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Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. is an employee-owned consulting firm specializing in geotechnical and environmental engineering for the mining industry. Our firm consists of a small team of specialty consultants with expert knowledge in geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and geochemistry and their application to mining. Since incorporation in 1995, we have completed over 150 projects in 16 countries, including some of the largest mining projects in the world.

Our experience, integrity and quality of work is widely recognized in the environmental mining community, as demonstrated by our broad client base which includes many international mining companies, regulatory agencies and other consulting firms worldwide. Service and technologies provided by RGC are listed below.

Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. takes an active role in the advancement of new environmental technologies applied to mining through participation in various research projects, industry initiatives and sponsorship of the Enviromine, Hydromine, Geotechmine and Geomine web sites for mining environmental technology.

read more › Consulting and engineering services are provided for all aspects of seepage characterization and control in tailings impoundments. This includes: site investigation by drilling or test pits as well as borehole testing; modeling of infiltration and seepage using state-of-the-art modeling tools; analysis, designs and report preparation.

read more › Almost every aspect of the mining industry involves numerous uncertainties and risks. Understanding and properly handling uncertainty and risk are crucial skills that can make the difference between success and failure. Robertson GeoConsultants understands the methods used to determine the expected profitability of a project and make the proper business decisions, with an emphasis on the practical application of the techniques. Analytical methods to weigh the costs, benefits and risks of projects are used, including the use of decision trees, probability distributions and simulations.

read more › Consulting and engineering services are provided for characterization of mine waste materials with respect to Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) prediction. This includes: site investigation and sampling; sample preparation; petrographic analysis; scanning electron microscopy (SEM); x-ray diffractometry (XRD); electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) and report preparation.

read more › These audits and reviews have been completed as individual inspections or involving multidisciplinary teams of geotechnical and mining engineers, geochemists, hydrogeologists and environmental scientists to suit the project complexity and liability risk requirements. RGC also perform regular reviews and inspections of operating and closed mines, and serve on Review Boards for a number of mining companies. The Review Boards that Dr. Robertson is, or has served on is listed here. A description of the Audit and Review levels and methodology has been written up by RGC personnel on the EnviroMine website.

read more › Mining operations may impact local groundwater systems due to mine dewatering, groundwater extraction (for milling) and/or seepage and contaminant migration from mine waste units (backfilled open pits, waste rock piles and/or tailings dams). Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. is an international leader in assessing groundwater impacts due to mining. Groundwater impact assessments may range from a desktop study/review of available information to a complex hydrogeological study involving site characterization (drilling, well installations, hydraulic testing), groundwater monitoring and/or groundwater flow and solute transport modeling.

read more › Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. provides a full suite of technical services related to geochemistry and acid rock drainage (ARD) such as field investigations including site characterization, drilling, monitoring well installation, water quality sampling and monitoring, laboratory testing, interpretation and prediction as well as engineering and management for contaminant control. Our staff has experience with a vast range of field and laboratory sampling and testing methods and is familiar with local and international guidelines and regulations pertaining to water quality and sampling.

read more › Mine waste management services are provided to address the ever increasing requirements for such wastes to be place in stable structures, prevented from yielding contaminated drainage and to allow their long term reclamation to land-use criteria suitable for mine closure and sustainability post closure.

read more › Engineering services are provided to develop or remediate mines to current environmental standards. Environmental problems and solutions usually involve a combination of technologies, including geochemistry, geotechnics, hydrogeology, hydrology, acid mine drainage, water chemistry and contaminant transport, land use, revegetation, and a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements together with the engineering options and controls that may be applicable. Environmental engineering services provided include site assessments to determine if environmental problems exist or could develop, evaluations of alternative control measures and the design and construction supervision of mine waste storage facilities and specific environmental protection measures e.g.

read more › Consulting and engineering services are provided in numerical modeling for a variety of geoscience disciplines: hydrogeology/hydrology, geochemistry and slope stability (geotechnics). Typical modeling in hydrogeologic investigations involve groundwater flow and contaminant transport, modeling of watershed runoff, cover modeling and seepage modeling in unsaturated zones. Geochemical models also help in understanding the complex chemical and mineralogical processes effecting the environment. Slope and rock stability represent another aspect of modeling activity related to tailings dams, pit walls, and other problematics.

read more › Multi-stakeholder decision making services are provided to address the ever increasing requirements for sustainable development and long-term land use planning for new mining projects as well as for mines currently being closed. Public and stakeholder interests in a mining project are often different from that of the mining company, resulting in conflicts during permitting and operations. Processes for technical exchange, alternative analysis which provides for opinions of all stakeholders, and conflict resolution through engagement are important for successful project development.

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