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We are a team of designers and engineers who love to tackle the most challenging tasks in creative ways. Our deep history of commercially successful products and variety of experience is the library we draw from to solve your toughest business challenges. We look for solutions that work perfectly for you, your organization, and your customers.

Whether you contract us to complete one piece of your puzzle or partner with us on a full development program, we always think big picture and design beautiful solutions that work in the real world.Give us a chance and we will amaze you. The process used to development new and innovative products can be extremely repeatable even when the objects designed, engineered, and manufactured are vastly different.

Our roots began at the beginning of the process where choices can be extremely subjective. Over the course of developing hundreds of different products, we continued to dive deeper into the later and more objective phases of product development and execution.

read more › The maxwell|june shaving system combines the style, quality and frugality of a traditional safety razor with the ease and performance of a multi-blade disposable cartridge. Many shaving enthusiasts argue the DE (double edge) Safety Razor Blade provides the closest shave, but the learned technique and user precision required is intimidating. We have developed a patent pending head design that, when used with our loading press, can convert almost any DE Safety Razor Blade into a two-blade cartridge style razor with minimal handling and no plastic waste.

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