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Tectonic Engineering-Surveying For the past 30 years, Tectonic has delivered quality professional services in a timely and cost effective manner by pooling its talented staff into project teams that think, act, and perform as one integral unit. By carefully listening and collaborating with its clients, the firm is able to identify the key issues and assure stakeholder objectives are met in the final deliverables.

Through innovating and adopting technological advances, the firm is able to find solutions to some of the planet's - and country's - most challenging problems, such as environmental degradation due to climate change and achieving massive rebuilding after extreme weather events. As the world evolves, and its challenges grow more complex, Tectonic continues to innovate and provide the practical solutions and exceptional customer service its clients have trusted since its founding.

Tectonic has had the privilege of contributing to our country's infrastructure, national security and environmental concerns, working with a variety of Federal agencies such as the General Services Administration, FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Veteran's Administration and the USDA, among others.

read more › Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C. is a multi-disciplined engineering firm established in 1986 with a staff of over 500 professionals comprised of civil, structural, environmental and geotechnical engineers, geologists, scientists, surveyors, planners, construction managers and construction inspectors. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the firm has earned a reputation for providing solutions that are smart and practical, sensitive to budget and schedule, and that look toward the future.

read more › Tectonic has deep roots in the design and construction of transportation projects serving transportation and public agencies throughout Metropolitan New York City, the Hudson Valley regions, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, our capabilities include expertise in civil, transportation, environmental and regulatory permitting, structural and geotechnical engineering; surveying; and a complete package of construction management services that include contract administration, resident engineering, special inspections and third party materials testing.

read more › Tectonic's Telecommunications Division has over 30 years of experience providing site acquisition, engineering, design, permitting, and construction services for new wireless deployments, equipment upgrades and network switch design. We have provided services to the nation's leading tower companies, carriers, and program managers on more than 100,000 sites throughout the United States. We also performed NEPA/SHPO, and Phase I, II & III environmental studies, and photo-simulation for both new and modified towers.

read more › Tectonic has been providing planning, engineering and surveying services to municipalities for over 20 years in the capacity of designated municipal engineer as well as on a specific project basis. As designated municipal planners and engineers, we have completed the planning and design for a wide range of public infrastructure projects. Additionally, we have served on Planning Boards for both the environmental and engineering review of residential and commercial projects. Tectonic has the ability to provide a wide variety of in-house engineering support services including, but not limited to, surveys, site investigations, environmental investigations or studies, structural evaluations, code-compliance reviews, planning, security assessments, construction inspection, materials testing and subsurface soil and geologic investigations.

read more › Tectonic personnel have been practicing dam engineering for over 30 years and have participated in the re-emphasis on dam safety as a national issue since the inaugural National Dam Inspection Program in the late 1970's. We have participated in national dam safety organizations and have published papers and given presentations on a wide variety of timely dam safety topics. Dam engineering is, and has been, a principal service for the firm. We are familiar with regulatory protocols, the state of the practice, new technologies and current trends through on-going projects, seminar and conference participation.

read more › From primary education to nationally-recognized research universities, Tectonic supports the needs of learning institutions with professional teams who are experienced in providing facilities that foster educational principals. Master planning, facility expansion, new construction, transportation, athletics, campus infrastructure, student safety, and security are all areas of core-competency for our firm.

read more › As the patient demand increases, the performance requirements for centers of care rise as well. We understand how to maximize the return on your existing investment, plan for managed growth, and remain flexible to fill future needs. Tectonic has provided services to a variety of facilities in the industry including hospitals, offices, long-term care, and outpatient.

read more › Tectonic's team of devoted staff understands the special needs of the fast paced retail industry varying from supermarkets to shopping centers. Whether a new facility or update to an existing one, Tectonic will guide your project from inception to completion with a multi-disciplinary team of civil, geotechnical, and structural engineers and environmental consulting professionals. Space is a valuable commodity in the commercial industry. The efficient use of costly commercial space is vital, as well as nominal costs.

read more › The Tectonic team offers the planning and design necessary to support the vital success of single-family, multi-family and assisted living residential projects. Tectonic's professional engineers and construction managers provide design concepts and expertise that develop clients' innovation and efficiency to accomplish key components of a project including road and utility design, landscaping, traffic patterns, drainage plans.

read more › Tectonic's engineers understand the implications of global climate change and extreme weather events and incorporate sustainability and resiliency into each of its design projects. The firm has also become a trusted partner in helping state governments successfully implement large scale rebuilding efforts after a major storm event. It has developed critical paths and workflows for state agencies such as the New York Governor's Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) that have been implemented program-wide.

read more › In today's climate of growing energy needs and increasing environmental concern, energy efficiency solutions are imperative. Tectonic provides an assortment of services to the energy market and considers our client's overall goals while reviewing the site conditions, project schedule, and code requirements. We have licensed engineers in 48 states, and utilize sophisticated design technologies. Our engineers are sensitive to the unique issues and demands of conventional and renewable energy projects, so whether your project is in pre-design, design or post-design, Tectonic will guide your project toward efficient and cost effective solutions.

read more › Tectonic provides comprehensive engineering, environmental and construction phase services for some of the country's most esteemed civic and cultural institutions. These include government buildings, courthouses, police stations, fire houses, museums, performing arts spaces, zoos and gathering places. The firm has had the privilege of working with organizations such as the General Services Administration, the New York Police Department, Queens Museum, Bronx Zoo, among many others.

read more › Tectonic has had the privilege of contributing to our country's infrastructure, national security and environmental concerns, working with a variety of Federal agencies such as the General Services Administration, FEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Veteran's Administration and the USDA, among others. Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services Related to Real Property (SINs C871-7 & C871-7RC). In addition to Federal agencies, state and local organizations may use the schedule for streamlined procurement of these services.

read more › Tectonic's civil engineering capabilities encompass a full range of services from due diligence to preparation of contract plans and specifications. Land use planning and site design is a primary focal point of Tectonic's civil design group, providing clients with in-depth expertise in developing site plans that comply with environmental and land use restrictions imposed by governing regulatory agencies while achieving maximum usage. The final product of these planning and design services is a site development plan that meets specific performance criteria and can be built in a timely and cost effective manner.

read more › Tectonic offers expert geotechnical engineering services including foundation recommendations and design, site specific seismic classification, slope stability analyses, retaining walls, excavation support systems, groundwater and hydrogeologic studies, geo-environmental studies, construction testing and evaluation, and soils testing. These services have been provided to educational institutions, municipalities, state agencies, county agencies, utility companies, and industrial and commercial clientele.

read more › Tectonic's staff has extensive experience in many aspects of structural engineering, including analysis, investigation, design and retrofit of new and existing structures. Our structural engineering capabilities encompass a full range of design services from analysis to design and preparation of construction drawings and specifications. Services extend beyond traditional design services to include construction support, specialty fabrications, and transmission/telecommunication structures (Structural Engineering services are not currently offered in Illinois).

read more › Tectonic's staff of knowledgeable environmental engineers and scientists provide diversified expertise in environmental investigations, design, consulting and monitoring services for both public and private-sector clients. We serve our clients by reducing regulatory burden while constructing a streamlined compliance effort to remain consistent with project requirements and facilitate efficient progress. To accomplish these goals, we provide a wide variety of services with the main objective of understanding the client needs, analyzing the regulatory framework and translating that to a clear plan of action that we follow through successful completion of the project.

read more › Tectonic maintains multiple survey crews, each having specific areas of proficiency in boundary, topographic, right-of-way, construction stakeout and global-positioning-systems (GPS) surveying. Our staff of licensed land surveyors and surveying technicians is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software, providing clients with fully automated services from the initial field visit to the final plat (Surveying services are not currently offered in Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Illinois).

read more › Tectonic's construction phase monitoring capabilities encompass a full range of services that include state-of-the-art fully automated monitoring equipment with industry leading data management systems to provide both private and public sector clients with real-time monitoring data and intuitive reporting. Tectonic's professionals are equipped with the field experience, resources, and collective knowledge to support any phase of the project's life cycle, from preconstruction to final construction.

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