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The central theme of today's technological landscape is collaboration. Few companies can afford to do everything, and collaborating with an experienced specialist is essential. For your automation controls partner, choose Hallfield Controls Inc. Since 2009, we've been providing customers across the Midwest and beyond with outstanding solutions. We've worked with a variety of markets and industries to design and implement effective, technologically advanced controls applications.

Our core services center on controls, but we have a talented team that includes experts in a broad range of high-tech services. We'll customize our solutions to meet your needs.

read more › Located in the Minneapolis near customers in need of highly trained, experienced control engineers. In the spring of 2009, Hallfield Controls was formed by a sales and controls engineer as a small, locally owned start-up business. Since then, Hallfield Controls has grown to a company made up of 10 full-time and several part-time designers, engineers, technicians, and assemblers spread out along the I-94 Corridor between Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN and St. Cloud, MN. Our manufacturing shop is centrally located in Big Lake, MN.

read more › Hallfield Controls is an electrical engineering controls-driven company. Although our core services are geared toward the controls world, our customers' projects allow us to explore outside that mold. It can be hard to find people that check all the requirement checkboxes, and we pride ourselves in being able to pick up and run with those boxes on the list that we might not have as much experience providing. Through that, we grow and our customers get the service they need. To date, we've provided the following categories of services to our customers.

read more › As a controls group first and foremost, Hallfield Controls has extensive experience in industrial automation. We got our start assisting customers with automation projects, and we have developed a full line of services geared toward every aspect of the industry. As a group driven by engineering and design, we have extensive experience adhering to the applicable requirements. In addition to regulations, Hallfield Controls incorporates safety into every control system we design. On top of our engineering and design capabilities, Hallfield Controls has very extensive programming experience - specifically, PLC / HMI programming.

read more › On par with Hallfield Controls' industrial automation experience is our fluid control system experience. Hallfield Controls has over 30 years of combined experience engineering fluid control systems. We have designed and built automated fluid systems for many different markets and have a strong background in aerospace and defense as well as test and measurements markets. We are equally comfortable working with either gas or hydraulic systems and have created hydraulic test stands up to 60,000 psig and pneumatic stands from vacuum to 20,000 psig.

read more › For Hallfield Controls, test and measurement is a specialized market that is closely related to the other markets we serve. What distinguishes this market from others is that measurement, data management, and reporting matter as much as the process. With every measurement, we need to consider the accuracy and traceability of the sensors and hardware as well as the mechanism for data collection. It can be as simple as using a PLC or PC to capture individual data points and slow-moving transients to using data acquisition hardware such as National Instruments for high-speed transients.

read more › Hallfield Controls is involved with the aerospace and defense market in a few different ways. Our strongest background is in building test and measurement equipment to support design processes, production testing, and certification. This equipment tends to be built from a set of strict specifications that are either entirely written by our customers or developed together in a joint-venture situation depending on whether customers need our specialized expertise to determine appropriate methods. We began in this market with our fluid and control systems market and we have since expanded.

read more › Hallfield Controls is an engineering-driven company, with many of our other services supporting that engineering role. With our core controls competency, we specialize in the integration of off-the-shelf components of all form, fit, and function. We strive to develop every electrical system to the standards that govern our customers' markets. Part of our engineering and design services includes a standard documentation set. We understand that contracting a company can be extremely beneficial but also risky - it can be hard to find good help.

read more › As the world becomes more and more computerized, it's hard to find a controls application that doesn't require some level of programming. Because of this, programming has become Hallfield Controls' core competency. Whether we are programming a system we have designed or helping a customer with theirs, we've been involving with more programming applications than we can count. The bulk of our applications are PLC-based programs, but we also work on a few PC-based solutions or the occasional embedded processor project each year.

read more › Hallfield Controls has a small manufacturing facility in Big Lake, MN for custom enclosed UL508A-listed industrial control panels and control wiring systems. Because we offer electrical design, industrial control panel fabrication, installation details, PLC programming, and field wiring services, we ensure that our customers get consistent performance at a one-stop shop. Every industrial control panel that our facility produces makes installation, service, and maintenance easy and efficient. We handle everything involved in the process and can meet tight performance, schedule, and cost milestones.

read more › You can rely on Hallfield Controls to provide commissioning and field service that complements our other areas of expertise. On the front end, our field services help you with out-of-the-blue hardware failures, as well as provide assistance with small on-site project work to further develop initial customer relationships. On the tail end, we include commissioning time to provide power-up, site acceptance, and final debug and troubleshooting of the systems we've helped engineer and program. You can learn more about our personalized commissioning and field service by calling us today at 763-360-9875.

read more › Due to our veteran experience in controls, one of the unique services we've been able to offer recently is education and training. As the old guard is giving way to the new, we've had several opportunities to help train engineers and designers. Traditional education typically involves sending personnel to generic training such as AutoDesk's AutoCAD Electrical training, a supplier's NEC or UL-related seminar, or a PLC supplier's programming classes. This training can be beneficial, but it does not always directly relate to an employee's application or projects.

read more › Customers come to Hallfield Controls for many different reasons. The services we offer only answer half the question - when combined with scope, we add depth to our service descriptions. This aspect is important to us because it is in keeping with our core philosophy of being the resource our customers require at the level they request. From the perspective of time frame, we have helped customers with projects as small as a 4-hour service call to projects as complex as assisting with machine repair, commissioning a piece of hardware, or brainstorming ideas.

read more › Hallfield Controls has experience with a broad range of technologies stemming from the experience of our employees and the application diversity our customers bring to the table. Because customers rarely come with a blank slate, initial conversations often include the question, "what are you planning to use?" This question is fundamental to our core belief that the task at hand is more important than a specific resource's capability. If we don't already know it, we'll learn it. The below-described technologies are a good representation of our experience but are not completely inclusive - this list will continue to develop.

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