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Welcome to Purpora Engineering, providers of equipment for Tank Testing, Pipeline Testing as well as Vapor Recovery and Training. Since 1978 Purpora Engineering has been continuing to follow its late founder Bill Purpora's mission of helping contractors, oil companies and regulators achieve a cleaner, safer, less polluted environment. The Petro-Tite unit has long been established as a market leading Hydrostatic testing solution for pipelines installed at gas stations and industrial facilities.

This self contained unit allows for testing pipeline and leak detection equipment quickly and effortlessly exceeding all EPA requirements. Since the addition of the ALERT tank testing system, Purpora Engineering has been able to provide a world class tank testing system to all of its customers. The ALERT Tank Testing equipment is one of the only systems capable of detecting water ingress into Ethanol fuels, allowing operators to potentially detect issues BEFORE phase separation occurs.

We offer a 3 1/2 day learning opportunity for County, State, Federal and Tribal Inspectors, UST Owners, Operators and Compliance Managers at our training facility in Saukville, Wisconsin.

read more › Since 1978 Purpora Engineering has been delivering industry leading service and solutions for continuous improvement. Engineering, testing, training in a state of the art onsite facility, consulting and manufacturing of the Petro-Tite Line Test System are key components of the business. Stephen Purpora, former President of Purpora Engineering stated Our strategic plan is to offer a complete tank and line test system with the widest range of capabilities for the market today, and we are confident that the solution is available with Alert and Petro-tite.

read more › You can replace the O-Rings using a kit supplied from our parts section please ensure that you know whether or not it is a Parker pump or a Teledyne Pump this will be on the casting of the pump. By performing a BleedBack test the procedure for this can be found in your Petro-Tite line tester manual, if you need one please contact our office. The Metering pressure of a mechanical leak detector is the pressure at which it stays in slow flow before it fully opens, typically this is around 10 - 12 Psi.

read more › The Alert Tank Testing System is the most comprehensive and reliable combination for the testing of both the wet and dry portions of the storage tank system. The Ullage system is by far the most comprehensive non-volumetric tank test solution. The equipment allows users to test tanks up to and including 30,000 gallons with either pressure or vacuum, no other system available on the market can offer such flexibility. In addition to the standard Ullage test the ALERT Ullage equipment can be used as a complete non-volumetric tank test in its own right, allowing the entire storage tank to be tested with as little as 5 minutes of recorded data.

read more › Keeping your certification current every two years from the original date of your certification is the manufacturer's requirement in order to legally operate the Petro-Tite Line Tester and Alert Tank Testing Equipment. Upon successfully completing the exam you will be given an updated Petro-Tite/Alert Certificate. We urge you to not let your certification expire, we are often contacted by state inspectors that are monitoring technician certification. Please contact us with specific questions. Our UST Boot Camps are designed for County, State, Federal and Tribal Inspectors, UST Owners, Operators, and Compliance Managers.

read more › MyTankGauge is an affordable solution for making gas station inventory and compliance information available from the web. MyTankGauge has a solution for your existing equipment that provides you with web-based fuel and compliance management. We turn the Automatic Tank Gauges that are present in nearly every gas station into Internet enabled devices. Eliminate keeping leak test result printouts at the station. We archive the leak test results and keep an exact copy of all of the information that is contained on the printout.

read more › This was a very small leak the incon was shutting down the pump and none of the contractors could find the problem. Guess who found it! I just wanted to take a second to let you know how satisfied I am with your Alert Tank System, now that I've gotten used to using it. I've tested using US Test and MESA quiet a bit, I'm still currently certified with MESA. I am COMPLETELY happy with the Alert System. It's Compact, easy to move and store. As with any system it has its delicate issues but as does any system.

read more › Purpora Engineering has partnered with Conidia Bioscience to offer a simple to use, quick response test kit for microbial contamination in Diesel fuel. Offshore Platforms-Back-up power generators and Diesel powered life crafts. Commonly operators take a sample which is then sent back to shore for analysis. By the time the results are returned the environment will have changed and, therefore, any prescriptive measures may no longer be appropriate. This is, potentially, a waste of time and money.

read more › Purpora Engineering and Protanic Inc have teamed up with the nationally recognized UST experts at UST Training to offer online training for Class A/B and C UST Operators for our valued customers. Class A/B: Required for anyone who is in charge of the day-to-day compliance of a UST system. Class C: Required for anyone who might respond to a spill, alarm or incident at a UST site. The training is an easy way to meet the requirement and prevent accidents, spills, leaks and ignored alarms. UST Operator training is required nationwide.

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