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Our outstanding wellsite consulting personnel provide our clients with timely technical observations and experience-based solutions to. With a core staff of engineers supporting top-notch operating personnel and exceptional geological, land and accounting back-office. From drilling to completion to production, our engineers have the depth of experience to keep the pressure in the well and off of you.

Full scale planning and management of the water lifecycle to minimize your risks and expand your opportunities. Basin Engineering is an oil field engineering and operations consulting firm with home offices in Oklahoma City. Our firm has extensive experience in basins throughout the US, and several international locations.

read more › Basin Engineering was formed in 1995 to provide high quality, experienced drilling, completion and production engineering and well-site services. We pride ourselves in retaining only the best talent, and know that our personnel set Basin apart from other firms. Each of our principals come from the ranks of oil and gas operating companies where they received extensive operations experience and managed the associated financial responsibilities. We understand the needs of our clients.

read more › Our operator-based background enables us to assist Basin clients with knowledge and understanding that only comes from "sitting on the operator's side of the desk". To date, Basin Engineering has worked for dozens of clients from multinational oil companies to small independent producers who operate only a handful of wells. We have managed large drilling budgets on technically challenging, deep, high-pressured, and horizontal wells as well as shallow, vertical wells that may only take a few days to drill and complete.

read more › His operations experience encompasses properties in the Permian, Mid-Continent, South Texas, Rocky Mountain and Appalachian Basins. In addition, Travis worked in the corporate planning/development and corporate technology teams for Range, and he provided production engineering support for Ascent's unconventional wells located in the Utica Point Pleasant area and numerous Marcellus Shale operations. Travis graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering in 2009 and is a published and awarded SPE author.

read more › With a core staff of registered professional engineers and degreed petroleum engineers supporting top-notch well site consultants, Basin provides full service planning and execution. Basin harnesses its experience as a premier service provider to anticipate most any need of our clients. Our principals have extensive managerial & engineering experience with all facets of operations, reservoir engineering, contract operations, geology, accounting, legal, HR and HSE. Basin Engineering has valuable experience in many different basins including the Anadarko, Arkoma, Permian, Marcellus / Utica, Rockies, Gulf Coast, offshore and international interests.

read more › We can provide as much or as little oversight as the customer desires from simply supplying outstanding wellsite consultants reporting directly to the client to complete contract operations where we handle all aspects of drilling, completion and production. Our principals have extensive managerial & engineering experience with all facets of operations, reservoir engineering, contract operations, geology, accounting, legal, HR and HSE. Basin harnesses its experience as a premier service provider to anticipate most any need of our clients.

read more › Prior to 1995, he held key officer and management positions at various oil and gas operating companies including AnSon Corporation, Enron Oil & Gas (now EOG Resources), BP America, and Conoco. Mr. Northcutt attended Texas Tech University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Craig is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Oklahoma and Texas and is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association. He also serves on the board of the Mid-Continent Oilmen's Golf Tournament.

read more › From initial well planning through operations oversight to project completion, our established proficiency in drilling, completion and production operations increase value through efficient methodologies, custom designed implementation and effective cost control. Basin engineers are recognized as experts in numerous regulatory and legal jurisdictions. Our counsel and inclusion is sought on engineering and operational projects for numerous clients. With multidisciplinary support staff, Basin can completely assist its clients in acquisition/divestiture analysis, due diligence and potential upside drilling locations.

read more › From traditional to unconventional drilling, operators and investors rely on Basin Engineering to make their lives easier and their projects more successful. Some of our clients see us as experienced guides to help them navigate new or unfamiliar basins. Others turn to us for onsite execution, preferring to leverage high quality, turnkey talent for a limited venture instead of expanding permanent internal staff. Ultimately, the results are what keep our clients coming back to Basin Engineering time and again.

read more › As the energy markets evolve, operators and investors alike are focused on optimizing operational economics to achieve superior results from every opportunity. Basin Engineering is uniquely positioned to deliver on-demand staff augmentation for your projects, so you can minimize overhead and optimize return. Our team of completion engineers, consultants and supervisors are able to assist with all aspects of the workover and completion process for vertical and horizontal wells including chemical enhancement, hydraulic fracturing, preparation, cost management, running tubing, frac strings and casing to name a few.

read more › The Basin team approaches production projects with the mindset of increasing production while minimizing lifting costs. From initial analysis to well bore intervention and everything in between, the Basin team is ready to assist you with your production project. While every Basin engineer, consultant and supervisor brings vast experience to your project, each serves as a gateway to the collective knowledge base of the entire Basin Engineering organization. Every day Travis answers calls that start with "Whad'ya think about."

read more › Whether you are buying or selling mineral assets, a key component of valuation is tied to the viable in-ground reserves. Operators and investors rely upon Basin Engineering to assist with many facets of reservoir engineering for their projects. Project assistance includes estimating the size of the reservoir, analyzing the amount of oil and gas in the reservoir, and modeling the economic opportunity of the reserves. Basin is able to provide unbiased, objective analysis and valuation using multiple methodologies to evaluate developed and undeveloped reserves.

read more › Our outstanding wellsite consulting personnel provide our clients with timely technical observations and experience-based solutions to minimize costs and expedite the operations processes. Each staff member is scrutinized, evaluated and selected by Basin principals based on several parameters including work history, prior personnel management experience, industry reference referrals and background checks. Most applicants will not be Basin caliber - we accept only the top performers. In return, Basin provides its personnel with competitive compensation and the historically-based knowledge that our clients prefer Basin personnel because they know the quality of our wellsite personnel.

read more › Basin Engineering personnel are highly experienced professionals with extensive operations knowledge. We serve small start-up energy firms with minimal or no operating staff to major oil and gas companies looking to lower costs and increase efficiencies and production. We have the infrastructure to handle as much oversight and management as our clients deem necessary - from full contract operations to providing superior wellsite personnel to assist in achieving your objectives. Welcome to the new paradigm in oilfield contract operations, Basin Engineering is your full-service oilfield concierge.

read more › Water is an integral part of drilling and completion projects and is commanding a growing amount of attention and discussion. Whether you need water for fracturing operations or you need to remove produced water, Basin Engineering has the experience to help you plan and implement an economically and environmentally viable solution for your project. Supply and demand of water for fracturing operations varies significantly between basins. Some basins require more water supply while others produce ample water that requires treatment before reuse.

read more › Basin Engineering is an elite team of professionals dedicated to the success of our clients. We take great care to ensure all team members are adequately supported and compensated. We are always looking for the highest quality Wellsite Consultants. Please understand that our selection process is very rigorous and methodical. We are very careful to only hire the best performers in the industry. Watch your career advance with Basin Engineering's quality organization and work with exceptional team members.

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