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A&L Engineering and Consulting, is a Texas Corporation that was founded in 1985 and is a professionally managed organization led by Dr. Nick Manesh. A&L has evolved into a multi-disciplined consulting and engineering firm with a current staff of more than 15 employees. A&L's reputation for excellence is based on our over 25 years of experience, as well as our use of the latest design software, and a strong base of human and financial resources.

We have the unique ability to supply Engineering and detailed design services along with construction services to our customers under the most stringent costs, quality and schedule requirements.

read more › A & L Engineering and Consulting, Inc., is a Dallas based company and was founded as a minority and HUB business in 1985 for providing geotechnical, Structural inspection, and structural engineering services to both public and private clients. For the last 25 years A&L has proudly served thousands of clients with the value of services exceeding several hundred million dollars. In 2003, A&L began offering Design-Build services. Since that time we have been involved in multiple retail, office, hotel, industrial, residential and finish-out projects.

read more › A & L Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (A&L) is among industry leaders in providing energy efficient and innovative hotel building design services. A&L is also among the very few that offer design services for a wireless energy control hotel building. On average, our design can reduce the energy consumption of a typical hotel built energy efficient by up to 25%, which represents major cost savings for any hotel's operating budget. Further, A&L is an industry leader when it comes to utilizing innovative hotel design.

read more › Climate control, energy efficiency, and comfort in modern buildings is a major design issue. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help to control the climate and keep occupants comfortable by regulating the temperature and air flow in residential, commercial, government, and other buildings. HVAC systems are also important to occupants' health because a well regulated and maintained system will keep a building free from mold and other harmful organisms. The energy efficiency of HVAC systems have been steadily improving over the years.

read more › Structural Engineering involves the design and investigation of steel, concrete, masonry, timber, and polymer composites. Structural Engineers utilize the soil and environmental reports to design the building foundation. They also work closely with the Architect or Designer to reach a framing solution that is structurally sound and still maintains the Architect's design. You can depend on the experience of the professional staff at A & L Engineering for any foundation project.

read more › When the first humans created shelters out of the materials around them, Architecture was born. Architectural Design is the process in which an actual plan for a structure is drawn and the materials to be used are selected. Our highly trained staff has experience in Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality design. We are highly motivated and make sure our clients have input at every phase in the design process.

read more › At A & L Engineering, we can provide Construction Management, Inspections, Quality Control, and Design-Build services to assist Project Owners in executing projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Design-Build is a type of project delivery system. Unlike Design-Bid-Build, where an owner hires a separate designer and contractor, Design-Build utilizes one firm for complete design and construction of the project allowing the owner to minimize risk and reduce the delivery time. This process also allows direct communication between owner, designer, and contractor from the initial stages of the project.

read more › Virtually every structure, regardless of size, requires geotechnical investigation to determine and evaluate subsurface conditions unique to each site. Samples of the site's soil are taken and analyzed in a laboratory. The data gathered is then used to aid in the design and construction phases. At A & L we have the equipment and staff necessary to take the physical samples and test them. This enables us to quickly and efficiently analyze and then interpret the data to provide a foundation and retaining wall design and construction recommendations.

read more › A&L Engineering provides construction management and design build services to assist project owners in executing construction projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Construction quality is assured through a well managed program of inspection, materials, sampling, and testing. Our construction inspectors and technicians are extremely experienced in the work tasks necessary to provide quality inspection programs. A&L staff has provided design office technical support as well as field construction engineering and inspection services on a wide range of projects.

read more › Environmental issues are at the forefront of engineering and societal needs worldwide. Environmental legislation to address such needs are on the rise across the globe. A & L Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (A&L) considers environmental engineering as one of its business priorities as well as a societal obligation for the improvement of quality of life. It is part of our corporate responsibility toward current and future generations to participate in protecting the earth and making it a better place to live.

read more › A&L's staff specializes in foundations, structural, retaining walls, slope and pavement distress studies. The firm has specialized equipments and sampling devices that can obtain soil and material samples in areas with limited access. Furthermore, the firm has strong instrumentation capabilities as A&L's testing facilities can test structural materials, evaluate the cause(s) of distress and develop proper remedial measures. During the past 20 years, A&L's staff has conducted many forensic engineering investigations such as defective products, designs and defective construction projects.

read more › A&L Engineering is focused currently on commercial property projects, with several opportunities in the hospitality, multi-family and tenant-owned office complex markets. Our financing partners range from regional and national banks to private equity investors. A&L is a Design/Build firm with an international scope of services, with project finance options including use of financial instruments through OPIC and the Export/Import Bank of the United States. Also, we have access to private funding resources, and can finance almost every project through our current palette of funding options.

read more › D., P.E. is our President. In this top executive position she oversees all business operations and functions as our chief financial and operating officer. She is primarily responsible for our inspection services and design services, the mainstays of our corporation. She is the majority shareholder of our corporation. She serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of our corporation. Mrs. Rashedi-Ashrafi has more than 30 years experience in civil engineering and hydrology engineering. She also has more than 20 years experience in corporate top management.

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