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Worley We have 48,000 of the world's brightest minds in energy, chemicals and resources, all working to deliver a more sustainable world. We are a worldwide team of consultants, engineers, construction workers and data scientists all with one thing in common: we love to be challenged. Every day, we come to work to solve the complexity of the energy, chemicals and resources sectors.

Over the past 12 months our network has grown. This brings an even greater responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. We work with our customers, their consumers and local communities to build a better tomorrow. And we put sustainability at the heart of everything, whether we're helping customers improve their assets or preparing them for the next chapter of the energy transition.

By recognizing people's talents, experience and potential, we foster a diverse workplace where we look out for one another. A culture where we care about the environment and the communities in which we work. And where we use our skills, expertise and judgement to keep everyone - our people, customers and communities - safe.

read more › Our ideas have switched on the lights in a million Kenyan homes. They've provided fresh drinking water to local communities and transformed waste products into clean energy. We deliver projects and provide engineering, procurement and construction expertise to the upstream, midstream, chemicals, power, and mining and minerals sectors. Thanks to our range of services and the scope of our expertise, we work with our customers at every stage of their project: from initial concepts to sustaining and enhancing their assets.

read more › Over the years, we've grown our capability and footprint through the acquisition of an incredible collection of companies. Our heritage and the relationships we've built over the last 100+ years are very important to us. We have achieved a lot in the last century and we are excited for the next. Chas T. Main, an engineering company specializing in water and steam power, is founded in the United States. Ralph M. Parsons Company forms, later known as Parsons E&C Corporation, providing process engineering, facility design, construction services and operated various jet propulsion facilities across nuclear, chemical and heavy fuels.

read more › Our values will guide, align and stretch our people. They represent the behaviors and standards we believe are fundamental for the right culture that underpins successful business outcomes. We believe in the safety, health and well-being of our people, communities and the environment. Without it, nothing else matters. We recognize things don't always go right so we face into important issues with care and respect.

read more › Here's where you'll find case studies on some of our most successful projects and innovations. How can technology help industry forecast the impacts of floods as they become more severe? Engineering a first-of-its-kind demonstration plant to convert industrial waste gas into sustainable ethanol. We offered complete project support to MEGlobal on its first commercial-scale ethylene glycol facility in the US. The Worley Foundation supports research in the Antarctic, Sub Antarctic and Southern Ocean.

read more › Helping customers to reduce asset monitoring costs while maximizing reliability and performance. Has lack of investment in carbon capture and storage sparked doubts over its role in our future? How power, chemicals and digital are coming together to secure mining's place in a net-zero future. How we can help encourage inclusion and education in the workplace for LGTBIQ+ people through mentoring. Why LNG producers need to be savvier than ever when it comes to future-proofing their plants. Collaboration across the batteries supply chain is needed to deliver the materials for a decarbonized world.

read more › The world has entered a global energy transition. It will change everything from the way we cook and heat our homes to the way we design and operate heavy industry. Early in 2019, Worley combined with Jacobs' Energy, Chemicals and Resources (ECR) division, to create Worley. We're updating the site as we go, so if you see any references to our previous companies on this site or throughout your application process, please just ignore them. Worley is an equal opportunity employer and we create a working culture that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion and flexibility.

read more › No single technology can solve our decarbonization challenge. But a combination of them can. The future of energy depends on a range of technologies and people working together. Only then can the journey to reduce the carbon intensity of industrial processes happen without impacting productivity or financial performance. The energy transition is a change in how humanity develops, uses and benefits from energy. It's driven by the urgent need to address climate change, and the development of cheaper, low emissions technologies.

read more › The digital revolution and the global energy transition are shaking up our industries in ways no one can predict. We are currently in a period of unprecedented change. But despite this uncertainty, some things you can always count on: we have the experience and history to remain a safe pair of hands in the future. And we are driven by a common purpose - delivering a more sustainable world for generations to come.

read more › Over the years we've witnessed lots of change. But nothing we've previously seen compares to the two great changes our industry faces today: the energy transition and the digital revolution. Having a global network means we have local knowledge in every pocket of the planet and over 48,000 of the brightest minds to call on. If we don't know the answer already, we will always be able to find it. Whether it's a lesson we've learnt from a previous project or a bespoke solution we have created alongside a customer.

read more › That's why we launched our data science, software, and technology business. We created it to help our customers keep pace with change, use technology like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and robotics to solve industry challenges and break down barriers to progress. Everything we do in digital is governed by what we call the Digital Value Chain. We help you get to the point where you're using technology to automatically collect the right data, make sure it's trusted, and provide instant analysis.

read more › Our team of consultants, technology experts, data scientists, developers and engineers support our customers as they embrace digital technology and transform their organization. We help our customers achieve their digital vision by determining the right approach for their business. This pinpoints the technology needed and prioritizes the digital solutions that will help them meet their objectives. We do this through workshops, creating short- to long-term roadmaps, ensuring organizational alignment and finding a clear path for transformation and results.

read more › Like crude oil, data can be messy and provides little value in its raw form. It needs to be cleaned, scrubbed, and refined before any meaningful insights can be uncovered. Our global team of data scientists, engineers, solution architects, developers and experts across energy, chemicals and resources, help you turn your project data into insights that improve your operations. Our aim is to find new ways to get value from data, with a focus on bridging the gaps between operations, data science, and information technology.

read more › Our consulting business, Advisian, helps customers solve some of the world's complex and critical energy, chemicals and resources challenges. It's made up of over 3,000 advisors, strategists, scientists, planners, and engineers. And it's backed by Worley's 48,000 engineering and project delivery experts. If you need to increase safety, decrease emissions, digitize millions of assets, or do more with less - Advisian can help. We launched our data science, software and technology business to help our customers keep pace with change and give them access to technology like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and robotics.

read more › We handpick talent from across the globe to deliver the most cost-effective solution. This means there are no geographical barriers to any engineering and design effort, from greenfield megaprojects to bespoke brownfield projects. We deliver millions of work hours through this model and we're always improving the way we work. We consider how everything fits together, from planning, detailed engineering and construction, operation and expansion, to decommissioning and reclamation. We 'design one, build many' wherever we can to drive down costs and improve quality.

read more › Any slippage in the supply chain during project delivery can cost operators millions of dollars. That's why we use proven processes and systems to help our customers source, manage and deliver material and equipment safely and sustainably - to the right place, at the right time. We've worked on some of the largest projects in the world. For example, projects with up to 70,000 vendor documents, and equipment and work packages in the billions of dollars. This has helped us fine-tune our approach to meet your needs at any point of the supply chain.

read more › Our construction management services yield the greatest possible benefits to our customers. Whether it's pre-construction, constructability or safety processes, we have established ourselves as a world leader in construction services. Our dedicated construction management specialists have decades of experience and we can call on them from all corners of the globe. This means we always have the best people on the job and get the best outcome for our customers. Our experience spans from the Arctic conditions in Alaska, Canada and Russia to the unique challenges presented by the desert settings of Saudi Arabia and Australia.

read more › Making data-driven intelligence a part of our integrated project delivery, we use programs such as ConstructSim and SmartPlant to make the smartest decisions. We manufacture bespoke pipework, metalwork, joinery, control, and electrical panels. These include CE, module construction and assembly, and pipe fabrication from our own facilities. We support our teams on construction, maintenance, and turnaround projects, as well as stand-alone packages we supply to our customers. We work hand in hand with our wholly owned Canadian subsidiary WorleyCord.

read more › We offer project management consultancy that is flexible enough to accommodate small-scale through to multi-billion dollar projects. Our past performance shows our ability to deliver projects for customers facing a variety of challenges. These include tight schedules and remote sites where we've needed to consider environmental and technological factors. Because of our extensive experience in managing large projects, we know contractors and their capabilities all across the world. This puts us in the best position to pull together the different strands of your project.

read more › Many of our customers operate aging assets in mature markets. They face declining production rates and the continued pressure on commodity prices. If you combine this with the drive for low-carbon energy, running a profitable operation can become a challenge. Our integrated approach to Maintenance, Modifications and Operations (MMO) reduces risk and costs and removes uncertainty from your projects and operations. We help our customers to deliver greater volumes for longer and operate in cleaner ways than ever before, achieving potential project cost savings.

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