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Leraand Engineering Inc. (LEI) is a Hawaii-based company and provide specialized services and software solutions for the deployment of marine cables, tracking of towed-cable systems and hydrographic surveys. LEI's sidescan sonar software: SonarTRX was released in 2010 and has sold to users in more than 20 countries. SonarTRX can process data from a variety of sidescan sonars, including low cost, consumer grade fishfinders.

read more › For on-site work, during vessel commissioning or at-sea operation, we normally charge a fixed daily rate + travel and per-diem expenses. The day-rate depends on the nature of the services. For other engineering services, we can provide fixed price quotes or work on a time and materials basis. This depends on the nature of the project.

read more › SonarTRX and SonarTRX-SI are software products for processing data from sidescan sonar systems, including consumer-grade fish-finders with sidescan capabilities. The main benefit of the system is improved geo-referencing of the tow-body/sensor package during the tow. The system also provides valuable feedback for the operators, resulting in reduced risk when towing the system close to the seabed. LEI's solution can be used as stand-alone or in conjunction with acoustic tracking systems such as USBL to provide improved redundancy and continuity, should the USBL system fail to perform.

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