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Alloy crafts exceptionally engineered products that inspire delight and loyalty in the people who use them. We collaborate with top designers to bring their vision to life by applying creativity, experience, and sound engineering principles to solve difficult problems. Product engineering is what we love to do. And it's all we do. That means we focus all our hiring, training and investments on being the best product engineering firm we can be.

100Plus has developed a platform of devices and services to help physicians monitor the health and activity of their patients between visits and intervene with life-saving support when needed. The stylish iBeat emergency watch tracks and transmits heart rate and movement data to alert physicians or Emergency Medical Services in the case of a fall or critical heart rhythm changes.

Patients can also initiate calls to EMS or a contact of their choice through the watch's easily activated button and touchscreen interface. Alloy was responsible for the complete mechanical and electrical development from early concept through overseas pre-production support.

read more › We know that smart, creative people want to work with colleagues who inspire them and share their values. In our case, that means building a team that prizes diversity, responsibility, cooperation, technical proficiency, creativity, and positivity. Creating exceptional products is our passion, but not our only love. Believes in applying focus, discipline, and engineering principles in the quest for simplicity on the far side of complexity. Extensive experience leading and supporting programs in consumer electronics, medical devices, household goods, toys, and professional audio.

read more › Within our core disciplines of mechanical, electrical and firmware engineering, Alloy has developed in-house services to support projects from early concept development through manufacturing ramp support. Our seasoned project managers apply disciplined process, broad experience and inclusive collaboration to weave these services together and reach our clients' goals effectively and efficiently. We also draw on an extensive network of partners and vendors to bring in project-specific expertise as needed.

read more › We know from experience that focusing on high caliber engineering up front leads to superior product quality, smoother and faster production ramps and, ultimately, a better return on investment for clients. As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. While we offer our advice to clients throughout the process, we remain flexible to different sensitivities regarding schedule, budget and risk. We collaborate closely with clients to establish a detailed and shared understanding of the project. We gather inputs, brainstorm approaches, conduct research and create rough, in-house prototypes.

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