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Grant Engineering is a professional services firm that designs, inspects and monitors the construction of buildings and infrastructure. Our mission is to provide public and private clients with consistently outstanding services, so they may reach their own stated goals in construction. We endeavor to be innovative and diligent, creating safe, comfortable and affordable places to live and work.

We work with a growing network of Property Owners, Architects, Developers and Governmental Organizations in the New York Metropolitan area. From single-family homes and retail fit-outs to high-rise residential new-builds, we will help you realize your vision.

read more › GRANT provides thoughtful MEP planning that seamlessly integrates into buildings and enhances operational performance. Using cutting-edge modeling tools allows us to actively design systems to exceed performance goals and simplify implementation. Our licensed mechanical and electrical engineers work directly with the architects, developers and owners. This approach maximizes project potential for our clients, resulting in buildings that are efficient to operate, easy to maintain and environmentally sound.

read more › Our team of environmental engineers apply their expertise to projects spanning from site remediation, wastewater management and pollution controls, to complex public health issues and environmental assessments of proposed structures. Our analyses and solutions are drawn from multiple sources including document research and review of available site records, onsite surveys, detailed soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory evaluation. The collaboration between our LEED Accredited Professionals and our clients ensure that environmental risks are mitigated and project sustainability is maximized.

read more › GRANT's geotechnical team understands how the site's composition will affect proposed design and construction systems. Our experts use hands-on processes in close collaboration with local authorities to uncover soil, groundwater and bedrock conditions, allowing for the optimal management of the design and construction of every project. Our geotechnical services include subsurface explorations; geotechnical analyses and design recommendations. Our team also prepares construction documents and can perform special inspections for any type of site.

read more › Whether building new or renovating, our clients require resilient structures that surpass intense design specifications and stand up to the ever-increasing stress from natural disasters. GRANT's structural expertise covers new construction as well as retrofits and rehabilitation of existing structures in steel, concrete, masonry, wood, engineered lumber and cold formed steel. Our team of experienced structural engineers work with architects, developers, and owners to exceed client design expectations and maximize the structural integrity and performance of each project.

read more › GRANT performs a review of all relevant design plans and, informed by available condition assessments and site visits, develops a monitoring plan. This service includes direction, as applicable, on agency requirements, including the Department of Buildings and Transit Authority, as well as requirements related to local, state or federal historic landmarked structures (TPPN 10/88). GRANT's engineers perform on-site assessments in order to support our clients in determining what may need to be monitored during construction, including existing cracks.

read more › Special inspections are a requirement of the New York City Department of Buildings for the purposes of ensuring contractor compliance with designs and applicable codes. As a licensed Special Inspection Agency (SIA) with Class 1 accreditation, GRANT works on our client's behalf to ensure the final product is built accurately such that it complies with drawings and codes. Our experienced staff is cross-trained and certified in multiple areas of construction inspections to satisfy any project need.

read more › GRANT is seeking an experienced Professional Engineer who is looking for an opportunity to support the growth of this product line and manage staff engineers, for a 15-person engineering firm that is anticipating significant growth over the next two years. This is a great opportunity for someone who has spent their career working towards a leadership position in this field and is interested in greatly influencing the next stage of development of a small business. Under the direct supervision of the firm's Owner and Founder, the Senior Project Manager - Geotechnical Engineer will develop and lead a major division within the firm, including external (existing and target clients) and internal (cross-sell with other Senior Project Managers) marketing, preparation of proposals, client management, project management, and team leadership.

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