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We design and engineer optics, light engines, and electrical components that have an immediate impact on the built environment. We understand the importance of high-fidelity color rendering and correlating R-values and TM-30 standards to provide superior lighting in any environment. We manufacture a wide range of linear LED lighting options, styles, and color temperatures.

Factory-built fixtures are built to your spec and ready to install. Elemental LED, a leading U.S. based engineering and technology company, is the largest provider of linear low-voltage lighting solutions in North America. We manufacture an extensive, high-quality portfolio of superior linear, accent, and task LED lighting featuring unparalleled CRI and R values with flawless and vibrant high-fidelity color rendering.

We are committed to delivering complete linear lighting solutions for any sized project and space. Lucetta is the specification division of Elemental LED. We design, engineer and manufacture high-performance linear lighting, for spaces as brilliant as the people that fill them.

read more › Elemental LED is a technology company that engineers, manufactures, and sells lighting solutions. Based in Reno, Nevada, the company supports lighting innovation around the globe. U.S.-based operations include product engineering, manufacturing, sales, and customer service and support. The company holds patents in diverse fields including optics, LED light engines, electrical circuitry, power, and related components. Diode LED is the largest U.S. manufacturer of LED tape light, drivers, and accessories.

read more › Elemental Solutions provides complete lighting solutions for retail and hospitality applications, as well as integration into industrial and commercial products. This team of experts focuses Elemental LED's engineering and manufacturing capabilities on the needs of customers who use light to complement their products, market their products and services, and drive revenue for their businesses. From unique customized lighting for special applications, to large-scale coordinated rollouts for national and global retailers, Elemental Solutions can integrate light into your business however you need it.

read more › Call us today at 877.564.5051 to speak with an account manager who is dedicated to getting answers to your questions and guiding you to the lighting solution that best fits your project. Diode LED products are sold through electrical distributors and lighting showrooms who sell our products throughout the United States. These dealers are knowledgeable lighting professionals and you can rely on them to help you create the lighting that you need and provide their expertise in choosing the best Diode LED products for your project.

read more › Our team is full of talented people who bring fresh perspectives to our growing company. Stroll through our hallways and you'll see, hear, and feel what makes us stand out: our energy and excitement. We love what we do. We are good at what we do. And we have a dynamic work environment. We make it easy. What seems like a simple concept gets to the very core of how we do business. What it means is that every interaction with our customers, partners, and employees starts from that simple premise, "Am I making this easy?"

read more › The Elemental Technologies team integrates our proprietary, patented technologies into your systems and products. Close integration between your team and our in-house specialists begins with product design and continues through manufacturing and product delivery. Attention to detail and core manufacturing capabilities are the foundation for successful product launches and innovation. Sourcing of key components such as metal alloys, phosphors, and polymers is closely controlled and constantly audited.

read more › With the Diode LED brand, you get a product you can depend on, designed and tested by our Engineers in our California offices, and manufactured to deliver the long-term performance you can trust. Exclusive Patented and Patent Pending products (SWITCHEX, CLICKTIGHT PRO) to simplify installations. A linear light for every application. From accent lighting to full-power cove lighting, from kitchen under-cabinet to robust exterior lighting, we manufacture the right linear LED light for every application.

read more › The magazine Lighting Design & Architecture (LD+A) published a feature on Elemental LED President and CEO, Randy Holleschau. LD+A Magazine Link Download the PDF. Learning what makes LED tape light good enough for your needs can be difficult to understand. That is why we created this helpful guide to understanding what makes Diode LED Tape Light great!. WHY SHOULD YOU PARTNER WITH US? Elemental LED inspires lighting professionals with our innovative technology. We manufacture an extensive array of unmatched quality products.

read more › You can find technical documents, including Product Specification Sheets, Installation Guides, IES Files and more here as well as on the individual product pages. Product Specification Sheets contain complete product details including dimensions, technical information, photometric data, applications, notes, disclosures and warranty information. Product Installation Guides provide information for you and your client to safely and securely install our products. IES Files are a great way for a lighting designer or architect to see exactly how the light will illuminate their space.

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