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Cdim Engineering CDIM formed in 2016 in San Francisco, California in response to opportunities created by firm consolidation in our industry and growing demand for client-centered technical consulting. We provide environmental engineering services to construction, development, industrial and municipal clients.

Our expert-level service offerings include storm water engineering and compliance, site assessment, remediation, environmental and civil engineering, environmental regulatory compliance, air quality, planning and permitting, and environment project management.We value engineering solutions that accomplish our client's objectives, advance our profession and result in net positive business, community and social impacts.

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) through the State of California Department of General Services (#2002820). Federal small business for NAICS codes 541620 (environmental consulting), 541330 (civil engineering), and 562910 (remediation).

read more › CDIM formed in 2016 in San Francisco, California in response to opportunities created by firm consolidation in our industry and growing demand for client-centered technical consulting. We provide environmental engineering services to construction, development, industrial and municipal clients. Scott Bourne is CDIM's president and founder. Scott is a registered California civil (#C72817) and chemical (#CH6191) engineer with nearly twenty years of civil and environmental engineering experience. Scott formed CDIM to provide environmental engineering services to construction, development, industrial and municipal clients.

read more › We respect our clients' business or organizational interests and use our technical abilities to help them to comply with environmental regulations in the most efficient manner. We listen to our clients to understand their operations, objectives, and how they fit into existing and future regulatory framework. We use this understanding to develop strategies and solutions that benefit our clients in the short and long term. We are nothing if our work does not exceed standards for competency. On technical and regulatory matters, we gather background information, understand client objectives, research past outcomes, consult technical experts, and thoroughly review our own work.

read more › We started CDIM in 2016 to create an entrepreneurial workplace where our staff can work together to solve local environmental challenges. We are an employee-focused company recognizing that teams thrive through mentorship, collaboration and mutual support. We seek respectful, self-motivated, client-focused problem solvers with excellent communication and writing skills to join our growing team.

read more › CDIM's engineers and scientists possess expert-level knowledge of the federal, state and local regulatory programs that govern water discharges from construction, development, industrial and municipal facilities. Through the effective combination of regulatory knowledge, engineering expertise and discharge reduction practices, CDIM engineers and scientists develop cost effective solutions to storm water problems. Our QSD/QSP/QISP trained professionals assist our clients in complying with the California CGP and IGP and with state-wide, regional or watershed MS4 permits.

read more › CDIM performs site assessment work throughout the nine Bay Area counties. Over fifteen years' experience executing local projects, our Principals have built relationships with regulatory agencies implementing state and federal laws. We perform soil and groundwater remediation projects in accordance with requirements from the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board, hazardous waste site investigation or RCRA corrective action with Department of Toxic Substances Control, and CERCLA remediation under USEPA Regional IX oversight.

read more › Where appropriate based on site conditions, CDIM engineers develop remediation solutions in accordance with regulatory agency directives, or as part of site development. We prepare engineering studies and remediation planning documentation, and then, on behalf of or alongside our clients, we construct remediation solutions. We have experience implementing remediation projects at sites with significant access constraints i.e., under buildings, in the public right of way, in aqueous environments or adjacent to sensitive land uses.

read more › CDIM offers specialized environmental and civil engineering services to support construction, development, industrial and municipal clients. Because every project differs greatly and can contain a variety of engineering and environmental challenges, we scale and adapt our services and designs to assure solid and efficient results. Our skilled project managers oversee all aspects of the design and construction process, coordinating all service needs either through our in-house professionals or quality, reliable subcontractors.

read more › CDIM has deep experience cost effectively applying environmental regulations to construction, development, industrial and municipal projects. We specialize in providing this service for clients operating in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a detailed understanding of the application of federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances and are able to reduce risks faced by businesses or organizations from regulatory compliance, environmental discharge, litigation or public perception.

read more › CDIM provides air quality consulting services to support its construction, development, industrial and municipal clients. CDIM principals have vast experience complying the regulations and rules from the Bay Area and South Coast Air Quality Management Districts for stationary sources, as well as supporting our clients with planning for compliance with Air Toxic Control Measures and mobile source compliance program from the California Air Resources Board. Air quality compliance and permitting including preparation of emission inventories, regulatory assessment, permit acquisition, and reporting.

read more › CDIM provides environmental planning and permitting services to support its construction, development, industrial and municipal clients. Our principals have extensive experience preparing technical studies to support permit applicants, or supporting local cities and planning departments that prepare CEQA documents. CDIM engineers and scientists work with our legal partners and specialty subcontractors to maintain state of the practice knowledge of recent CEQA procedures and interpretation, as well as the most progressive methods for assessing environmental impacts.

read more › CDIM recently acquired, outfitted, and now operates 17-foot watercraft to support our field services. Vessel-based water quality monitoring including field observations, collection of water quality samples, and shallow sediment sampling. Deployment of silt curtain, containment booms, or buoys with real-time monitoring sensors. Contracting and oversight for laboratory analysis including data validation and reporting.

read more › CDIM engineers and scientists respond to the real-time demands of construction work. Through its trusted relationships, CDIM develops timely solutions, responds to schedule demands and delivers value to its construction partners. We prepare cost effective plans and submittals to address the range of environmental challenges encountered in horizontal and vertical construction, with emphasis on permit-required mitigation monitoring and reporting, construction site runoff control, contaminated soil/waste management, soil and water testing, dewatering design and dust/air emission control.

read more › CDIM engineers understand challenges faced in property development. We apply our engineering and environmental expertise to help our clients plan developable projects. We are experts at identifying critical environmental conditions during the due diligences process that present significant environmental risk. We then work with our clients to identify projects with lower risk or help them manage risk they choose to accept. CDIM's success derives from its clients' success. We work within a client's team to develop cost effective ways to manage environmental impacts from projects and then advocate for the project through permitting and construction.

read more › CDIM brings expertise gained from over 15 years of environmental engineering experience at industrial facilities. We understand the economic decisions faced by our clients, and our team has a long record of accomplishment of working with clients to develop efficient regulatory and engineering solutions. Our clients want to understand the environmental risks that affect their business, manage the risks, and do so in a predictable and cost effective manner. CDIM delivers this result to its industrial clients.

read more › CDIM provides environmental engineering services for the range of public works projects undertaken by municipal clients, including transportation and utility improvements, new municipal facilities, surplus land management and redevelopment, and water and wastewater treatment. CDIM is a small, local business based in San Francisco. We expect to maintain Local Business Enterprise (LBE) status with the City and County of San Francisco Contract Management Divisions. Through its Principal's work with the Port of San Francisco, San Francisco Public Works, City of Oakland, and Port of Oakland, CDIM developed competence in municipal contracting requirements.

read more › CDIM is assisting a San Francisco Bay marine terminal with ongoing compliance with California's Industrial General Permit (IGP) for storm water discharges. In this role, CDIM is responsible for developing the clients Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, collecting storm water samples, using results to evaluate the effectiveness of Best Management Practices (BMPs), and submitting reports to the regional and state Water Boards. CDIM also assists with design and operation of water treatment systems that meet with Clean Water Act BAT/BCT guidelines and IGP criteria for storm water treatment control BMPs.

read more › CDIM is assisting a potentially responsible party at a Superfund Site to comply with ongoing operations and maintenance requirements for a completed CERCLA remediation at an upland operable unit, and for participating in USEPA-led development of a focused feasibility study for remediation of a marine operable unit. CDIM's work includes performing annual O&M inspections, collecting data on remedy effectiveness and preparing annual reports to EPA. Additionally, we are involved multi-party negotiations to develop an effective marine remediation solution.

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