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Get your product to market faster with expert inventor help. We provide a full suite of end-to-end product design services, including ideation, prototyping, engineering, packaging, and manufacturing. Prototype House is a North American product development firm based in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. Our product development services bridge the gap between design, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing.

If you're an entrepreneur or inventor, we will guide you through the product development process to bring your idea to life. Whether it's engineering a mechanism, developing a prototype, designing retail packaging, or gearing up for manufacturing- Prototype House is here for you! Prototype House understands the challenges in getting a start-up off the ground and the difficulties that a sole entrepreneurs face.

Inventors turn to Prototype House as a valuable resource, as we can help with your product's design, engineering, prototyping, packaging, branding, and manufacturing. We can also help get you ready for your next pitch.

read more › Prototype House was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida, with additional offices in Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota. Prototype House has set new standards for product development and is the premier choice for inventors, startups, and brands seeking product development, prototyping, packaging design, 3D CAD engineering, and manufacturing services. Our team will be your trusted partner from the time of your initial "product idea" all the way through production with a major custom manufacturer.

read more › Once your product is ready for manufacturing, Prototype House is here to get you on the right path! Our skill set is proven by client testimonials and even other firms sending clients to us for manufacturing guidance. We connect you directly with our manufacturing partners to begin tooling, logistics set up, and certifications. The fact is that manufacturing can be a dream or a nightmare, as it is a complex process with very little margin for error. At Prototype House, we not only establish your manufacturing with a reputable factory, but we do so with the need for packaging and shipping in mind.

read more › Your specific design and development process will vary from those we have done in the past. Costs are based entirely on the complexity and requirements of your project. To determine what requirements are involved Prototype House will map a process built on design, technology and market research. By identifying your needs and those of the concept, we will generate a proper quote for your concept. Each quote includes a signed NDA, project brief, timescales and a detailed cost-breakdown. No, We will help you along the way to build a stronger patent, by building in features & benefits and providing you with detailed patent drawings.

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