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Air Quality Consultants AQC assists our clients in the buying and selling of emission credits for all of California's regional emissions markets, and Cap-and-Trade market. AQCs brokerage services include Emission Reduction Credits (NOx, VOC, PM10, SOx, and CO), greenhouse gas offsets, Cap-and-Trade compliance instruments, and MSERCs. AQC is a full service environmental brokerage and engineering firm providing support to industrial (large and small), commercial, and general clients.

AQC provides compliance support on the full spectrum of environmental issues including consulting and developing emissions market strategies to mitigate risk for our CA clients. Air Quality Consultants Inc. provides comprehensive environmental engineering services to public and private sector clients. AQC's engineers provide permitting, strategic environmental planning, emissions inventory assessment and reporting, air dispersion modeling, and RECLAIM emissions compliance and management.

read more › Air Quality Consultants was founded in 1984 by southern California business owner and operator, Ed Laird. Mr. Laird's view was to assist manufacturing businesses in permitting and compliance reporting to various local, state and federal environmental regulatory agencies. In 1966 the first regulation, Rule 66, was enforced in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). AQC's senior staff members have served in several advisory positions to government regulatory agencies and helped in assessing environmental impacts from various solvent, paint, and coating formulations, and developing emissions rules.

read more › Ed Laird founded AQC in 1984, has over 40 years of experience in the emissions industry as a chemist, coatings manufacturer, and providing environmental services. In addition to being the CEO of AQC since 1984, he is also the founder and CEO of Laird Coatings Corporation (formerly Coatings Resource Corporation - founded in 1976) and was a founder/CEO of two other manufacturing/spray coatings companies, all of which are highly specialized custom coatings companies serving a variety of industrial clients including those in aerospace, automotive, and television sectors.

read more › California's cap-and-trade system is a market based regulation that is aimed to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) from entities that exceed 25,000 metric tons for CO2e within any given year. Currently the cap will decline approximately 3 percent each year beginning in 2013. As a market based system, the ability to trade allowances and offsets presents several opportunities for compliance entities to manage and hedge their compliance position. AQC has engineers on staff that are ARB certified and can provide annual verification services that are required by the ARB for compliance entities.

read more › A carbon offset is a measurable avoidance, reduction, or sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gas emissions. A carbon offset is made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. Carbon offsets are measured in metric tons. Therefore, one carbon offset equals one metric ton of carbon dioxide reduction. The voluntary offset market refers to all voluntary sales and purchases of carbon credit which are mostly project-based emission reduction credits. There is a wide range of voluntary transactions that make up the voluntary market that is not driven by an emission cap.

read more › Air Quality Consultants' staff has assisted our clients in the Buying and Selling of Emission Reduction Credits in every air district in California. Additionally, AQC assists our clients in evaluating their emission assets, and determining the ERC value during closure, placement of abatement technology, and asset relocation. Beginning in 1970, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Act resulted in the development of federal and state regulations to limit emissions from both stationary (industrial) sources and mobile sources.

read more › RECLAIM was implemented to encourage companies to reduce their sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions faster than traditional methods. The RECLAIM program allows participating facilities/ companies to trade air pollution as they attempt to meet their clean air goals. Companies whose yearly emissions exceed 4 tons a year were automatically entered into the RECLAIM program. RECLAIM currently has 350 facilities that are in the nitrogen oxide or NOx market and 40 facilities that are in the sulfur oxide or SOx market.

read more › Air Quality Consultant's staff can assist our clients in calculating their emissions and procuring the MSERCs that are needed. Under the SCAQMD, Rule 2202 has been established to reduce emissions from mobile sources. This allows employers to choose from a list of options to implement and meet their emission reduction target (ERT) for their worksite. One emission reduction strategy employers can choose from is Mobile Source Emission Reduction Credits (MSERCs). Employers can elect to use MSERCs in accordance with Regulation XVI - Mobile Source Offset Programs.

read more › The creators of the DOS versions of VOC-CALCTM and TOX-CALCTM are proud to introduce VOC-CALCTM plus for Windows. Developed by environmental engineers & programmers, VOC-CALCTM plus combines the features of both DOS versions with today's technology for a state of the art, user-friendly software package. VOC-CALCTM plus for Windows was developed for companies seeking to efficiently monitor and record their compliance with environmental regulations. VOC tracking is now a national requirement for companies using products containing substances that adversely affect our atmosphere, making VOC-CALCTM plus for Windows a valuable asset for companies of all sizes.

read more › ERC or the Emission Reduction Credit Program is a program throughout the state of Texas which allows participants to generate credits by creating permanent emission reductions from stationary, area, and mobile sources in non-attainment areas. The ERC program provides participants flexibility in complying with various federal and state air regulations.

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