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Kemper Engineering Services, LLC was established in 2006 as a post-Katrina reorganization of Kemper Imageering, KES represents decades of engineering excellence and innovation. We are a multi-disciplinary team bringing over a century of experience. We focus on mechanical and process equipment, structures, and systems in a variety of industries.

We also have related expertise in design-based consequence management relating to blast, ballistics, fire, chemical releases, anti-terrorism requirements, and extreme weather such as hurricanes.

Our expertise includes using high end engineering analysis and simulations such as Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to address structural, heat transfer, flow, moving parts (kinematics, impact, blast, ballistics), and coupled physics (heat transfer between fluids and structures, flow-induced vibration, structural response to flow forces or heat transfer, etc.) as well as traditional methods.

Our main operation is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is in one of the US top cities for engineering with ties to petrochemical, transportation and fabrication.

read more › KES enjoys strong partnerships with various fabricators and manufacturers. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide cost-effective solutions, helping them be more competitive in an increasingly global market. Finding ways to reduce material costs, reduce labor costs, or enhancing reliability are key ways to gain market share in markets open to products be subsidized in ways contrary to trade law. We partner with our clients to develop solutions. No group can know all the ins and outs of an industry.

read more › Fabrication and manufacturing needs practical engineering support. Some days the job comes in with detailed engineering where everything fits up. Those are the good jobs that run smooth just as scoped. KES supports when this is not the case. Items don't fit up. The design drawings have multiple undocumented revisions and you can't tell what is to scale. A manufacturing line needs to make a change due to the buyer's new specification but the tooling doesn't fit. Drawings are 50 year-old bluelines using codes and specifications that are no longer in use.

read more › KES provided a full design package for a pump test facility, including sizing the closed loop system subject to transient heating. KES support our manufacturing partners, such as our long-term relationship with B&B Roadway. Site-specific heater developed to prevent icing, which could destroy the new pipeline before ever used. The center of our practice is supporting heavy industry. Whether it's designing a component, doing a 3rd Party Independent Audit, or providing full system packages with calculations and drawings, Kemper Engineering Services provides the services to support our clients world-wide.

read more › Our team includes members with years of experience in codes & standards applications. This includes heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, coils, mixers, jacketed systems, and specialty nozzles. Our company president and our principal engineer are on the ASME Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO) Committee where they address all of the design issues regarding ASME Div. 1, 2, and 3 pressure vessels, the nonlinear applications of acrylic design, and the life support needs for diving, submersibles, medical chambers, and "dry diving" tunneling.

read more › New technology has it's ups and downs. There is a large gap between established science and commercial success. KES has been part of trying to help develop recycling technologies and renewable energy systems since we first started as Kemper Imageering. Our first patent was a partnership in Ireland to develop a Municipal Solid Waste recycling process that refined the waste stream into a feed stock for energy generation after separating out what could be reclaimed. While that project has been in various stages of development and financing, we have never stopped trying to find ways to use technology to improve our use of energy and materials.

read more › Kemper Engineering Services' team includes in-depth marine and subsea engineering, design, and operations experience. Our team's operational experience includes former Navy sailors, former air-system and saturation diver, and a marine equipment fleet manager. Our engineering background includes three members of the ASME Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy codes and standards committee, which governs hyperbaric systems, diving systems, and many submersibles as well as members of the Marine Technical Society and the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers.

read more › These tools do no replace traditional methods, references, or codes. KES using the traditional methods, modern tools, and our extensive experience in practical applications to provide cost effective solutions. We partner with our clients to develop the project requirements and use the right tool for the job at hand. Some projects only require spreadsheet calculations and a few pages of the appropriate construction code. Others require detailed design or analysis. Others require multi-physics simulations and partnering with other firms to develop a full solutions.

read more › Kemper Engineering Service's strong support of hiring veterans gives us an advantage in addressing security, anti-terrorism, and blast issues. Force Protection is more than expeditionary security. Anticipating, quantifying, and mitigating hazards applies to industrial and civil settings as well. Hands-on experience coupled with in-depth technical expertise allows us to provide exceptional service to our clients. Ranging from assisting in product development and test validation to troubleshooting systems to mitigating threats to forensic work, our expertise has been proven time and again.

read more › Forensic engineering is not just one thing. Sometimes it's providing 3rd party independent engineering review or analysis to resolve an issue with OEMs, end users, or regulatory agencies. Sometimes it's providing accurate, honest testimony in a courtroom backed by detailed engineering. Forensic engineering is not a "discipline" such as mechanical or civil, but it is a specialty recognized by the NSPE. Supporting legal clients in litigation or criminal matters is more than just having accurate answers.

read more › KES has proven itself time and again in developing key innovations in a wide range of fields. Our success is based on our comprehensive approach, expert use in tools, and creativity in developing innovation based our knowledge in multiple industries and disciplines. Stress & strain is stress & strain. Heat transfer is heat transfer. Fluid flow is the same regardless of whether it's in a chemical pipe, blood vessel, or aviation fuel line. The physics do not change because of the industry used. Our proven methodology is based on detailed problem identification, goal-oriented solution development, and creativity to overcome traditional obstacles.

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