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At Martin, Chock & Carden, we utilize the latest structural design techniques, together with applied research and planning concepts, to create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable engineering solutions for our clients throughout Hawaii and the Pacific region. Our structural design projects range from new high-rise and low-rise construction to the renovation, repair, and retrofitting of existing buildings and structures in both the private and public sectors.

We have specialized expertise and experience in risk analysis for natural and technological hazards, climate change adaptation, hazard mitigation, emergency response planning, and benefit/cost analysis. Our wind, seismic and tsunami engineering research has led to the development of improved Hawaii building codes, more resilient construction, and refinement of loss estimation techniques used in disaster planning.

read more › It is a Hawaii corporation associated with the Martin Associates Group, one of the nation's largest consulting structural engineering organizations. Gary Chock is President of Martin, Chock & Carden, Inc. Under the leadership of Chairman John A. Martin, Jr., the Martin Associates Group provides world-wide coverage from offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Phoenix, Tucson, and Beijing. The Group's total staff of over 300 and its extensive portfolio of work reflect a significant contribution to the nation's built environment.

read more › These services include studies of structural systems for master planning and conceptual design, preliminary design for budgeting, development of complete construction documents and BIM models, and general onsite observation of structural work during construction. The Hawaii Martin, Chock & Carden office has been in business for over 50 years, and has been involved in the design of the large proportion of Hawaii's building heritage. This provides a unique history and institutional knowledge of existing buildings and local site conditions.

read more › Martin, Chock & Carden is committed to devising structural systems beneficial to owners, meeting schedule constraints, and maintaining the continuity of design coordination throughout all project phases. At Martin, Chock & Carden, we work closely with developers, contractors, architects, and government agencies on projects of varying size and complexity. Our experience includes involvement in all phases of the development process from site selection and planning to conceptual design, production of construction documentation and facility construction.

read more › We have extensive experience in the alteration, renovation, repair, and retrofit of all types of buildings and structures. These projects can often be the most challenging. Alterations, renovations, and retrofits require an understanding of historic structural systems and flexibility to determine the appropriate methods for specific circumstances in a building. Through our experience, historical institutional knowledge, and investment in technical advancements, we have developed efficiency in the utilization of specific design techniques and implementation of a range of approaches for efficiently strengthening buildings for building owners.

read more › We have very extensive experience in performing structural evaluations/investigations for various purposes. These investigations range from issue-specific focused investigations to comprehensive structural investigations, in which field surveys, non-destructive testing of existing materials, and detailed structural analysis of existing structures have been performed. Structural survey and investigation of wood framed structures with termite and dry rot damage. Structural survey and investigation of buildings and structures damaged by foundation differential settlement, expansive soils, and other types of ground movement.

read more › The firm has special expertise in wind-tunnel based design of high-rise building structures, including customized site-specific design and windborne debris criteria. The unique wind hazard of the Hawaiian Islands was not well represented by the wind design provisions of the national building codes. We authored and continue to be involved in the updating and implementation of the special wind appendix of the Hawaii State Building Code and county Building Codes. Some of our Hawaii wind maps have recently been implemented in the national standards, although other provisions continue to be adapted through local amendments.

read more › As part of our hazard design portfolio, we specialize in the design of buildings and other structures to resist the blast forces created by terrorist events or accidental explosions. Experience in blast effects analysis and design, research and development, testing, and field engineering, will produce an engineered design that will address criteria involving risk, damage control, building occupancy and functional importance, and material behavior in blast events. We also provide an extensive range of services for the evaluation of blast integrity of existing facilities.

read more › We work with county and state agencies to develop compressive plans that help reduce the impacts of disasters on people, property, the economy and the environment. Martin, Chock & Carden has authored FEMA-approved Multi-Hazard Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans, and Emergency Operations Plans that are compliant with NIMS and HSPD-5. Hazard Mitigation: Mitigation planning identifies and quantifies risks associated with natural and technological hazards and establishes projects to reduce the vulnerability of a given community to these hazards.

read more › It requires a thorough understanding of an existing infrastructure inventory, including the physical conditions of the site and region, the goals and functional requirements of the project, and the hazard vulnerabilities and their probabilities. At Martin, Chock & Carden, we have extensive institutional knowledge of much of the State's, federal, local and private building infrastructure. We also have unique experience in assessing risks associated with natural hazards and other environmental factors.

read more › Over the past 30 years, we have been continuously engaged in funded applied research projects to provide a more precise risk targeted approach to building design and eventual building structural performance. These include the following fields:. Computational fluid dynamics and wind-tunnel testing have led us in the development of improved building codes, building retrofits, and high-wind construction standards. Our extensive knowledge in earthquake engineering has allowed us to develop improved construction techniques and retrofit methodologies that help reduce the damage to structures during seismic activity.

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