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Everything we do is about designing and improving the communities we live in. We achieve this by helping our partners turn their vision into reality. We are a full-service engineering and surveying firm ready to take on our client's challenges. We team with our partners to define, design and deliver the best consulting solutions for your industry sector.

We strongly believe a trusted partnership and the sharing of knowledge leads to project success. George F. Young, Inc. brings new thinking and fresh ideas to every project. Through communication and training, we stay well engaged in the ongoing development of new technologies, processes and regulatory changes in the engineering and surveying industries.

If there is a way to do it better, we find it!. Beginning in 1919, the idea was simple: "provide the highest attention to solutions and stay passionately committed to integrity, quality, and service". As one of the longest running Florida-established engineering and surveying companies, we offer a dedication to serving our clients with the very best service.

read more › Civil engineering is the development of our society by designing and building the infrastructure that ensures safeness and enhances the lives of people. Civil engineering entails the planning, designing, constructing and operating the infrastructure required to modernize civilization, ranging from highways and bridges to water treatment plants and energy-efficient buildings. We ensure we meet with our clients up-front to define the scope of services they need and the project goals they want to accomplish.

read more › Today, the physical framework of our communities is completely based on land surveying, helping ensure public safety and allowing us modern day conveniences such as homes, roads and airports. Land Surveying is beneficial when mapping out a property for public or commercial use such as roadways, airports, utilities, and buildings. Land surveying is the world's second-oldest profession and is simply the art and science of mapping and measuring land. Surveying is a vital part of the design and construction element of any project.

read more › Through the strong infrastructure in which our communities thrive we are taking society's pollution and we are protecting the public health and the environment with Improved water quality and treatment. Water Infrastructure is made up of two main systems, water and wastewater, consisting of what is built to pump, divert, transport, store, and treat water and wastewater. This infrastructure consists of the pipes, treatment plants, pumping stations, and other infrastructure that make up the nation's public drinking water and wastewater systems.

read more › Solving transportation problems by considering the psychology and habits of our transportation systems and users to engineer and design more efficient and safer transportation systems. Getting from Here to There. Safely. Traffic engineering is the analysis and design of our infrastructure as it relates to the moving of people and goods efficiently, safely, and in a manner conducive to a vibrant community. This involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining our streets, highways, and mass transit.

read more › Underground utilities are the veins and arteries of our cities and roads. Properly locating and identifying is essential to the success and safety to any construction project. Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is the process of accurately locating and identifying underground utilities to help support the design and construction of engineering projects. Rapid development and growth in urban and rural areas have contributed to an expansion and overcrowding of underground utilities. From the first phone lines to gas mains, water mains, and fiber optic lines, these utilities need to be properly located and identified for the design and construction of civil projects.

read more › Coordinating the management of affected utilities during civil and infrastructure construction projects. Utility Coordination is the organizing, management and protection of utilities that are being affected during new construction projects. Utility Coordinators are responsible for the management of the utility relocations and conflicts throughout the project, these utilities mostly include power lines, telecommunications, water and wastewater pipelines, gas mains, and other underground and above ground utilities and facilities.

read more › Effective stormwater management provides environmental, social, and economic benefits to our communities. With proper management, streams, rivers, and lakes are cleaner; and flood risks are reduced for more Resilient Communities. We help our clients design, implement, and sustain stormwater management programs that manage flooding impacts, improve water quality, and support long-term resiliency. With stormwater analysis and planning we can determine and adjust the maximum permitted buildable area of their land to increase the overall land value.

read more › Protect, rejuvenate, and enhance the natural world by increasing the safety, amenity and beauty of the public realm. Landscape architects design and plan outdoor spaces, designing for how people experience and use the space. Landscape architecture influences and enhances the health of our cities and communities by creating a quality built environment that puts into account the ecological footprint and the environmental framework. From trees and plant selection to hardscape design and site drainage landscape architecture encompasses a wide range of technical services.

read more › 70% of the world is covered in water, knowledge of the hidden features underneath the surface is more than a matter of curiosity. It is essential for the maintenance and protection of coastal environments and facilities, construction of bridges and underwater infrastructure, and the safe navigation of ships. Hydrographic surveying scans and measures the floor features of a body of water. The surveyed areas are utilized to support marine construction such as bridges, piers, seawalls, and docks. Hydrographic surveys also support dredging projects that help restore shorelines damaged from major storms and because of the creation of larger cruise and cargo ships dredging is required for deepening, expanding and building ports and enlarging channels for these larger ships.

read more › GIS is Geographic Information Systems designed to connect, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present a variety of data about a City's infrastructure. A GIS system helps organize the status, condition and location of infrastructure systems and helps our communities maintain, plan and continue building a more efficient and organized infrastructure. We ensure we meet with our clients up-front to define the scope of services they need and the project goals they want to accomplish. From project concept through completion, we will provide the resources of our experienced staff of professionals, technicians, and specialists who are dedicated to our client's success.

read more › Protecting our natural environment and wildlife through sustainable design practices and processes. In today's regulatory environment, nearly all development projects require some sort of environmental permitting. Our ecologists' reviews wetland and protected species concerns, as well as the surface water management system proposed for a project. We ensure we meet with our clients up-front to define the scope of services they need and the project goals they want to accomplish. From project concept through completion, we will provide the resources of our experienced staff of professionals, technicians, and specialists who are dedicated to our client's success.

read more › We live to solve the complex problems others can't and continually challenge what's considered possible. GFY is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE/AAP/M/F/Disability/Veteran). We ensure nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and maintain a Drug Free Workplace.

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