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At Alpha Engineering, we believe that forward thinking companies have the most opportunities for long-term success. It's important to plan for your future power and energy needs, and our team of experts will walk through potential scenarios so that you can make the best decisions for your situation. We offer substation engineering, line design, system planning, analysis, and so much more.

Our team follows through on our promises, and we are always looking towards your future vision. People are our number one priority, and we value and respect every client's concerns, questions, timeline, and budget. We're ready to tackle your challenges and navigate tough terrains to provide you with the most innovative, versatile and practical solutions that meet your needs.

Our team will help you move forward with confidence with customized power and energy services for your specific needs and budget. From design drawings, ground grid design and commissioning and training, we provide every service required for new substation projects, including upgrades or expansions to existing substations.

read more › Since 1979, we have been passionate about serving others through innovative power and energy solutions. The same vision that started this company decades ago remains just as strong today and will continue to guide us into the future. That's because we never lose sight of our top priority-meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations-it's paramount to our success. Our clients proudly include rural electric cooperatives, electric municipalities, investor-owned utilities, commercial and industrial facilities, renewable energy developers, universities, and government agencies.

read more › Alpha Engineering, Inc. (AEI) provides innovative and professional engineering and design solutions for the power industry. With substation, asset management, distribution, industrial, renewable energy, and Smart Grid capabilities, AEI has gained a reputation for cutting-edge, technical excellence and high customer satisfaction. Whether you need a small diesel backup system or large-scale wind turbines or photovoltaic arrays, Alpha Engineering, Inc. has the expertise to develop the generation and design its interconnection to the utility grid that best fits your needs.

read more › Today's world is ever changing. That's why we are committed to being on the cutting edge of delivering innovative solutions and comprehensive services for distributed resource interconnection. Whether you need a small diesel backup system or large-scale wind turbines or photovoltaic arrays, Alpha Engineering, Inc. has the expertise to develop the generation and design its interconnection to the utility grid that best fits your needs. As always, AEI will back it up with a customized plan and our personal support through the process.

read more › At Alpha Engineering, Inc., we help clients build on their strengths. That's why we go above and beyond by providing every service required for new substation projects, as well as upgrades or expansions to existing substations. Our approach encompasses even higher expectations when it comes to our services. Our team of experts not only understands our products and services, but they take the time to listen and understand each and every client's needs. We make it our top priority that clients benefit from our personalized services and customized solutions.

read more › Recognized as a leader in the market, Alpha Engineering, Inc (AEI) specializes in providing complete Line Design for transmission, distribution and fiber optic projects. That's why we were uniquely positioned to develop our own in-house staking sheet program, known as AlphaStake. This well-known, innovative program generates printouts of poles that will remain or be installed, transferred or removed. A unit recap is also produced to summarize the total number of units installed, removed or transferred.

read more › It's how we do things at Alpha Engineering, Inc (AEI). We take your complex challenges and turn them into workable, comprehensive solutions. Straightforward; cost-efficient; reliable solutions - based on the unique combination of our knowledgeable, experienced team of professionals; a deep understanding of each and every client; and the support of several different types of System Planning and Analysis options. These distinctive studies allow us to develop safe, reliable and efficient electrical systems, tailored to fit any company or facility needs.

read more › There's a reason we're an industry leader when it comes to Arc Flash Hazard Safety solutions. We are fully committed to helping you solve your challenges through our services, years of experience and in-depth knowledge. Our top priority is making sure we align with your current needs by providing you with a comprehensive Arc Flash Hazard Analysis that results in a safer workplace in the area of your business that matters the most - your people. An arc flash is often an unwelcome and unforeseen serious electrical hazard created when energy is released during an arcing fault.

read more › At Alpha Engineering, Inc. (AEI), we have a deep understanding of the challenges you face with electrical systems and Power Quality concerns. Issues such as extended outages, momentary surges or under or over voltage conditions can impact production, cause unnecessary delays and prove costly to equipment. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions that are results driven and cost-effective. By examining specific parameters such as voltage, current, harmonic content and frequency, AEI performs Power Quality investigations that offer you reliable, practical ways to solve any issues or concerns.

read more › Our clients want smarter solutions that help them save time and money in an ever-increasing complex environment. That's why Alpha Engineering, Inc (AEI) utilizes the latest technology for our client's mapping needs. We offer GIS maps and updates using ESRI's ArcGIS software package. ArcGIS allows the user to accurately map service areas at the highest levels of precision and detail. This allows you the capacity to track and maintain inventories of poles, devices, units, wire sizes and phasing through the database capabilities of GIS.

read more › Our approach to Construction Management is simple. We're here to support you by providing a wide range of construction and inspection services for substation, distribution and industrial electrical projects. We understand our mission is to work with you through every phase of the project. That's why we begin by listening - providing cost-effective, impactful solutions that will ensure your project is completed on schedule - all with the goal of building on the foundation of a sustainable business.

read more › Alpha Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is helping today's utilities, renewable energy developers, universities, and large commercial and industrial harness the capabilities and advances of the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid broadly refers to the technological, communication, and control functionalities that are rapidly being deployed in the power industry. We are combining our experience in the power industry with cutting edge technology to help our clients deploy programs and devices to improve safety, reliability, capacity, efficiency, and communications.

read more › We position our clients to create advantage by unlocking new and distinct ways of providing innovative, cutting - edge solutions. One way we accomplish this is by offering a wide variety of drafting and plotting services. From best practices to inspired practices, we can plot in color as well on a variety of different types of paper such as glossy, vellum, Mylar or standard ink jet bond. Our goal at Alpha Engineering, Inc (AEI) is to always give our clients as many options as possible, which is why we also use the most current version of AutoCAD.

read more › Do you want to make a difference? With a career at Alpha Engineering, Inc. (AEI) you can do just that by helping to make power sustainable, safe, affordable, and reliable for today's connected world! We're always accepting applications for both entry level and experienced technicians and electrical engineers. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with qualifications and experience. Please apply for posted positions or submit your qualifications for general inquiries as our growing company is always looking for perspective team members who fit our culture and strive to make a difference.

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