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The only way to get users to love your device is to meet their needs, and to do that you have to know what those needs are, and solve their problems. High user adoption comes from good usability research and human factors engineering that informs product design and development and leads to innovation that wins in the marketplace. Minneapolis, Minnesota is the 3rd largest medical device development hub in the nation and also holds the largest medical device conference at the University of Minnesota.

Second only to Silicon Valley and Boston, the area houses more medical device development startups than any other city and is home to some of the largest fortune 500 medical device development companies in the world.

As the birthplace of the pacemaker and defibrillator, Minneapolis continues to lead the nation in innovative medical device development, and Kablooe Design is at the forefront of the effort, using human factors engineering to help our clients through the creative development process efficiently for over 25 years.

read more › As a full-service product research design and development firm based in Minneapolis, we help our clients strengthen their depth and breadth of product development expertise, overcome lack of product development bandwidth, and leverage our Design Driven Development Process to get results. We specialize as a medical device developers, but we have the expertise to help clients create anything. Our process is holistic and infused with all the creative design and rigorous engineering activities necessary to make great ideas real, and users love them.

read more › Medical devices are developed in a complex arena of regulatory requirements, usability research, testing, and verification. Kablooe has lived in this world for decades, and we have learned what it takes to develop extraordinary products. Ideas are great, but they need a lot of evaluation, investigation, and usability research before they become concepts. Concepts need a lot of design and development before they become product prototypes. And product prototypes need a lot of engineering and development to become medical devices or consumer products that people actually use and love.

read more › These videos include Kablooe President, Tom KraMer as a panel discussion contributor on various business topics. These are podcasts with Kablooe President, Tom KraMer as a guest speaker on various innovation topics. Mitch Maiman, President and Co-Founder of IPS, and Tom Kramer, President and CEO of Kablooe Design discuss the very intriguing relationship between designing an iced cold beer vending machine and medical product design and development. In this podcast Tom talks with Chris again about how the disciplines of design and engineering work together, or how they are supposed to.

read more › We want you to be plugged in and contributing to an ecosystem that is fostering some of the best innovative breakthroughs in the world. We love product design and development in medtech, consumer goods, and industrial applications, and we hope you do too. Check out these local resources to access support partners, find funding, or to incubate your new innovation. Experience the innovation support this community has to offer.

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