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Gain support and confidence by working with a leading specialty consulting firm for a diverse range of engineering and testing services. From design analysis for special structures to noise and vibration control for sensitive locations, find expert advice and long-term success with ESI Engineering.

From contributing to the designs behind life-saving facilities to laying a sometimes literal foundation for structures that will help test and create next-generation technologies, ESI Engineering joins you at the forefront of your field as an encouraging and empowering partner.Strive for innovation by leveraging decades of experience in structural design for special applications.

All projects from small to large can benefit from advanced structural analysis and design. ESI's engineers have been instrumental in the design of special structures such as research laboratory strong walls and strong floors, automotive vehicle simulators, seismic masses, high-force reaction frames, nuclear fuel handling equipment, and conveyor and transport structures.

read more › When it comes to software and technology, it's often assumed that new is better. At ESI, we're thrilled every time we can get our hands on the latest and greatest new programs and tools. Our specialty engineers excel at learning and adapting to each generation of new technology and using it to its fullest potential. While we enjoy these modern capabilities, we also understand the importance of building on a strong foundation. ESI's early years were devoted to structural analysis and design. Soon, the software included other applications for project scheduling and cost tracking.

read more › ESI Engineering is a Minnesota-based engineering consultancy that has provided design of special structures, vibration and noise control, acoustics, and monitoring services for over 50 years. Architectural offices, world-class developers and contractors, Fortune 500 companies, building owners, and industrial manufacturers are represented in the diverse range of clients looking for special expertise in our focus areas. Solve real world engineering problems through precise, innovative designs that are optimized for both contractors and owners.

read more › Explore our services and connect with us to hear more about our approach to your unique project. ESI Engineering is your full-service partner for specialty engineering in the areas of structural design and analysis, vibration control and measurement, noise control and measurement, vibration monitoring, mechanical finite element analysis (FEA), and more. When you engage with ESI on a project, you'll enter into a dynamic and perceptive process where technical engineering, cutting edge technology, and bright experts come together to collaborate for your success.

read more › Bringing broad leadership experience and management skills, Tony has served as the principal of ESI since 2013. Diverse experience across all aspects of vibration and noise control allows him to support his clients with clever solutions to their engineering problems. As one of our experts in structures, dynamics, and vibration, Carl's unique knowledge benefits the ESI team in creating technical solutions for our clients. His focus on discovery and achieving best results makes him a partner our clients rely on.

read more › Discover structural design and analysis services for a wide spectrum of projects ranging from specialized support on "mega projects" to small structures requiring unique expertise. Architects, engineers, industrial clients, and owners alike benefit from expert design and engineering consulting for special structures, dynamic analysis, and unique equipment foundations. Leverage our broad range of qualifications in advanced analysis, structural design, and foundation engineering to ensure a successful project.

read more › Increase research accuracy, protect critical equipment, and improve living and working environments with precise vibration measurement and control services. Providing specialized consulting engineering services to architects, building owners, and industry leaders, ESI Engineering offers experience in vibration measurements, instrumentation, and signal analysis - particularly low amplitude measurements - for the most sensitive environments. Gain solutions to vibration related problems by working with an expert team using the latest analysis methods and computer simulation tools.

read more › Create quiet spaces that allow for comfort, accuracy, and productivity with specialized noise assessment and room acoustics services. Architect and engineering firms, building owners, and contractors benefit from crucial noise control and measurement capabilities. Rely on our broad range of qualifications and a staff that is well versed in the many important aspects of analysis, instrumentation, signal analysis, and modern acoustical solutions to meet your architectural vision. Noise measurements are one of our core competencies.

read more › Proactively monitor vibration where construction is taking place in close proximity to sensitive equipment and processes. State-of-the-art vibration monitoring services from ESI Engineering give contractors, engineers, and owners peace of mind at sensitive sites where data is required over long durations such as days, weeks, or even months. When vibration exceeds specified limits, stakeholders are alerted immediately via computer or smartphone so corrective action can be taken. Low amplitude measurements can be made for the most sensitive criteria in acceleration, velocity, 1/3 octave band, RMS and peak particle velocity (PPV) units.

read more › Gain insight into practical, cost effective solutions that are driven by your unique requirements. Improve the design and reliability of products and equipment for diverse industries including manufacturing, consumer products, power generation, medical, water treatment, transportation, and mining with ESI Engineering's integrated mechanical finite element analysis (FEA) services. Optimization of material selection, dimensions, configuration, and connections by computer simulation has the ability to significantly streamline the design process by learning about product behavior prior to production.

read more › ESI Engineering served as the vibration consultant to the design team for the new Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. ESI Engineering was the lead acoustic consultant to the design team for the new Prime Therapeutics Headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota. ESI was part of RSP Architects' design team as the acoustical consultant for the new InterContinental Minneapolis Airport Hotel. This cross-disciplinary project shows how ESI can be critical part of developing your new manufacturing line.

read more › We are sad to share the news of the recent passing of one of our firm partners, R. Barry Whiteaker. Congratulations to Ryan Skoug of ESI Engineering on attaining the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) Board Certification in Acoustics and Noise Control! ACI recently published SP-348, Foundations for Dynamic Equipment, edited by Dr. Carl Nelson, Consulting Engineer at ESI Engineering and member of ACI Committee 351-Foundations for Equipment and Machinery. Ryan Skoug of ESI Engineering just returned from San Diego, California where he was an invited presenter at the 2019 Fall Conference of the Acoustical Society of America for the session on "Sound Transmission and Impact Noise in Buildings".

read more › Whether you just have a brief question or you are faced with an unexpected or complex challenge, find support at ESI Engineering. Our specialty engineers take the time to understand your unique requirements and goals to give you the best possible solution. Find client-focused support for projects involving structural design and analysis, vibration and noise control, mechanical FEA (finite element analysis), measurements, or other specialty engineering needs. We meet you wherever you are in your project, from initial design and planning to post-occupancy monitoring.

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