporate information into our GIS databases, from sources such as National Transportation Atlas Databases 1999, U.S. Geographical Survey, Federal and State DOT's, county and municipal planning agencies, GPS surveys, and commercial vendors.

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