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Full ServiceCNC machining Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. is a Precision CNC Machining, Swiss Screw Turning, Wire EDM Cutting & Assembly Facility. Many steps go into manufacturing a complex part, which is why it is crucial to maintain a cooperative effort across all departments in order to achieve high quality, cost effective parts. Explore how to achieve this goal in our in-depth eBook that offers design tips for machining parts.

While machining technology is always advancing, 2020 accelerated some key innovations. In the machining industry, many companies had to pivot and produce necessary supplies quickly, or they were met with a decreased demand for products and were forced to reduce jobs. Even in the best of times, it's getting more difficult to find manufacturing workers, and companies are turning to automation.

Using robotics to increase productivity is one of several trends and changes that are likely here to stay. Over the years, satellite communication systems-also known as satcom systems-have become increasingly important to our day-to-day lives.

read more › For 40 years Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing has specialized in the precision CNC machining of most metals, plastics, and engineering grade materials. During that time, Ardel has been presented with many challenges across a broad spectrum of customers and industries. These challenges and their solutions have all helped to propel Ardel to a reputation for Quality, Delivery, Reliability, Efficiency, Confidentiality, and Partnering. Ardel's philosophy from day one has been to support our customers in building their product.

read more › The ISO 9001:2015 certification assures that we are an ISO approved manufacturer of precision machined components, parts and contract assembly for the aerospace, medical, defense, OEM food service, and transportation industries. You can guarantee that Ardel Engineering operates at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. While machining technology is always advancing, 2020 accelerated some key innovations. In the machining industry, many companies had to pivot and produce necessary supplies quickly, or they were met with a decreased demand for products and were forced to reduce jobs.

read more › Ardel Engineering is an ITAR registered CNC machining shop dedicated to providing precision parts and components for military and defense technologies. ITAR, or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, is a series of controls designed to restrict and regulate the export of products with defense industry applications. The Department of State oversees ITAR and determines which items and services according the United States Munitions List (USML). Its purpose is preventing unclassified defense-related items from falling into the hands of unfriendly governments or groups.

read more › Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing is unrivaled in its class, using the most modern equipment to deliver superior products. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 13485 compliant, under the latest international quality management system. At Ardel, we also have our Federal Firearms License (FFL), which allows us to build certain parts for the military and other industries. With our Haas CNC machining centers, Ardel provides precision CNC machining of numerous materials, including stainless steel machining and aluminum machining.

read more › Our CNC machining capabilities at Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing include precision milling of components for customers in a vast array of industries. While many machine shops utilize only one type of milling center, our horizontal and vertical milling centers provide very different sets of advantages. The optimal choice for your project is very dependent on the shape, machined features, and volume of the part, and we have found that using both types of equipment makes us much more versatile and efficient than having a single mill type.

read more › At Ardel Engineering, we specialize in precision CNC machining services. As suggested by the name, precision computer numerical control (CNC) machining relies on the use of specialized computer software (e.g., CAD/CAM) and computer-controlled equipment to produce highly accurate and precise parts and products from various materials. It is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of subtractive manufacturing processes. One of our core service offerings is CNC milling. While most CNC milling applies to metalwork, the tools are extremely versatile and produce custom, precision parts for a wide variety of industries.

read more › Equipped with four 20mm Citizen Swiss Screw machines and three 32mm Citizen Swiss Screw machines, we can create small but critical machined metal and engineered plastic parts for the aerospace, commercial, and medical manufacturing industries. Swiss screw machining is a subtractive manufacturing (i.e., machining) process that employs the use of Swiss-type machining equipment. It differs from other machining equipment in that it uses a guide bushing to minimize the distance between the main spindle and the cutting tool.

read more › At Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, we utilize electrical discharge machining (EDM) processes to create precision parts with very tight tolerances. In the wire electrical discharge machining process, a thin, electrically charged wire is used to erode material in very small volumes. The rate of material removal is dependent on the diameter of the wire and thickness of the work piece; larger diameters are used to make efficient rough cuts, while fine wire is used to meet tight dimensional tolerances and provide a very clean surface finish that requires no secondary grinding or honing.

read more › Our team at Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing has the expertise and experience to back up our precision machining processes with the most stringent and comprehensive inspection services in the industry. The parts we produce are typically complex components that require a high degree of precision and are used in critical aerospace or medical applications. These parts not only require in-depth inspections and analysis, but present unique inspection challenges. To overcome these challenges, we employ a myriad of product validation methods that allow us to check everything from linear tolerances to complex Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T).

read more › Here at Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing not only do we provide a number of in-house secondary value added services for all machined parts, we are also willing to offer and manage turnkey complete parts and assemblies using our certified subcontract vendors. These specifications are only used for military and aerospace products and can ensure corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and outstanding pain adhesion. MIL-DTL-5541 Type I chemical film, refers to the use of hexavalent chromium. The coloring of this film usually appears to be gold or brown in color, but can be clear.

read more › Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, backed by the high standard ISO certification, services a wide range of industries from medical to aerospace to commercial and beyond. Our clients include some of America's largest companies, as well as many smaller shops. You will recognize the names on some of our higher profile accounts: 3M, Litton, Bendix, United Defense, and Woodward Governor, to name a few. Ardel's reputation for precise CNC milling and turning draws in new customers, as, year after year, we continue to service those returning clients.

read more › Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing works with some of the world's leading aircraft and aerospace companies. Aerospace manufacturers use CNC machining to assemble and maintain essential aircraft and space shuttle components. Because a single imperfection or malfunction can lead to disastrous results in aerospace applications, OEMs in this industry rely on CNC machining to eliminate the risk of human error while creating high-precision components under tight deadlines. CNC machinery can operate with even the highest-quality metals, manufacturing aerospace parts that can withstand the intense pressures and temperatures inherent to these critical applications.

read more › Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ISO 13485 compliant, ITAR Registered, and we have a Federal Firearms License (FFL). This has helped us establish a broad base serving the commercial sector. We create a wide range of products for varied businesses. Companies look to Ardel's Aluminum, Steel, and plastics machining processes to create parts for electronics, transportation, security, recreation, maintenance, and telecommunications. Ardel does a significant amount of work in the area of original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

read more › Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing continues to grow its reputation for precision medical machining. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 13485:2008 compliant company, we are a medical parts specialist. The manufacturing of medical parts requires working with tighter tolerances and unique materials. The top-of-the-line equipment, knowledgeable staff, and heightened controls at Ardel make us stand out in the field of precision medical machining. The list of medical parts clients at Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing continues to grow, with companies such as Medtronic, 3M, Symmetry, and many others on the list.

read more › Ardel Engineering is proud to supply top-quality custom CNC parts for customers across a wide range of industries, including various specialty applications. At our 30,000-foot state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, we utilize the latest high-speed Citizen Swiss screw machines to produce only the best custom machine parts. Our Haas CNC machining centers are ideal for working with steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, and other specialty materials. We can provide a number of custom finishing services, such as full anodizing, carbon blacking, hard coating for aluminum custom machined parts, and electrogalvanizing for steels and ferric materials.

read more › Precisely manufactured, custom-specified telecommunications equipment plays a critical role in many of today's leading technologies. Today, telecommunication technologies play an essential role in our day-to-day lives, and this importance will continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly connected. That's why industry professionals have worked tirelessly to improve individual parts and overall systems to achieve even better performance and reliability. One of the focuses of these efforts is ensuring the use of quality components, which can make the difference between a properly and improperly running system.

read more › When you're working in hazardous environments, where the air may be contaminated with toxic gases or particulates, the gas mask or respirator that you're wearing is a crucial piece of your safety equipment. But just how do you know whether or not you are getting the appropriate protection from gas masks and respirators? Any leak or faulty seal could lead to dire health consequences! Ardel Engineering was retained by a client to improve the manufacturability of a particle counter components, a challenge that was tackled with a strict implementation of DFM (design for manufacturability) principles.

read more › This project involved the fabrication of an aerospace filter body with complex geometry and multiple features, and highlights the capability of our technical team to produce such complicated parts on a swiss screw machine. Normally, fabrication of an aerospace filter body with multiple features would require multiple set-ups on many different machines-by nature requiring a long lead time due to the change-over involved with multiple set-ups. However, Ardel's experience and equipment capabilities allowed us to completely produce the part in one set-up on one machine.

read more › With the trend of parts needing to become smaller, lighter, and more complex, one of the issues that can arise is part volume set back due to multiple operations needing to be performed. However, at Ardel Engineering & Manufacturing, we use our Citizen Swiss Screw Machines to solve this problem. The live tooling and part index abilities of our Swiss Screw Machines allow us to load a full bar of stock and produce burr free parts in one operation. This eliminates the need for material sawing, setting up multi vises or a 4th axis rotary indexer to handle the machining on multiple sides of the part.

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