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Florida Engineering & Construction Management We are a professional team of General Contractors and Roofing Contractors. We offer an array of services including drawing plans, building the structure, inspecting the structure upon completion, and eveything in between! We service the areas of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. We are a team of Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, AND Roofing Contractors, which means we can draw the plans and start building the project right away!

And because all of our work is permitted and approved by the County, you wont have to worry about receiving violations or fees from the County. Wheather you're buying a new home, or need a simple Mold Inspection, we can provide all types of inspections. Our Licensed Home Inspectors will provide a computer generated 30 page report just for you.

read more › We are centrally located in Miami, FL and have been serving the South Florida community proudly with excellent quality service and assurance at an unbeatable and aggressive price. At Dade Home Inspections we deliver high quality services and commitment results. We strive to provide the best for your home or business with an emphasis on customer satisfaction guaranteed. We are a team of state certified architects and engineers and provide an array of services to all of South Florida. Our number one goal is to understand and ensure our customer's best interest.

read more › We take pride in our work, and all of our services are of great quality and precision. Our job is to help you with any aspect of your project. Whether that "project" is a simple Home Inspection, or a full-blown home construction project. We are here to help YOU. Because of this, client satisfaction is our top priority. Please feel free to browse around our site, and if you have any quesitons, don't hesitate to contact us.

read more › Architectural plans are the first step to any successful construction. We'll work with you to draw accurate, complete and understandable plans, and when we're done we'll take the time to explain the plans so you can verify that your project will be done exactly to your specifications - taking time to review the plans at the beginning of the project means no expensive reconstruction and delays later. When you see the finished architectural plans, you'll see that they reflect exactly what you want - no cookie-cutter plans, no cutting corners and no hiding behind technical mumbo-jumbo.

read more › Do you have a general picture of what type of house you want, but you can't yet put it all together? Our professional Architects can assist you in creating a design suitable for your specific tastes. We'll work WITH you, not just for you. So you can be proud of your new home knowing that you helped design it.

read more › Before any construction, a proper site design is needed. You may have the best looking home, but if the area around doesn't match up - like a improperly placed sewer, the home as a whole won't be complete. Sometimes people want to add a Swimming Pool to the back of their home AFTER the home was built. Even though we can add a swimming pool after the home has already been constructed, it is much easier and affordable to add the pool to the original Site Design.

read more › Dreaming of a new kitchen? Need an extra bedroom or bathroom? How about an actual office instead of a desk in the corner? Whatever you want or need, we can build it. We can help with the whole project, from drawing blueprints to construction to plumbing and wiring. No job is too big or too small, and your addition will be custom created so that it's exactly what you need. When we're done, you'll be proud to show your addition to your friends and family - and you'll wonder what you did without the extra space!

read more › It doesn't matter if you need to build a shed behind your home, or build a completely new home. We can help you do it all! We are General Contractors and Roofing Contractors so we can build any project your heart desires. All of our work is always permitted by the County and inspected by professional licensed and experienced inspectors.

read more › Your roof protects your home, and it's one of the main features people see when they pull up. Your roof needs to be functional as well as beautiful, and we'll make sure it meets all your needs. We have experience with flat or gabled shingle, tile, metal and clay roofs. Roof repairs can't be trusted to just anyone, and we are the right choice. We'll do neat, fast and professional work. Every time you look up, you'll be proud of your roof.

read more › Is your ceiling leaking? Well here's the bad news : The fact that the water has gone through your ceiling means you've had that leak for much longer than you might think! When water seeps through the Tiles (or Shingles) on your roof, the next barrier of protection you have is the 90-pound paper (Usually the black paper under the Tiles or Shingles). Then, considering you don't have a SWB (Secondary Water Barrier), the next thing the water reaches is the decking. The water stays in the decking for a bit longer, rotting the wood, and then seeps through the decking to your attic.

read more › Your kitchen can be the focal point of your home - the gathering place for after-school snacks and family meals, as well as the entertainment hub for holiday or casual gatherings. Don't suffer with a kitchen you don't love - let us work with you to create the kitchen you want! We can install professional appliances, custom cabinets, recessed lighting, granite countertops. The percentage of American families who owned a mechanical refrigerator jumped from 44 to 80 percent between 1940 and 1950.

read more › The bathroom can be a daily battle. Wouldn't your day be less stressful if you had an extra place to shower, brush your teeth and apply make-up? Make that a reality with a custom bathroom by us. No matter your space or budget, we can make a bathroom you and your family will love. You'll have enough showers, sinks and outlets to simplify your life, and you'll have one less thing to argue about each day. Isn't that worth a call? As always, we can help you with every phase of your project, and when we're done it will be exactly what you want.

read more › Having a clean, modern living room can releive some stress from the last-minute-cleanup sessions we all have before a guest shows up. Your living room are is essential part of your home, and it's where your family gets together as a family. Our designer will listen to your requests as they build the living room, so you'll have a living room your whole family will love. The average sofa puts up with children jumping up and down on it 587 times during its lifetime. The Norwalk virus or Norovirus (the virus that causes the stomach flu) can survive on an uncleaned carpet for a month or more.

read more › Even though we mainly focus on construction, demolition is an essential part of our job. Sometimes handymen that were previously hired to do a job leave a mess or did the job wrong. Because of this, we have to clean up the mess they left. Usually that involves demolishing their work and re-installing it in a professional way. Unlike the handymen, when we demolish something we don't just leave the debri there, we clean it up and dispose of it properly. NOT throw it in the crawlspace like most contractors or handymen do.

read more › Florida is a very hot state! Its becoming more and more common for every home to have a pool in the back - and for good reason! The highest recorded temperature in Florida was 109 °F! There's nothing better than coming home and relaxing in your brand new pool. Let us make that happen by installing your brand new, refreshing pool!

read more › Damage to your home can be scary. We can't undo the damage, but we can take the hassle out of fixing it. The repairs will be seamless and lasting. After we assess the damage we'll tell you how long it will take and how much it will cost, and our experienced contractors will work with your insurance company so you won't have to. When it's an emergency your repairs will be done quickly, but in our case fast doesn't equal bad. It's never easy to deal with repairs, but we can make it easier. Once you've decided to renovate your home, you have a lot to deal with - plans, contractors, electrical, etc.

read more › Are you tired of your the same color walls? Consider painting your walls. Our professional painting contractors with years of experience will paint your home any color you want. And without the mess! Oil-based paint itself is flammable because it contains petroleum distillates, a fancy word for paint thinner. Latex paint is water-based, meaning it thins and cleans up with water (no paint thinner required).

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