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Design Engineering Group Design Engineering Group is based in Dallas, Texas. Our work includes the design and installation aspects of large-scale residential and commercial audio, video, control, network, surveillance and lighting control systems. By focusing on these high caliber projects, our designs and installations perform as designed with precise functionality. Projects that are large in scale require much more thought and research than ordinary projects.

We handle all phases of the every project from concept to client demo. The software we employ for design work is highly modified and was redeveloped by our team and constantly updated to stay on the cutting edge. This provides the client with a proposal and documentation that simply cannot be found anywhere else. This precision work provides the client with accurate and detailed drawings of theater designs, cabinet elevations, sound treatment designs, and much more.

Design Engineering Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality designs and installations that are attainable today.

read more › Services that Design Engineering can provide Clients, Architects, Builders, Electricians and Interior Designers. Design and specification of all low voltage systems in residential and commercial applications. Installation, Calibration and service of low voltage cabling, audio/video equipment, network equipment, telephone systems, surveillance equipment, lighting control equipment, control equipment. AutoCAD, Visio and 3D renderings of desired room layouts, wiring diagrams, media cabinets, network designs, etc.

read more › Design Engineering Group is dedicated to giving our clients the best possible design work for their project. We work side by side with architects, interior designers, lighting designers, builders and the client to turn ideas into reality. We can provide detailed architectural renderings and blueprints for all aspects of the project so that every phase is both documented and well planned. System integration, audio quality, video performance, construction deadlines and visual aesthetics are all taken into consideration.

read more › Control: the concept of doing something over here to make something over there happen. Sounds simple doesn't it? There are many "automation" companies today claiming they can fully automate/control your home or media system. Design Engineering Group can provide clients with the ability to command their home theater, lighting system, corporate boardroom and many other everyday functions through simple and easy-to-use interfaces. This integrated control allows the user to access all forms of media including DVD, DSS, off-air television, cable television, video teleconferencing, PC presentations, music, movies and much more.

read more › Design Engineering Group can design and install a lighting control system that will simplify living in any size residence from a single family home to expansive estates with elaborate lighting designs. With the number of lighting fixtures steadily increasing in homes today, the need to have a central lighting control system has become a necessity. A lighting control system will add security, convenience, and improved aesthetics to the home. We work with the clients and their lighting designers, architects and electricians to design a system that will provide every feature and need the client has.

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