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DBM Vircon, a premier construction modeling, detailing and digital engineering company, delivers high-profile projects with state-of-the-art technology, uncompromising detail and nano precision. The Perth's Children's Hospital provides state of the art clinical care for future generations and facilities for paediatric research. It holds 298 beds, inpatient and outpatient care, ambulatory services and will house the State's first paediatric trauma center.

DBM Vircon was responsible for the entirety of the BIM strategy, implementation and management for the project and located BIM managers directly within the client's project offices. Acting as an extension of the contractor team, DBM Vircon implemented BIM solutions ranging from. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, located on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue along Los Angeles' Museum Mile, is a museum dedicated to exhibiting the art and science of movies.

The 300,000 square-foot facility will be the nation's first, large-scale museum entirely dedicated to the art, science, craft, business, and history of movies.

read more › At DBM Vircon, we are proud of our commitment to our associates, clients, and most importantly, our People. We recognize that our People are our greatest asset and that it is their talent, passion, and ideas that make DBM Vircon a successful company. As a result, we continue to pursue ways to strengthen the company by recruiting, managing, and looking after people who take pride in making commendable contributions. Our ongoing objective is to be the employer of choice- the best People in our industry choose to work for us long- term.

read more › Mark Campbell is DBM Vircon's Chief Executive Officer, leading the company's strategic direction, growth, and operations. Mark has previously worked in several executive roles, with a proven track record in building financially successful companies with improved processes, client relationships, and people engagement. Mark is a civil engineer with experience across a diverse range of industry sectors, including the built environment, water, transportation, construction, asset management, and more.

read more › Pre-construction planning can help you bridge the gap between design, engineering and fabrication. Utilizing collaborative techniques like early engagement, design development, design secondments and integrated design-detailing, DBM Vircon ensures that steelwork can be easily fabricated and erected for cost and scheduling certainty. By undertaking this type of work early on, the steelwork can be assessed and confirmed during design rather than construction. DBM Vircon can pinpoint cost effective solutions that may not be feasible once construction commences.

read more › DBM Vircon's expert steel detailers make design constructible, translating information from clients and designers into live, data-centric 3D models and accurate shop drawings. With expertise in complex projects and a focus on leading-edge technology, our approach reduces human error, all but eliminates rework and schedule delays, and minimizes the communication breakdowns typical of a traditional 2D environment. The result? Scheduling and cost certainty for the entire project team. As one of the first adopters of Tekla 3D modeling software for bridges, our 3D bridge modeling capabilities bring your concepts to life.

read more › With industry leading expertise in estimating, detailing, and modeling of complex reinforced concrete construction projects, DBM Vircon plays a pivotal role in helping move projects from the design phase to the construction phase. Having successfully delivered iconic projects globally in various sectors around the world, you can confidently partner with us to support all your reinforced concrete modeling, detailing, and estimating needs. Supplemented by stringent QA/QC procedures, we can help eliminate eld placement errors, while allowing information transfer among project stakeholders to help validate project details.

read more › Our digital engineering services add value at every stage of the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle, from initial scoping and 3D visualization, through to holistic ongoing management. With our agnostic software and centralized data mapping, facilitate collaboration by breaking down silos, clarify decision-making, de-risk construction, and streamline project delivery.

read more › Blending visualization technology, engineering precision and creative flair, DBM Vircon works collaboratively with clients to create 3D visualizations across the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle. Our visual products deliver real-time, realistic and technically accurate representations of complex projects, resulting in increased levels of communication, clarity and engagement for all stakeholders. Experienced working with complex models or creating custom graphics from the ground up, DBM Vircon has the ability to visualize and manipulate an existing or custom built model in the 3D environment to help clients communicate complex information to a variety of stakeholders.

read more › In industrial design, the model becomes the single source of truth for your project. Our intelligent, data rich 3D models expedite project schedules by enabling up-to-date information to be communicated to all stakeholders, helping to minimizing errors and conflicts, resolving technical issues, and assisting in efficient procurement of materials. We can import engineering drawings into the construction model, eliminating some of the engineering documentation, and ensuring both engineering and fabrication drawings align perfectly.

read more › As our cities and regions grow, it's more important than ever that communities remain connected through reliable transport networks. Our multi-disciplinary approach and technical expertise has helped deliver major bridge, airport, rail, road, and port projects across the globe. Rail and rolling stock, including train stations, level crossings, overhead structures, signalling components and maintenance facilities. From major bridges and airport terminals to local light rail projects, DBM Vircon understands how important it is that transport projects are completed on time, to budget, and with the highest level of quality.

read more › Governments ensure that our cities and countries run efficiently and serve people effectively. DBM Vircon has provided services to many public entities, either as a direct consulting engagement or through a combined service offering for major infrastructure projects with industry partners. Development of a Whole of Lifecycle Digital Engineering (DE) framework based on ISO 19650 and related standards. Development of implementation roadmaps linked to the project pipeline and associated technology initiatives.

read more › The spaces in which we live and work define our lives. So, it's vital that they are well designed to meet our changing needs and lifestyles. Not only do we understand the requirements of modern commercial and residential buildings, we provide the data-centric 3D models required to make these high-use builds constructible, efficient, and innovative. Mixed-use buildings, including skyscrapers that combine office, retail and residential spaces. For truly innovative and ground-breaking commercial and residential spaces, you need creativity and cutting-edge technology.

read more › With growing populations and an ageing society, healthcare facilities are playing an increasingly vital role in our communities. Governments and health authorities are facing rising costs that must be met with innovative solutions for the design, construction and operation of hospitals, medical centres and research institutes. The construction and ongoing management of hospitals, medical clinics and medical research facilities requires certainty and precision. DBM Vircon goes beyond traditional detailing to deliver full lifecycle solutions.

read more › Increasing global demand for commodities continues to exert pressure on industrial and mining companies to operate at the most competitive cost possible. Complex industrial equipment, including shiploaders, car dumpers, stackers and reclaimers. Material handling infrastructure, including crushing and screening facilities, conveyor systems and transfer stations. LNG plants, including piping, wellhead works, condensate handling facilities and carbon dioxide injection facilities. DBM Vircon has provided design, detailing and integrated project services to the global mining, minerals processing and oil and gas industries for over 40 years.

read more › DBM Vircon has been involved in some of the world's most iconic sporting stadia, convention centres and entertainment districts. We understand that these types of venues require a holistic, collaborative approach to ensure that competing demands-from aesthetics, functionality and construction cost, through to sustainability and ongoing management-are rationalised. From world-class stadiums to pioneering convention centres, DBM Vircon applies its 40 years of global modeling and detailing expertise to help streamline and de-risk the construction of complex projects.

read more › Having an inspiring and enriching environment in which to learn can drastically change educational outcomes. With expertise in complex projects and a focus on leading-edge technology, our approach adds value across the asset lifecycle, from design and construction, to operation and maintenance. DBM Vircon's proactive and collaborative approach ensures that important educational facilities are completed on time and to the highest quality, ready for the students of tomorrow. Unlike traditional production detailing, our proactive, collaborative approach and emphasis on early engagement will help your design team help make the decisions that have the most positive impact on cost and schedule certainity.

read more › A dazzling new destination with exciting entertainment and attractions that will showcase the essence of Queensland, and the best of Australia. Destination Brisbane Consortium is delivering an iconic development. Chase Center is an 18,000 seat multi-purpose arena in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. It is the home of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. The Huey Long Bridge Widening is one of the largest bridge widening projects in the world. It included the widening of one of the longest highway & railroad bridges.

read more › If completed by a quality detailer, concrete and rebar detailing benefits any project - it can help improve project margins, boost efficiency and productivity, minimize waste, and sure up scheduling certainty. A federated dataset that we might be familiar with in project delivery, generally in the form of a Navisworks model (or similar), is not the same thing as a Digital Twin. Changing roles and compressed project schedules necessitate collaboration between engineers, project owners and detailers.

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